Philosophy and Religion from Plato to Postmodernism

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English Year 2002

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Philosophy and Religion from Plato to Postmodernism

Table of contents :
Part I : Drawing the picture --
Where we start today : the naturalistic assumption --
Naturalism as bad news for the many --
Windows on the transcendent --
The key to understanding --
Turning the critical realist key --
Part II : The meaning of life --
The religious meaning of life --
Cosmic optimism in the East --
And in the West --
Part III : The gods and absolutes as manifestations of the real --
The real experienced as god --
The real experienced as the absolute --
Part IV : Religiou experience and mysticism --
Altered states of consciousness --
Religious experience --
Vi9sions : a case study of Julian of Norwich --
Lady Julian's fruitful heresies --
Unitive mysticism : literal unity --
Unitive Mysticism : metaphorical unity --
The dark side --
The criterion --
Part V : The saints come marching in --
One living saint is worth ten dead ones --
Gandhi : a case study --
The politics of truth --
Gandhi's truth for us today --
An activist and a contemplative --
Part VI : Time present and time future --
What we don't need to know --
Living within a true myt --
Death and beyond.

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