Our Lady of Guadalupe and Saint Juan Diego: the historical evidence 9781461640448, 146164044X

Provides an account of the Guadalupan Event in which the Virgin Mary is said to have appeared to Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoat

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Our Lady of Guadalupe and Saint Juan Diego: the historical evidence
 9781461640448, 146164044X

Table of contents :
Part 1 Acknowledgments Part 2 Abbreviations Part 3 Presentation of the Cardinal D. Norberto Rivera, Archbishop Primate of Mexico Part 4 Prologue Chapter 5 Holy Mary of Guadalupe and Juan Diego: History or Myth? Chapter 6 The Miracle of the Guadalupe Virgin and Juan Diego Chapter 7 The Meaning of the Guadalupan Event Chapter 8 The Consequences of Such an Encounter Part 9 Commentaries Part 10 Introduction: Juan Diego, Messenger of Hope Part 11 Chapter 12 During the Trauma of the Conquest and the Death of Their Idols, the First Steps of Evangelization Were Being Given Chapter 13 The Franciscan Friars before the Antitestimony of Their Catholic Countrymen Part 14 Chapter 2 Chapter 15 The Star of Evangelization Appears in the Darkness Chapter 16 Juan Diego's Tilma: A Sign, a Message, a New Life Part 17 Chapter 3 Chapter 18 Juan Diego, Messenger and Missionary of the Love of Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapter 19 Sworn Testimonies in Informaciones Juridicas de 1666 Chapter 20 Some of the Sources that Converge with Informaciones Juridicas de 1666 Part 21 Chapter 4 Chapter 22 Some Characteristics of the Indigenous Education which Draw Us Closer to Juan Diego Part 23 Chapter 5 Chapter 24 A Conversion from the Bottom of Their Heart Part 25 Chapter 6 Chapter 26 A Report which Sheds Light on the Truth about the Great Devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe Part 27 Chapter 7 Chapter 28 The People Marked in Their History the Guadalupan Event Part 29 Chapter 8 Chapter 30 The Guadalupan Event Spreads Rapidly Part 31 Chapter 9 Chapter 32 The Holiness of Juan Diego Part 33 Chapter 10 Chapter 34 A Commitment to the Whole World Part 35 Chapter 11 Chapter 36 Pope John Paul II Canonizes Saint Juan Diego Part 37 Historical Sources and Bibliography Part 38 Index Part 39 About the Author and Contributors

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