Post-narratology Through Computational and Cognitive Approaches 1522579796, 9781522579793

This book discusses issues of narrative-related information and communication technologies, cognitive mechanism and anal

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Post-narratology Through Computational and Cognitive Approaches
 1522579796, 9781522579793

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Section 1: Introduction
Chapter 1: A Computational, Cognitive, and Narratological Approach to Narrative Generation
Chapter 2: Toward a Post-Narratology or the Narratology of Narrative Generation
Section 2: Conceptual Explorations of Narrative Generation
Chapter 3: The Possibility of the Generation of Literary Works by Abduction
Chapter 4: Consideration of Fundamental Methods and Principles for Human-Computer Co-Creation of Narratives
Chapter 5: Kabuki as Multiple Narrative Structures and Narrative Generation
Section 3: Computational and Cognitive Systems of Narrative Generation
Chapter 6: Past, Non-Story Narrative Film, and Nostalgia
Chapter 7: An Attempt of the Commercial Film Production Support System Based on the Image Rhetoric of Commercial Film
Chapter 8: Can Computers Understand Picture Books and Comics?
Section 4: Cognitive and Social Analyses of Human Narratives
Chapter 9: Taking Perspectives in Digital Storytelling on Business Planning
Chapter 10: The Potentiality of First-Person Views
Chapter 11: The Employment Status and Support Needs of Persons With Disabilities in Japan
Chapter 12: Producing a Mental Representation of a Cup of Sake
Chapter 13: Elegant and Efficient Communication by Haiku-Like Concise Sentences
Compilation of References
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