Protein Rich Power Cookbook: Healthy Protein-Rich Recipes for Kids

A meal rich in proteins is essential for the child's development. This cookbook compiles a list of 30 recipes for b

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Protein Rich Power Cookbook: Healthy Protein-Rich Recipes for Kids

Table of contents :
Chapter 1 - Healthy protein-rich breakfast ideas
Cheese and spinach balls on a breadstick
Boiled eggs on toast
Crispy sausage egg burritos
Protein-rich peanut butter banana smoothie
Frittata with Asparagus
Spinach egg cups
Oatmeal with peanut butter
Greek yogurt Pumpkin pancakes
Nut crusted French toast
Chocolate veggies protein bars
Bacon and egg quesadillas
Eggs and vegetable casserole
Chapter 2 - Healthy protein sumptuous lunch and dinner for kids
Beef and cheese patties
Chicken with rice
Crispy baked salmon nuggets
Meatball and pasta soup
Quesadilla with kidney beans
Chicken taco salad
Broccoli beef stuffed potatoes
Chickpea curry with rice
Chicken Quinoa Burrito
Bean and spinach burrito wrap
Protein-rich pea pesto with chicken
Macaroni cheese and turkey
Black Bean Burgers
Garlic butter tilapia
Roasted tilapia with vegetables
Risotto with beef and goat cheese
Bacon-wrapped meatloaf
Turkey and pasta in vegetable sauce
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