Poetry of the Forties

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Poetry of the Forties

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First published 1968

Copyright © Robin Skelton, 1968

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1940 Stephen Spender: June 1940 C. Day Lewis: Watching Post Louis MacNeice: Refugees W. H . Auden: The Dark Years

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‘T H E E A R T H IS P A T I E N T . . . ’ George Barker: Elegy I 49 George Bruce: Inheritance 50 W. S. Graham: To M y Father 51 Alan Ross: Cricket at Brighton 52 Jane Moore: Victorian Paperweight 54 Roland Mathias: Pastorale 55 R. S. Thomas: Out of the Hills 57 R. S. Thomas: A Peasant 58 Ruthven Todd: Personal History 59 Norman Nicholson: Cockley Moor, Dockray, Penrith 61 Francis Scarfe: Tyne Dock 62 Alun Lewis: Corfe Castle 63 W. R. Rodgers: Stormy Day 64 Norman Nicholson: Early March 65 Laurie Lee: Day of These Days 66 Christopher Lee: Midsummer 1942 67 Norman McCaig: ‘The dizzy summer cal f . . 6 8



Laurie Lee: April Rise Dylan Thomas: Fern Hill Vernon Watkins: The Feather Lawrie Scarlett: The Islander W. S. Graham: Since A ll M y Steps Taken Anne Ridler: Kirkwall 1942 George Bruce: Kinnaird Head Sidney Keyes : William Wordsworth Norman Nicholson: Rock Face Paul Dehn: Spring Song, 1948 Dylan Thomas: Poem in October W. S. Graham: Listen. Put on Morning

69 70 72 73 74 75 75 76 77 77 78 80

‘T H A T B A T T L E - F I T W E L I V E D . . . ’ David Gascoyne: A Wartime Dawn Alun Lewis: All Day It Has Rained . . . Henry Reed: Lessons of the W ar J . F. Hendry: London Before Invasion: 1940 Mervyn Peake: Is There No Love Can Link Us ? Mervyn Peake: London, 1941 James Walker: Balloon Barrage Sean Jennet: Cycle: V I Dylan Thomas: A Refusal to Mourn George Barker: T o M y Mother Frank Thompson: London, 1940 David Gascoyne: Ecce Homo Sidney Keyes: W ar Poet Dorian Cooke: A Soldier, Dying of Wounds Roy Fuller: The Middle of a W ar F. T. Prince: Soldiers Bathing Patric Dickinson: Ultima Thule James Walker: Lying Awake Alan Ross: Survivors Alun Lewis: Goodbye 6

85 87 88 93 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 99 102 102 x03 104 106 107 109 no


N eil McCallum: Stand-to Alun Lewis: Bivouac Frank Thompson: Day’s Journey Ivor Roberts-Jones: Battalion H .Q ., Burma Richard Spender: Tunisian Patrol Alan Rook: Dunkirk Pier Keith Douglas: Simplify Me When I’m Dead James Monahan: The Album Sidney Keyes: Europe’s Prisoners Alex Comfort: Seventh Elegy Kathleen Raine: The End of Love Paul Widdows: Perspective Sean Jennet: Hereafter Roy Fuller: During a Bombardment by V-Weapons Patric Dickinson: War Paul Dehn: Armistice Dorian Cooke: Poem on Returning Home Patric Dickinson: A Warning to Politicians

iii 112 113 114 115 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122 122 123 124 124 12 7

‘T H E T R A V E L L E R HAS R E G R E T S . . . ’ G. S. Fraser: The Traveller Has Regrets Terence Tiller: Spring Letter Terence Tiller: Egyptian Dancer Keith Douglas: Behaviour of Fish in an Egyptian T ea Garden G. S. Fraser: Egypt Reg Levy: Effort Robert Liddell: Dead Sea Plage Keith Douglas : Cairo Jag Patrick Anderson: Desert John Jarmain: Ring Plover at El Alamein R. N . Currey: Burial Flags, Sind K. R. Gray: Monsoon Robin Fedden: An Undistinguished Coast


131 132 134 136 137 138 138 139 140 140 142 143 144


Lawrence Durrell: This Unimportant Morning Bernard Spencer: On the Road Bernard Gutteridge: Tananarive Roy Fuller: The Giraffes Alun Lewis: The Mahratta Ghats D. J . Enright: By the Middle Sea Terence Tiller: Beggar J . C. Mollison: Mokomeh Ghat Bernard. Spencer: Greek Excavations Alexander Henderson: Sea of Marmora Emanuel Litvinoff: African Village Alun Lewis: The Jungle Wrey Gardiner: Wild Olive Lawrence Durrell: Phileremo Bernard Spencer: On a Carved Axle-piece from a Sicilian Cart Patrick Leigh-Fermor: Greek Archipelagoes Ernest Frost: Italy Keith Douglas: On a Return from Egypt Frank Thompson: De Amicitia

145 146 146 148 149 150 151 152 152 153 155 156 159 160 161 162 166 168 169

‘OPENING A W A Y T H R O U G H T I M E . . . ’ Francis King: Seance John Heath-Stubbs: Maria Aegyptiaca Drummond Allison: The Brass Horse Sidney Keyes: Troll Kings Norman Nicholson: Belshazzar John Bayliss : The Wreck Vernon Watkins: The Healing of the Leper W. R. Rodgers: Christ Walking on the Water John Bayliss: Seven Dreams Demetrios Capetanakis: Lazarus Patric Dickinson: Lust Henry Treece: Relics 8

173 174 175 176 177 178 180 181 183 185 186 187


Drummond Allison: Wade Demetrios Capetanakis: Abel Leonard Clark: Good Friday Sidney Keyes: Sour Land Francis King: The Patient Kathleen Raine: Envoi Laurie Lee: Bird Dylan Thomas: A Winter’s Tale Leonard Clark: Encounter Kathleen Raine: The Moment Julian Orde: The Changing Wind Kathleen Raine: Air Hal Summers: The Seed Kathleen Raine: Woman to Lover Henry Reed: The Wall Henry Treece: Three Pleas John Heath-Stubbs: The Divided Ways William Bell: On a Dying Boy Roland Gant: The Wedding John Heath-Stubbs : Drowned Man Vernon Watkins: Griefs of the Sea W. S. Graham: Men Sign the Sea George Barker: News of the World III

187 188 189 189 191 192 193 194 199 200 201 202 203 204 205 206 207 209 210 211 212 213 214

‘ N O W T H E R E IS N O T H I N G N E W . . / Roy Fuller: The Civilization Vernon Scannell: Aftermath William Bell: The Chief Stoker’s Song Michael Hamburger: From the Notebook of a European Tramp X I Roy Fuller: Virtue Julian Symons: Pub Nicholas Moore: Ideas of Disorder at Torquay Roy Fuller: The Photographs


219 220 221 222 223 223 225 227


Julian Symons: The Clock Demetrios Capetanakis: Detective Story Francis King: The Carcase Terence Tiller: Nocturnal III Bernard. Spencer: Out of Sleep Drummond Allison: A Great Unhealthy Friendship Peter Black: The Man in the Bowler Hat Kenneth Allott: Departure Platform W. R. Rodgers: Express David Paul: The Sleeping Passenger David Gascoyne: A Vagrant

228 229 230 231 232 232 233 234 235 236 237

1950 James Kirkup: Elegy for a Dead God George Barker: Channel Crossing Alex Comfort: From The Sleeping Princess

243 245 248


25I 261 265


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