Programming for Beginners: 6 Books in 1- Python Programming( 3 Book series) & SQL Programming(3 Book series)

Are you looking forward to learning Computer Programming? No matter your skill level, this powerful blueprint 6 Books in

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English Year 2017

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Programming for Beginners: 6 Books in 1- Python Programming( 3 Book series) & SQL Programming(3 Book series)

Table of contents :
Title Page
Copyright Page
Contents at a Glance
Table of Content
About the Author
About the Technical Reviewer
Code Conventions Used in This Book
What to Expect from This Book
Chapter 1 Understanding Programming
Programming Principles
Dividing Programs into Parts
Event-Driven Programming
Object-Oriented Programming
Understanding Programming Languages
The Building Blocks of Programming Languages
Programming Frameworks
Mac Programming Today
Chapter 2 Understanding Apple's Programming Tools. Understanding EditorsUnderstanding Xcode
Deciphering the Xcode User Interface
Running Xcode
Creating a New Project in Xcode
Examining Project Files in Xcode
Compiling a Program
Chapter 3 The Basic Steps to Creating a Mac Program
A Bare-Bones Program Example
A Simple User Interface Example
An Interactive User Interface Example
Writing Objective-C Code
Creating an Action Method
Connecting the User Interface
An Advanced Interactive User Interface Example
Chapter 4 Getting Help
Installing Help Topics
Getting Help About Xcode
Getting Help About Core Library. Searching for HelpGetting Quick Help
Viewing Documentation for Selected Text
Getting Help with Library Windows
Help While Writing Code
Customizing the Editor
Using Code Completion
Chapter 5 Learning Objective-C
Differences in Writing a Mac Objective-C Program
Understanding Objective-C Symbols
Defining the End of Each Line with a Semicolon
Defining the Beginning and End of Code with Curly Brackets
Defining Compiler Directives with the # Symbol
Defining Comments with //
Identifying Objects with [and]
Defining Pointers with
Manipulating Data with Variables. Chapter 7 Repeating Code with LoopsLoops That Run a Fixed Number of Times
Quitting a for Loop Prematurely
Skipping in a for Loop
Loops That Run Zero or More Times
The while Loop
The do-while Loop
Quitting a while or do-while Loop Prematurely
Skipping a while or do-while Loop
Nested Loops
Chapter 8 Understanding the Cocoa Framework
An Overview of How Object-Oriented Programming Works
Starting with a Class
Reducing Bugs
Reusing Code
Defining Classes
Creating an Object
Storing Data in an Object
A Sample Program for Manipulating Objects.

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