Psychic close encounters 9780713727999, 0713727993

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English Pages 250 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates: illustrations; 20 cm [131] Year 1999

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Psychic close encounters
 9780713727999, 0713727993

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Acknowledgements Preface

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The Electro-staging HyporhesisPerspectives and Approach


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ObiectionstotheElectro-stagingHypothesis 43 CIIAPIR


Pohergeists, VisionsandCloseEncounters


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Unid6ntified AtmosDheric Phenomena (UAPS)and 'Medium Lights'


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The AfteredStateand the Close-Encounter Experience 165 CH


'IE8 Case-Studies Notes Sourcesof Fuftherlnformation Index

217 241 2fi 251

For Marilyn, my long-sufferingwife


A vcry lirnir.d nunDq of p.ople h.v. [email protected] involv.d in th. produdion of this bot. Ftr r dd fot€nod, I |nrd crfiess my bca.atelrrhanks ro ArN Silt FADO (Ho6), FFDO, FRSA of Grc.t Misscn&r h BnctingharnltirE, UK. At .itB sh€ h6 verEedor b€omil! 6 thor, bc.-.Ne of ber nrc and crudit€ knor,LdCe of .bcrrodc polhtid rnd elete Tlut3 .l$ to MiclEcl Buhler, ani$ and .rt-l€dr... foi his unirue specidity ot ill'o.tiry sp.aific ffi with a ufologisit undeBi.rdins of th€ ofimaS.ry ro tte UFO phcdon nonr and aor his sensitive dlrrinar thai appar in tha!€ p.ge3Philip Mantle acFmBly [email protected],ed (:& material ftm hk oM irv€saig.tirrE aod ca!e-6les.


Tllis b6l is the dlDiration of t2 y.a6 of if,volvement in rhe srudyof rhe clrc{Munter [email protected] It is rhe pres.ntation of a [email protected] rhat is a sy.thcsis of svclal arcas of undedanding: a fusion ot apprcaches.ea.h ol ehich erplaios sone, but rot all. of rhe .haraci€risriG of rhe UfO €[email protected] wilb lhe lwo unifyinS ard mutual fa.ro6 of human psychology aod el€.ttmagnetis. Bccaw it is an argum€nrlbat progteiss ir stages,eachlev€l building o. rhe preeding de. there is a situcrure to rhe thery that is comparable b rhe spiral driolum; that is to sy, asp€crsthat arc oudined d onc poinr are r€tumed ro lat€., bur at a higher lewl, makint for a s.nes of repca&d visirs with indctuntil rep€rition. This expr€ssivetech.ique is appDpriat€ b€ous of rhe rumb€r of adNcalesory conepts thar ned supponing explanations to chnl lhem which cannor be iet out all at Ove' lhe p.n few yeaB. rh€ tuthles surgeryof sptidsm has removed much ufolo8iel dead [email protected] In the [email protected], ii has elcvated rhe $rbject, smewhat pai.fully, to an ara of srudy rhat contains a $ie.tific Such a clearcur of th€ muddlinS juhble of fantasy - largcly ba.ed or rhe extrat€,Brrial h)polhesis or other ali€n inrelligence @reprs can orly b€nefit lhe subject and allo* s.rentistsro look upon ir [email protected] ehbam$merl. Ho*ever. th€!€ redundant lheories [email protected] in the fi'sl Dlacc becaus€ it is so difficull lo examin€ the clm{[email protected] crFri€@ ard rol lxn€ away pith ar ovc$holming teeling, if not oovidion, that therc ir an inr.llig.ncc at *ork. In irs erihrsidn fd troth, [email protected] lcav€ th€ subject slrippd of without replacing il wilh new qustions and new cnigmas. ft .cv€rls ror orly the folly of fanrasy,but it tclls us that is no m'5tery. This is.s non*Ni€l 6 the faitFbaled ideas thal it reiects. as it imDlig

rri(x - tsYcfirc cLo6EENCOI'NI€IS th.r cve.ything i. knwn and that lhc.c rrc .o funhc. quetk$ to bc astedi all is mhpecptiof, and illusion- Yer. s*h dtumi$al is tot tpplicd to the chemistry of the c€ll or the narure of mind; therc is a dcpth rnd d enigma ir boih of them which is [email protected] to the ill+xplottd, [email protected]$untcr €xr€[email protected] Thc tteo.y €xpolnded i. this boot is called ihe eldtrcstryint hypothdis. Rarher than mcrcly cauling th€ phemmeno to 4aporate, ts spticism tcnds ro. n redirets the ntstery ir othcr direcnons, ore of which erplores hos the [email protected] involvcd in cl('g€ndrtcB - thc human unon$iou or, more dcsnpir€ly, the u.on$iNs intelliScrc is abL to deate th€ appearanceand convicdoaof an alien irtclligcnce ihat visits usfrom thc sta6. Before n dG this. howaer. it hs to cai amv thc ufological dcad wmd. The cases rrcented whcre rcauired, the iderritiA of thc witress prctcltcd. Most, hoee\€., dc quite willinS to rlloe thcir rcal haw alEdy bGGn nah.s lo br u5€d. ln a few cag, their .xFn.tl6 Bade public, and ihey have [email protected] Egrcttcd this erposurc. In sEh insranes, to avoid opcning up old *outds $ ro sFak, tEudontds and initiak bave bced employed. are illusinted bccauscthe languaa€of Sone of the caes dis*d imagery can ey rhinSr that words qnnot. The int€lligeE beltitd the phenomenonknos thc porc! or pidurs dd p.imdily .rp'tss its.lf in imatcry. This intelligenc€, in its qEst to mdipulatc belief and estrblish :n identity for i(!€lf in tbe cial world. @nstantly u56 rhc [email protected] or imae€.y, .nd ac-tully obtaiN thc ra* fratcrial for it ftm similar illBtrations in a type of inrge-€acling pt1)c6. Cryptic a it may sound, inages from $fre [email protected] b.Ann ro erperiencelabo!. painsand an ambulance wascalled.'travcllinstrk,n8 de*ned @unrry .oadson the way to hospital,she .dd thrcc oth.^ (r docror.a stretche.-bearer and the .t.ivet encountercda hug. crimsor




globe that qme dom out of ltte sky a.d paced tbe ambuta.e for thrce, quaneBof an hour. Th. ambulare people werc intent on ensuringrle sfery of the mother ard baby and found rh€ UFO s inrusio. a disrradin8 rhreat. h Es rhis single-mindednessthat inhibied rheir emotions, untike trc tevet,ctcins attendln^ who *cre found shaling Mrh fer in rhcn tur. wtren rtre ambulanehaltcdarrhec.osi.g.0. [email protected], ited not thc pastc ofa train tharbbck€d paih.bur a din$n thc Gd. tlobe rhtt spanned 'ts ftn rcad i\ la hei *ide md rhc sphe,eovertapFd ,rscdSesby a .oupte or rer on erthersrde Everyorefi6r e* the gtobeas.a bi8.ed bal in the sly,, ebe distane avay. h [email protected] lar8errhanthc tu [email protected] and dart$n in @lou.. h deseDded to tre,top levet aod hovered abour 5{lJ varG 'mmedialely frcm amhulanceOne ([email protected] rr hung,nthertyar ctoudtevct.thenc(l was'hc sen hovcring berween r*o rrees eithe. side of the .oad in $c 't friddle distance.All rhe wiiDesh rhen snsd the glob€t ominous approach as n cruised iowards rhem ar ! very tow tevct alons ihe road. . t $ a \a t* a )s a * a ,e l h a t,, T hedfrro rl a t c r c ohm c nt ed * r,n * " ." _ or" in lhe \t\: ir *d nor tcry h,sh ove, lhe g,oundar any nnc.. Thc anbutane and rhcoimsonSloh approached rhe tevet