Proceedings of International Conference of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering 2019 : AeroMech 2019, 20–21 November 2019, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia [1st ed.] 9789811547553, 9789811547560

This book presents selected papers from the International Conference of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering 2019 (AeroM

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English Pages XII, 608 [592] Year 2020

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Proceedings of International Conference of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering 2019 : AeroMech 2019, 20–21 November 2019, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia [1st ed.]
 9789811547553, 9789811547560

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xii
A Review on Alternative Fuel Spray Characteristics (Qummare Azam, Ahmed M. Alhaj, Ayub A. Janvekar, Nurul Musfirah Mazlan)....Pages 1-9
Modelling of Crack Propagation for Embedded Crack Structure (H. A. Haziq Aiman, M. R. M. Akramin, M. N. M. Husnain, M. S. Shaari)....Pages 11-19
Mitigation of Carbon Footprint of an Airport in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Vineet Tirth, Saad AL-Mashhour, Mustafa Al-Ani, Mohannad Alqahtani)....Pages 21-32
Error Analysis on Galerkin Scheme for the Diffusion Problem (Wei Shyang Chang, Haswira Hassan, Hazim Fadli Aminnuddin, Vishal Singh, Farzad Ismail)....Pages 33-44
Design and Modeling of Actuation System of Unmanned Tricopter with Thrust-Vectoring Front Tilt Rotors for Sustainable Flying (Riady Siswoyo Jo, Aaron EuGene Tan, Mark Tee Kit Tsun, Hudyjaya Siswoyo Jo)....Pages 45-55
Design of an Air-Duct Pipe Inspection and Cleaning Robot (Adzly Anuar, Juniza Md Saad, M. N. A. Arimi)....Pages 57-69
Investigation of Variable Geometry Intake to Mitigate Unwanted Shock-Shock Interactions in a Hypersonic Air-Breathing Propulsion Device (Azam Che Idris, Mohd Rashdan Saad, Konstantinos Kontis)....Pages 71-79
Enhancing Productivity of Solar Still with Pyramid Chamber Step-Wise Basin Design (Salah Abdallah, Hanan Saleet)....Pages 81-89
Mechanical Characteristics of Paraffin Wax-HTPB Based Hybrid Rocket Fuel (Sri Nithya Mahottamananda, P. N. Kadiresh)....Pages 91-103
Aerodynamic Performance of Shark Skin Shape Vortex Generator (Nur Faraihan Zulkefli, Mohamad Asmidzam Ahamat, Nurul Fatihah Mohd Safri, Nurhayati Mohd Nur, Azmin Syakrine Mohd Rafie)....Pages 105-116
A Prototype Development and Evaluation of Electrochemical Device for Heavy Metal Measurement (Siti Nur Hanisah Umar, Elmi Abu Bakar, Noorfazreena Mohammad Kamaruddin, Naoki Uchiyama)....Pages 117-125
Analysis of Pressure Coefficient Around Three Airfoils Operating at Different Reynolds Number Using CFD and XFOIL (Aravind Seeni, Parvathy Rajendran)....Pages 127-137
CFD Analysis of a Novel Propeller Design Operating at Low Reynolds Number (Aravind Seeni, Parvathy Rajendran)....Pages 139-150
Anisotropic Median Bilateral Filtering (Kai Yit Kok, Parvathy Rajendran)....Pages 151-158
Aircraft Wing Aerodynamic Efficiency Improvement Using Longitudinal Spanwise Grooves (Samuel Merryisha, Parvathy Rajendran)....Pages 159-175
Generalized Eshelby Integral Formula for Multiple Inclusion Composite Materials (Abdul Rauf Abdul Raif, Muhammed Fadzli Ismail, Mulia Minhat)....Pages 177-190
Applicability of Rule of Mixtures to Estimate Effective Properties of Nanocomposite Materials (Muhammad Lutfi Mat Rodzi, Muhammed Fadzli Ismail, Mulia Minhat)....Pages 191-205
Flow Field Measurement of Wake Generated by Gourami Fish Tail (Lai Hoong Chuin, Soh Ling Xin, N. A. Razak, Zarina Itam, A. F. Osrin)....Pages 207-217
Design Factors of a Plasma Reactor with a Swirling Flow Field for Production of Rutile TiO2 Nanoparticles (Byeongjun Jeon, Junghun Shin, Donghoon Shin)....Pages 219-231
Development of a Flameless Furnace with Swirling Reversed Air Injection Method (Namgyun Oh, Jaesam Shin, Byeongjun Jeon, Chonggun Choi, Donghoon Shin)....Pages 233-247
Study on the Toluene Removal Characteristics of Glass Fiber Filter Coated by TiO2 Photocatalyst (Fengyun Li, Jie Sun, Donghoon Shin)....Pages 249-270
Lift and Drag Trend of Exocoetus Volitans Model in the Wind Tunnel (A. F. Osrin, N. A. Razak, Aizat Abbas, Zarina Itam)....Pages 271-278
Flatwise Compression and Buckling Characterizations of Adhesive-Free Additively Manufactured Defected Architected Structures (Khameel B. Mustapha, Mohammad Saad, Yousif A. Abakr)....Pages 279-289
Technical and Economic Viability Assessment of Different Photovoltaic Grid-Connected Systems in Jordan (Salah Abdallah, Dana Salameh)....Pages 291-303
Aircraft Arrival Delay Under Uncertainty: G-Queue Modelling Concept (Lay Eng Teoh)....Pages 305-315
Evaluation of Combustion Characteristics on Simple Cylindrical Combustion Chamber for Different Operating Conditions and Alternative Fuels (Sim Sing Mei, Nurul Musfirah Mazlan)....Pages 317-327
Design and Development of Renewable Energy Water Pump (Man Djun Lee, Pui San Lee, Jasper Ling, Heng Jong Ngu)....Pages 329-340
CAD-Based 3D Grain Burnback Analysis for Solid Rocket Motors (Ahmed Mahjub, Qummare Azam, M. Z. Abdullah, Nurul Musfirah Mazlan)....Pages 341-348
Numerical Simulation of Suddenly Expanded Flow from Converging Nozzle at Sonic Mach Number (Ambareen Khan, Mohd Azmi Ismail, Nurul Musfirah Mazlan)....Pages 349-359
Computational Analysis of a Multi-orifice Rotary Injector with Air Core (S. Sahaya Jisha, S. Thanigaiarasu)....Pages 361-371
An Experimental Study of Nozzle Geometry Effect on Mixing Characteristics of Two Different Twin Jets (S. Thanigaiarasu, A. Muthuram, S. B. Jabez Richards, T. Vijaya Raj, Surendra Kumar Yadav)....Pages 373-381
Effect of Alumina Nanofiller on the Mechanical Properties of 2D Woven Biotex Flax/PLA Fiber-Reinforced Nanocomposite (Adnan Amjad, Habib Awais, Muhammad Zeshan Ali, M. Shukur Zainol Abidin, A. Anjang)....Pages 383-391
Investigating Dielectric Properties in Hybrid PLA-PHA Composites with Sodium Hydroxide Treated Flax Fibers (Elammaran Jayamani, Hari Prashanth Palani Velayuda Shannmugasundram, KokHeng Soon)....Pages 393-402
Fabrication and Characterization of Lightweight Engineered Polypropylene Composites Using Silica Particles and Flax Woven Comingled Structure (Habib Awais, Yasir Nawab, Adnan Amjad, Aslina Anjang, M. Shukur Zainol Abidin)....Pages 403-410
Numerical Study on the Effect of Innovative Vortex Generators in the Mixing Enhancement of Subsonic Jets (S. Thanigaiarasu, S. B. Jabez Richards, V. Karthikeyan, A. Muthuram, Surendra Kumar Yadav, T. Vijaya Raj)....Pages 411-420
Nonlinear Follower Force Analysis with Ground Static Test Validation of High Aspect Ratio Wing (Norzaima Nordin, Noor Shazwani Muhamad Rafi, Mohammad Yazdi Harmin)....Pages 421-432
Effects of Circular Tabs on Enhancement of Jet Mixing (S. Thanigaiarasu, Surendra Kumar Yadav, S. B. Jabez Richards, A. Muthuram, T. Vijay Raj)....Pages 433-440
Analysis of the Impact of Degradation on Gas Turbine Performance Using the Support Vector Machine (SVM) Method (Khairul Fata B. Ahmad Asnawi, Tamiru Alemu Lemma)....Pages 441-451
Fast and Efficient Collision Avoidance Algorithm for Autonomous Mobile Robot (A. F. Hawary, A. N. Azizan)....Pages 453-462
Experimental Investigation of Mixing Enhancement Through Nozzle Exit Modification in Subsonic Flow (T. Vijayaraj, S. Thanigaiarasu, S. B. Jabez Richards, Surendra Kumar Yadav, A. Muthuram, S. Jaichandar et al.)....Pages 463-472
Experimental Modal Analysis of a Simple Rectangular Wing with Varying Rib’s Orientation (M. S. Othman, L. Teh, M. Y. Harmin)....Pages 473-479
Validation of Rotor-Disc Model for Light Autogyro in Steady-State Flight Mode (Shahrul Ahmad, Douglas Thomson)....Pages 481-492
Adsorption Characteristic of a Two Layer Hollow Cylindrical Silica Bed (Pravinth Balthazar, Mohd Azmi Ismail, Lee Chern khai, Muhammad Iftishah Ramdan, Nurul Musfirah Mazlan, Hussin Bin Mamat)....Pages 493-500
The Effect of Flow Control on Wing-In-Ground Craft Hull-Fuselage for Improved Aerodynamics Performance (Irahasira Said, Mohd Rosdzimin Abdul Rahman, Azam Che Idris, Fadhilah Mohd Sakri, Mohd Rashdan Saad)....Pages 501-510
Review of Hot Air Anti-icing System Inside Bias Acoustic Liner (Lee Chern Khai, Mohd Azmi Ismail, Yu Kok Hwa, Khairil Faizi bin Mustafa, Nurul Musfirah Mazlan, Pravinth Balthazar)....Pages 511-517
Physical and Mechanical Characterization of Kenaf Fiber Filament Wound Composite Produced Using Vacuum-Bagging and Heat-Shrink Tube Method (Sharifah Fathin Adlina Syed Abdullah, Nurul Zuhairah Mahmud Zuhudi, Khairul Dahri Mohd Aris, Mohd Nazrul Roslan, Mohamad Dali Isa)....Pages 519-527
Flow Visualization Study Using Dye Mixtures on a Hydrokinetic Turbine in a Water Tunnel (Teo Chen Lung, Mohd Badrul Salleh, Noorfazreena M. Kamaruddin)....Pages 529-540
Backward Bent Duct Buoy (BBDB) of Wave Energy Converter: An Overview of BBDB Shapes (N. I. Ismail, M. J. Aiman, M. R. A. Rahman, M. R. Saad)....Pages 541-549
Turbulence Intensity in Water Flow for Hydrokinetic Turbine Application (Viknaraj Subramaniam, Noorfazreena M. Kamaruddin)....Pages 551-562
Statistical Overview of CubeSat Mission (N. M. Suhadis)....Pages 563-573
A Physical Characterisation for the Preliminary Fabrication of Natural Woven Fabric Prepreg and Their Composites (Fadzil Adly Ishak, Wan Muhammad Izzat Wan Zaludin, Nurul Zuhairah Mahmud Zuhudi, Khairul Dahri Mohd Aris)....Pages 575-585
Vibration Signal Separation Technique by Using the Combination of Adaptive Filter and Hilbert Transform for Defect Machine Component in Rotating Machinery (K. A. Wahid, M. N. F. Saniman, M. A. Khairul, I. A. Azid)....Pages 587-600
Experimental Assessment of Nonlinear Modal Behaviour of Flexible Beam (A. R. Bahari, M. A. Yunus, M. N. Abdul Rani, W. I. I. Wan Iskandar Mirza, M. Z. Nuawi)....Pages 601-608

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