Postoperative Care Handbook of the Massachusetts General Hospital [1st ed.] 1496301048, 9781496387981, 9781496301048

Practical, portable, and accessible, this new addition to the LWW Handbook Series covers all facets of care given to pat

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English Year 2017

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Postoperative Care Handbook of the Massachusetts General Hospital [1st ed.]
 1496301048, 9781496387981, 9781496301048

Table of contents :
1 Head and Neck Surgical Patient
Rebecca L. Grammer and Maria J. Troulis
2 Ophthalmologic Surgical Patient
Elizabeth Turner, Nailyn Rasoul, Katherine Boudreault, and
Dean Cestari
3 Postoperative Care of the Thoracic Surgery Patient
Uma M. Sachdeva and Christopher R. Morse
4 Vascular Patient
Elizabeth Turner
5 Recovery of Patients Undergoing Radiologic
Procedures with Anesthetic Management
John J. A. Marota
6 Postoperative Care of the Orthopedic Patient
Benjamin Hollingsworth and Joseph Schwab
7 Postoperative Care of the Neurosurgical Patient
Joanne E. Baker and Ala Nozari
8 Postoperative Care of the Endocrine Surgery Patient
Yufei Chen and Roy Phitayakorn
9 Gastrointestinal, Abdominal, and Anorectal Patient
Elizabeth Turner
10 Management of the Genitourinary Surgical Patient
Rebecca I. Kalman, Elisabeth M. Baker, and Heather Renzi
11 Patient Care: Trauma Patient
Matthew Tichauer, Craig S. Jabaley, and D. Dante Yeh
12 Postoperative Care for the Burn Patient
Andrew Vardanian and Jeremy Goverman
13 Postoperative Care for the Plastic Surgical Patient
Andrew Vardanian and William (Jay) Gerald Austen
14 Postoperative Pain Management
Mark Hoeft
15 Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting
Ryan J. Horvath and William Benedetto
16 Postoperative Airway Complications
Tara Kelly and Mazen Maktabi
17 Postoperative Respiratory Complications
Tao Shen and Richard M. Pino
18 Perioperative Cardiac Complications
Milad Sharifpour and Kenneth Shelton
19 Postoperative Central Nervous System Dysfunction
Meredith Miller and Ala Nozari
20 Acute Perioperative Urinary and Renal Dysfunction
Michael Hermann and Sheri Berg
21 Postoperative Hemorrhage
Matthew Tichauer, Martha DiMilla, and D. Dante Yeh
22 Temperature Abnormalities
Craig S. Jabaley and Kathryn L. Butler
23 Fluid and Electrolyte Disorders
Kevin Blackney and Jonathan Charnin
24 Acid–Base Disorders
Kevin H. Zhao and Kathryn L. Butler
25 Endocrine Abnormalities: Glucose Control, Adrenal
Insufficiency, and Thyroid Storm
Alana B. Birner and Kathryn L. Butler
26 Gastrointestinal Complications
Christina Anne Jelly and D. Dante Yeh
27 Allergy and Anaphylaxis During the Postoperative
Matthew Sigakis
28 Transfusion Reactions
Adeola Sadik and Jarone Lee
29 Perioperative Injuries (Ocular, Oropharyngeal, Dental,
Nerve, Extravasation)
Bryan Simmons and Edward A. Bittner
30 Pediatric Postanesthesia Care Unit
Ashlee Holman and Erik Shank
31 The Morbidly Obese Patient
Yasuko Nagasaka and Jean Kwo
32 The Geriatric Patient
Elie P. Ramly and Haytham M. A. Kaafarani
33 The Pregnant Patient
Naveen F. Sangji and Haytham M. A. Kaafarani
34 Postoperative Care of Patients with a History of
Substance Use
Connie Wang, Sheri Berg, and Carlos Fernandez-Robles
35 Legal and Ethical Issues in the PACU
Caroline B. G. Hunter and Sheri Berg
36 PACU Admission and Discharge Criteria
Yuriy Bronshteyn and William Schoenfeld
37 Quality Assurance, Organization, Policies,
and Management in the PACUs
Edward George
38 Infection Control
Erin J. Levering and Jean Kwo
39 Healthcare-Associated Infections
Erin J. Levering and Jean Kwo

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