Rook's Textbook of dermatology [Ninth edition] 9781118441176, 1118441176, 9781118441183, 1118441184

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English Year 2016

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Rook's Textbook of dermatology [Ninth edition]
 9781118441176, 1118441176, 9781118441183, 1118441184

Table of contents :
Content: List of Associate Editors List of Contributors Preface to the Ninth Edition Preface to the First Edition VOLUME 1 Part 1 Foundations of Dermatology 1 History of Dermatology
Nick J. Levell 2 Structure and Function of the Skin
John A. McGrath and Jouni Uitto 3 Histopathology of the Skin: General Principles
Eduardo Calonje with a contribution from Balbir S. Bhogal (Immunofluorescence techniques) 4 Diagnosis of Skin Disease
Ian H. Coulson, Emma C. Benton and Stephanie Ogden 5 Epidemiology of Skin Disease
Hywel C. Williams 6 Health Economics and Skin Disease
Matthias Augustin and Magdalene Krensel 7 Genetics and the Skin
John A. McGrath 8 Inflammation, Immunology and Allergy
Martin Steinhoff 9 Photobiology
Antony R. Hampton 50 Immunobullous Diseases
Enno Schmidt and Richard Groves 51 Lupus Erythematosus
Mark Goodfield, Jan Dutz and Collette McCourt 52 Antiphospholipid Syndrome
Mark Goodfield and Shyamal Wahie 53 Dermatomyositis
Patrick Gordon and Daniel Creamer 54 Mixed Connective Tissue Disease
Mark Goodfield 55 Dermatological Manifestations of Rheumatoid Disease
Mark Goodfield 56 Systemic Sclerosis
Catherine H. Orteu and Christopher P. Denton 57 Morphoea and Allied Scarring and Sclerosing Inflammatory Dermatoses
Catherine H. Orteu Part 5 Metabolic and Nutritional Disorders Affecting the Skin 58 Cutaneous Amyloidoses
Stephan Schreml 59 Cutaneous Mucinoses
Franco Rongioletti 60 Cutaneous Porphyrias
Robert P.E. Sarkany 61 Calcification of the Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue
Johnny Bourke 62 Xanthomas and Abnormalities of Lipid Metabolism and Storage
Paul D. Flynn 63 Nutritional Disorders Affecting the Skin
Derek H. Chu, Melinda V. Jen and Albert C. Yan 64 Skin Disorders in Diabetes Mellitus
Johnny Bourke Part 6 Genetic Disorders Involving the Skin 65 Inherited Disorders of Cornification
Vinzenz Oji, Dieter Metze and Heiko Traupe 66 Inherited Acantholytic Disorders
Mozheh Zamiri and Colin S. Munro 67 Ectodermal Dysplasias
Peter Itin 68 Inherited Hair Disorders
Eli Sprecher 69 Genetic Defects of Nails and Nail Growth
Adam Rubin and Amy S.

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