Quantum Theory of Fields. 9780486174495, 0486174492

A prominent figure in twentieth-century physics, Gregor Wentzel made major contributions to the development of quantum f

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Quantum Theory of Fields.
 9780486174495, 0486174492

Table of contents :
Title Page
Copyright Page
Preface to the English Edition
1. The Canonical Formalism
2. Conservation Laws for Energy, Momentum and Angular Momentum
3. Complex Field Functions, Conservation of Charge
4. Lorentz Invariance. Time-Dependent Field Operators and Their Commutation Relations
5. Introduction of the Momentum Space
CHAPTER I: General Principles
6. Real Field in Vacuum
7. Real Field with Sources
8. Complex Vacuum Field
9. Complex Field in Interaction with Protons and Neutrons
10. Combined Charged and Neutral Field. 11. Charged Particles in an Electromagnetic FieldCHAPTER II: Scalar Fields
12. Complex Field in Vacuum
13. Vector Mesons in the Electromagnetic Field
14. Nuclear Interactions
15. Meson Theory and Nuclear Forces
CHAPTEK III: The Vector Meson Field
16. The Electromagnetic Field in Vacuum
17. Interaction with Electrons
18. Multiple-Time Formalism
19. Remarks on the Self-Energy Problem
CHAPTER IV: Quantum Electrodynamics
20. Force-Free Electrons
21. Electrons in the Electromagnetic Field. CHAPTER V: The Quantization of the Electron Wave Field According to the Exclusion Principle22. Particles with Higher Spin. Spin and Statistics
23. Outlook
CHAPTER VI: Supplementary Remarks
Appendix I.: The Symmetrization of the Canonical Energy-Momentum Tensor

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