On Eliminating the Danger of a New War and Strengthening the Peace and Security of Nations

Speech Delivered in the Political Committee of the United Nations General Assembly, October 23, 1950

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On Eliminating the Danger of a New War and Strengthening the Peace and Security of Nations

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• ON ELIMINATING TIIE DANGER O F A NEW WAR AND STRENG'l'HENING 'l'H E PEACE AND SECURITY OF NATIONS Speech Delivered in the Political Committee o f the United Nations General Assembly, October 23, 1950


September 20, the delegation of the ·U .S.S.R. rsubmitted to the General Assembly proposals designed t~o eliminate tl1e danger of a new \var and to strengthen the peace and security of nations. In a ~statement made in the General Assembly, the U .S.S.R. ·delegation has already; ind.icated the basic mo· iives which have induced the ·Soviet Government to propose that the fifth session of the General Assembly exarn· ine this question and adopt tne Declaration·on the subject submitted by the Soviet delegation. We also stressed how immense would be the imporlance of the adoption by the General Assembly of the De laratioh we propose, which calls for vigorous and ener etic measures '"to eliminate the dan_ger of another war and to safeguard the peace and security of nations. Th~ adoption of such a Declaration would be of pattic~ ular importance in the present world., situation, in face oL the ·War £aging in Korea and ih ~ther areas of the Far East, and of the never-ceasing .. 11\lachinations of the fomenters of a new war. that would menace the vital in· terests and the~welfare of all mankind. On the other hand, millions upon millions of labouring people are, with ~unparalleled insistence, raising their· mighty voice in protest against the p1·eparation of another war, and are demanding that the gover11ments of their countries take #vigorous and consistent measures 011





to sa fe gu ar d peace, to eliminate the threat of another w ar and to en su re the security of the nations. Now more th an ever before, in th e opinion of tl1e Soviet delegation, the consistent fulfilment by the General Assembly of its ta sk s in the m at te r of defending peace acquires exceptional importance in the activities of the United Nations. Th e purpose of the proposals su bm itt ed by the Soviet Union delegation is precisely to ensure th e ca rr yi ng ou t of th es e tasks, which ar e se t forth and defined in Chapter I of our Charter, de al in g w ith th e purposes an d prin~iples of the U ni te d Nations. It is precisely this idea of the st ru gg le for peace th at is the keynote of ou r dr af t Declaration. It s preamble st re ss es th at the events now ta ki ng place in Korea ~and other pa rt s of the Pacific confirm with renewed force how exceptionally important an d ur ge nt it is for the cause l of peace and' security of nations to unite tlie peace efforts of the five Powers who are the permanent members of. . the Security Council and who be ar special responsibility for the maintenance of in te rn at io na l peace. There is no need to st re ss th at th e efforts of th e pe rm an en t members of the Security Council for the safegu ar di ng of peace ar e closely linked with the efforts of all o·ther pe~ce-loving states, medium an d ..~mall, of all who ar e st ri vi ng to avert the calamity of war, which would spell unspeakable m is er y an d suffering for the people~, of all who ar e st ri vi ng to preserve an d st re ng th en peace throughout the world by promoting friendly relations am on g the na tio ns an d their m ut ua l cooperation in solvin g international problems. In spite of the numerous obstacles st an di ng in the w ay of st re ng th en in g peace an d cooperat!on am on g nations, th is is the pa th the Soviet Union is persistently an d firmly following, in the knowledge an d firm convic· tion th at this fully accords with the hopes an d aspira-tions of the Soviet people and of all other pe~ce-loving 4

peoples, th-at ii accords with the interests o f a ll n 1 ar 1 l(ind. ~ Numerous facts and dQcufnents in the histo ry of the Soviet s ta te and its foreign policy bear wit ness tl1at the Soviet Government h a s invariably and determinedly striven for peace and the promotion of inte rnational cooperation. These facts bear witness th a t the Soviet Gove rn m e n t h a s throughout its existence, ever since the first day of the Great October Revolution, mad e tremendous efforts and displayed unfailing initiative fo r the accomplishment of its peaceful ends and for c re a ti n g the conditions .,for the building o·f a socialist socie ty, a s o c ia li s t workers' and p e a s a n ts ' state. The Soviet . p eople are absorbed in peaceful constructive la-hours, an d notl1iilg is farther from their thought th a n belligerent designs a n d warlike plans. To them w a r is abhorrent, and they a re making gigantic efforts to remove th' e dang er of a11other w a r and to g u a ra n te e peace and security, which are so essential to our people for th e successful ac com-plisl1ment of the majestic ta s k s of socialist constr.u ction. All the c re a ti v e forces of the Soviet land a n d of o. u r g re a t people are concentrated on the attainment of peace fu l en