Reading the Grateful Dead: a critical survey 9780810883710, 9780810883727, 0810883724

In Reading the Grateful Dead: A Critical Survey, Nicholas G. Meriwether has assembled a collection of essays that examin

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English Year 2012

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Reading the Grateful Dead: a critical survey
 9780810883710, 9780810883727, 0810883724

Table of contents :
Studying the Dead. The education of a Deadhead : a letter from a novelist / Matthew Armstrong
The Grateful Dead in the academy / Dennis McNally
Thinking about the Dead : amateur anthropology, the human comedy, and making good ancestors / John Perry Barlow
The thousand stories have come 'round to one' : studying the Grateful Dead phenomenon / Nicholas G. Meriwether
Mapping the Deadhead social science trip / Natalie Dollar --
Music and lyrics, medium and message. How the Grateful Dead learned to Jam Michael Kaler
'Terrapin Station, ' postmodernism, and the infinite / Jon Ney
A super-metacantric analysis of 'Playing in the Band' / Robert H. Trudeau
'And closed my eyes to see' : buddhist resonances in the lyrics of the Grateful Dead / Ryan Slesinger
The Dead play Egypt, thirty years later : myth, memory, and marketing / Nicholas Meriwether --
The Deadhead experience. Crowned anarchy : songs, segues, and the golden road to unlimited devotion / Joseph Holt
The Grateful Dead religious experience / David Bryan
Shakedown Street : a Benjaminian approach to the Grateful Dead / James Revell Carr
What are Deadheads? An informal survey / Alex Kolker
Terrapin Station demographics and 'deadication' : the Furthur Festival '98 data / Rebecca G. Adams
Autobiographical memories of Grateful Dead concerts : two descriptive approaches / Mark E. Mattson --
Society and history, contexts and currents. 'And I done some time' : Bobby Petersen and the Grateful Dead / Christian Crumlish
Nomadic musical audiences : a historical precedent for the Grateful Dead / Jacob A. Cohen
Deconstructing Deadheads / Mark Tursi
The psychedelic experience, contemporary music, and the Grateful Dead : a 1969 study revisited / Stanley Krippner
'Bound to cover just a little more ground' : a Heideggerian reflection on the Grateful Dead / Stanley Spector
Jerry Garcia and leadership styles in the Grateful Dead phenomenon / Barry Barnes --
Encore. Cold roses : a skeleton key to the Grateful Dead in the music of Ryan Adam / Matthew C. Armstrong
Tapes and memories : a letter from a Latter-day fan / Jacob A. Cohen
'One last wish' / Jon Ney.

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