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Giving a clear and accessible overview, while retaining an analytical philosophical approach throughout, this volume is

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Nietzsche (Oxford Readings in Philosophy)

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The Problem of Evil, edited by Marilyn McCord Adams and Robert Merrihew Adams The Philosophy ofArtijiciCllllllelligence, edited by Margaret A. Boden The Philosophy of ArtijidClI Life, edited by Margaret A. Boden Ruce tIIltl RCidsm, edited by Bernard Boxill Self-Kllowledge, edited by Quassim Cassam Locke, edited by Vere Chappell DescClrtes, edited by John Cottingham Virtue Ethics, edited by Roger Crisp and Michael Siote The Philosophy of Lalli, edited by R. M. Dworkin Envirollmelllal Eth;('s, edited by Robert Elliot Plato I lind II, edited by Gail Fine Theories of Ethics, edited by Philippa Foot Scielltijic Revolutions, edited by Ian Hacking The Philosophy of Mathematics, edited by W. D. Hart The Philosophy of Biology, edited by David L. Hull and Michael Ruse The Philosophy of Time, edited by Robin Le Poidevin and Murray MacBeth The Philosophy of Action, edited by Alfred R. Mele Properties, edited by D. H. Mellor and Alex Oliver The Philosophy of Religion, edited by Basil Mitchell MeCilling Ullel Referellce, edited by A. W. Moore The Philosophy of Sciem'e, edited by David Papineau Ethical Theory, edited by James Rachels COllsequelllialism Ullel its Critics, edited by Samuel Scheffler Applied Ethics, edited by Peter Singer Causation, edited by Ernest Sosa and Michael Tooley Theories of Rights, edited by Jeremy Waldron Free Will, edited by Gary Watson Demonstratives, edited by Palle Yourgrau

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