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This practical handbook is a guide to emergency repairs for both the coastline and offshore sailor. The author describes

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Repairs at Sea

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Repairs at Sea

Repairs at Sea describes troubleshooting and repair of gasoline and diesel inboard engines and of outboard engines; outlines jury rigging procedures for sailboat rigs and for tiller and rudder-steered boats; explains what to do about leaking stuffing boxes, seacocks, and through hulls; gives instructions for hull repair at sea; and describes proper towing and signaling procedures. The book is as much for the coastwise sailor in moderate weather—for whom a leak, failed rig, or loss of auxiliary power may be only an inconvenience—as it is for the offshore sailor, for whom the same problems may be real emergencies. A sense of confidence, security, and accomplishment arises from the knowledge of proper responses to unexpected adversity, and it is this knowledge, and the ability to use it, that separates competent seamanship from good boat handling. If you cdready know how to handle a boat, here’s the next book you should read. ' On the cover: Photos top left and ■bottom right courtesy Pickthall Picture Library Ltd. Photos top right and bottom left by the author.

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