Original Sin: Illuminating the Riddle 9780830871353, 9780830826056

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Original Sin: Illuminating the Riddle
 9780830871353, 9780830826056

Table of contents :
Series Preface

1. Original Sin as Taught in Holy Scripture
Universal Sinfulness
Natural Sinfulness
Inherited Sinfulness
Adamic Sinfulness

2. Original Sin as Adamic Event
The Eden Story and Palaeo-anthropology
The Eden Story and Biblical Inter-textuality
The Eden Story and Literary Discernment
The Eden Story and Theological Reflection

3. Discerning Paul's Mind on Adam's Role
Looser Interpretations of Romans 5
Tighter Interpretations of Romans 5
Untying the Knot? A New Interpretation

4. Original Sin as a Key to Human Experience
Misery and Royal Descent
Shared Inheritance and the Individual Decision
Necessity and Responsiblity

5. Original Sin as Propagated and Broken
No Refuge in Unreason
Traditional Metaphors
Second Thoughts
A Gate of Hope

Index of Authors
Index of Scripture References
Index of References to Apocryphal and Other Ancient Sources
Index of Subjects

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