Our Life Beyond MKULTRA, Book 1 9781490439686

From 1975 to 1977, the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research o

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Our Life Beyond MKULTRA, Book 1

Table of contents :
Foreword by Elana Freeland
1. Shattering A Young Mind: The Early Years
The infant
Childhood aliens
Missing time
Alien abduction?
Breathing underwater
Black patent leather and nancy the cheerleader
2. The Teen Years
Unhappy birthdays
"Female," not a woman
Brutality to the young
The deep breathing pool
Nowhere to hide
Brought together
3. "18"
Torture, programming, guns, and reptiles
Binding possession
The Mormons
4. Killing
Alpha and Omega: First and last solo
Shiny purple and the actor
5. 20: More Sex and Killing
Broken bones
Hanging on through the heavy use years
Body memories
The “Bordello” years
Demo-ed in New York
The island and shiny purple
Bodies on the beach
Alter 14’s right hand grip
A life of killing
6. Ritual Use, Ritual Death
Beware, little ones, there be dragons . . .
The gold bowl of monatomic gold
Human flesh
7. All In A Night's Work
Full abreaction to “Jones” on Halloween
8. More On-Task
The perfect, lethal hostess
Drive it in
Time sensitive
Alter 14 and mutual handling
Barrenness inside and out
"Band on the Run"
Electric programming to forget
9. Breakdowns, Reprogramming, and Fragments
Our associations
"Delta Blues"
Andrew Jackson Plantation
Missing time
Starve and purge
The Scientologists
10. The 30's: It All Starts to Unravel
Aliens, the “female,” and reprogramming
Preparing for sex
Light emanating from us
Torture in northern Georgia
Death at 39
11. The 40's
Another disappearance
Cain’s bitch, lily
Red light district
"An alien walks into a gallery . . .
Salt Lake City: Our deep deprogramming begins
My Own Worst Enemy
Ownership: Cain, Lilith, and Lucifer
The “Relinquishing"
12. Internal Programming
Lily and the others
Alters 14 and 25 face to face
Pursuing a kill alter
Programming to actor Christian Bale
13. Where the Alters and Systems Live
              The alters
              The systems
14. Running Interference
15. Programming: Codes, Triggers, and Reinforcements
16. Diary Entries
Epilogue: Our Keys to True Freedom, April 2010
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