Prepper's Long-Term Survival Guide

A s we look at time from this side of 2020, it seems that the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic was a dividing line betw

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Prepper's Long-Term Survival Guide

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Table of contents :
Short and Long-Term Disasters
Choosing Where to Survive
Developing a Survival Mindset
Your Most Important Survival Needs
CHAPTER ONE: #1 Priority
Maintaining Your Core Body Temperature
What Shelter and Clothing do for Us
Your Home as a Survival Shelter
Heating Your Home When there is No Power
Finding Shelter in the Wild
Building a Survival Shelter
CHAPTER TWO: #2 Priority
Clean Water to Drink
Storing Water
Finding Water Near Your Home
Harvesting Water from Nature
Finding Water in the Wild
Purifying Water
Chemical Purification
Heat Purification
CHAPTER THREE: #3 Priority
Food for the Body
Stockpiling Food for Emergencies
Growing Your Own Food
Cooking Food when the Power is Out
Cooking with Solar Power
Food in the Wild
CHAPTER FOUR: #4 Priority
Fire – Mankind's Oldest Tool
How to Lay a Fire
A Few Choice Fire Starters
A Word About Accelerants
Starting a Fire in Wet Weather
CHAPTER FIVE: #5 Priority
First-Aid & Personal Hygiene
Building a Family First-Aid Kit
Wound Treatment
Broken Bones & Sprains
Personal Protection Equipment
Medical Tools
Basic Wound Treatment
Why Personal Hygiene is Important to Survival
CHAPTER SIX: #6 Priority
Defending Home & Family
What Kind of Gun to Buy
Long Guns
Preparing Your Home
Let's Talk Legalities
Off-Grid Power
Which is Better, Solar or Wind?
The Battery Backup System
How Much Power do You Need?
Preparing for Bugging Out
Your Bug Out Plan
Where are You Going?
Stash a Cache
Plan a Route
Building Bug Out Bags for Your Family
First-Aid & Hygiene
Going a Step Further
What About a Bug Out Vehicle?
Final Thoughts

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