Quo Vadis, Metaphysics?: Essays in Honor of Peter Van Inwagen 3110662493, 9783110662498

The old philosophical discipline of metaphysics - after having been pronounced dead by many - has enjoyed a significant

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Quo Vadis, Metaphysics?: Essays in Honor of Peter Van Inwagen
 3110662493, 9783110662498

Table of contents :
The Declaration of the Establishment of the International Society for Formal Ontology
Part I: Peter van Inwagen – A Profile
Interview with Peter van Inwagen
Jonathan and Peter
Part II: The Grounds and Ways of Metaphysics
Where Are You Going, Metaphysics, and How Are You Getting There? – Grounding Theory as a Case Study
On the Relevance of Grounds
Metaphysical Differences
A Van Inwagenian Defense of Constitutionalism
Inside the Metaphysical Workshop
Part III: Existence, Nonexistence, and Contradiction
Existence Predicates
Modes of Being and the Mind
Imagining Fictional Characters
Objects That Are Not Objects
Part IV: Composition, Organisms, and Persons
The Concept of Organism and Degrees of Composition
Peter van Inwagen and the Hylomorphic Renaissance
Remnant-Persons: A Commonsense Defence of Animalism
Part V: Abstract Beings, Nominalism, and Infinity
Van Inwagen’s Approach to Relations and the Theory of O-Roles
Properties, Nominalisms and Things That Can Be Said
Paraphrase: A (More or Less) Van Inwagenian Way toward (Moderate) Nominalism
The Problem of the Many: Supervaluation, Rough Sets and Faultless Disagreement
Realizability as a Kind of Truth-Making
Part VI: God, Theodicy, and the Best World
Optimalism in Explaining the Nature of Things
Van Inwagen on Testimony and Contingency
The Problem of Evil and Atonement
Resisting Rowe’s No-Best-World Argument for Atheism
Deficiencies of Gödel’s Ontological Proof
Authors of Contributed Papers
Person Index
Subject Index

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