Pynchon: A Collection of Critical Essays

Table of contents :
Introduction / Edward Mendelson
V. and V-2 / Tony Tanner
A matter of gravity / F.S. Schwarzbach
A reply / Jonathan Rosenbaum
"Entropy" and other calamities / Joseph W. Slade
An anarchist miracle : the novels of Thomas Pynchon / Robert Sklar
Pynchon's tapestries on the Western wall / Rober B. Henkle
The sacred, the profane, and The crying of lot 49 / Edward Mendelson
Pynchon's Paraclete / James Nohrnberg
Decoding the Trystero / Frank Kermode
Gravity's rainbow : three reviews
Rocket Power/ Richard Poirier
V-2 / George Levine
Review for Scientific American / Philip Morrison
The satiric plots of Gravity's rainbow / Michael Seidel
The Brigadier remembers / Paul Fussell.

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Main entry under title: Pynchon: a collection or uitical essays. (Twentieth century views) (A Spectrum Book) Bibliography: p. I. Pynchon. Thoma!.-Criticism and interpretation. I. Mendt'\son. Edward. 77-12699 PS3566.Y55Z8 813'.:;'4 ISBN 0-13-7 44i 14-0 ISBN O-13-i44i06-X pbk.

The editor wishes to thank Candida Donadio, literary agent for Thomas Pynchon, for pernlission to quote from the stories and novels of Thomas Pynchon. Copyright in all passages quoted from Thomas Pynchon's work is the property of the author.