Purgatorio: The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri 9780195087451, 0195087453

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Purgatorio: The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri
 9780195087451, 0195087453

Table of contents :
CONTENTS Abbreviations, xv Introduction, 2 PARADISO CANTO 1 Notes to Canto 1 CANTO 2 Notes to Canto 2 CANTO 3Notes to Canto 3 CANTO 4Notes to Canto 4CANTO 5Notes to Canto 5CANTO 6Notes to Canto 6CANTO 7Notes to Canto 7 CANTO 8Notes to Canto 8CANTO 9Notes to Canto 9 CANTO 10Notes to Canto 10 CANTO 11Notes to Canto 11CANTO 12Notes to Canto 12 CANTO 13Notes to Canto 13CANTO 14Notes to Canto 14 CANTO 15Notes to Canto 15 CANTO 16Notes to Canto 16 CANTO 17Notes to Canto 17CANTO 18Notes to Canto 18 CANTO 19Notes to Canto 19 CANTO 20Notes to Canto 20CANTO 21Notes to Canto 21CANTO 22Notes to Canto 22 CANTO 23Notes to Canto 23 CANTO 24Notes to Canto 24CANTO 25Notes to Canto 25 CANTO 26Notes to Canto 26 CANTO 27Notes to Canto 27 CANTO 28Notes to Canto 28CANTO 29Notes to Canto 29 CANTO 30Notes to Canto 30CANTO 31Notes to Canto 31CANTO 32Notes to Canto 32 CANTO 33Notes to Canto 33 THE NICENE CREEDBOETHIUS' O QUI PERPETUA MUNDUM RATIONE GUBERNASNotes to "O qui perpetua'ADDITIONAL NOTES1. The Figure of Beatrice (After Canto 2)2. The Paradiso and the Monarchia3.The Primacy of the Intellect, the Sun, and the Circling Theologians (After Canto 14)4. Dante and the Liturgy (After Canto 15)5. The Religious Orders in the Paradiso 6. The Threshold Cantos in the Comedy 7. The Fate of Phaethon in the Comedy 8. Circle-Cross-Eagle-Scales: Images in the Paradiso9. The Final Image 10. The Neoplatonic Background11. Dante and Neoplatonism12. Dante's Astrology13. The Heavens and the Sciences: Convivio 214. The Paradiso as Alpha and OmegaTextual VariantsBibliographyIndex of Italian, Latin, and Other Foreign Words Discussed in the NotesIndex of Passages Cited in the NotesIndex of Proper Names in the NotesIndex of Proper Names in the Text and Translation

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