Questions & Answers on the Piatakov-Radek Trial

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Questions & Answers on the Piatakov-Radek Trial

Table of contents :
1: The Trotskyites' Crimes
2: Reaction Rushes to Aid Trotsky
3: Was the Trotsky Plot "Fantastic"?
4: Is the Counter-Revolutionary Degeneration of Trotskyism "Unthinkable"?
5: How Did the Trotsky-Fascist Alliance Develop?
6: Were the Convicted Plotters the Old Bolshevik Guard?
7: Is Capitalism Returning in the Soviet Union?
8: Is the Proletarian Dictatorship a Tyranny?
9: Does the Soviet System Breed Conspiracies?
10: Was the Trial a Frame-up?
11: Why Did the Trotskyites Confess?
12: Was There a Contradiction Between the Piatakov and Zinoviev Trials?
13: Why Not More Documentary Evidence in the Trial?
14: Why Was the Death Penalty Applied?
15: Did the Conviction of the Trotskyist Traitors Weaken the Soviet Government?
16: Should Trotsky Have an "Impartial" International Hearing?
17: Shall Trotsky Be Permitted to Come to the United States?

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