Poetry: a basic course

A series of eight lectures on poetry. Nine poems have been chosen for discussion. Abstract: A series of eight lectures o

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English Pages 35 [36] Year 1993

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Poetry: a basic course

Table of contents :
Content: 1. London Bridge is falling down : poetry and social formations --
2. The ballad of Sir Patrick Spence : common measure and justice --
3. Shakespeare's The phoenix and turtle : on difficulty, the meaning and structure of difference --
4. Milton's Avenge, O Lord : poetry, religion, and the rationality of experience --
5. Keats' Ode to a nightingale : poetic knowledge and the founding narratives of poetic practice --
6. Dickinson's I cannot live with you : difference and the work of love --
7. Yeats' Among school children : secular education and the reproduction of poetic knowledge --
8. Robert Lowell's Skunk hour and Elizabeth Bishop's The armadillo.

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