My Life and Struggle- autobiography of Badshah Khan

Autobiography of Badshah Khan (also known as Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, Frontier Gandhi and Bacha Khan) as narrated to K.B

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English Pages 247 Year 1969

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My  Life and Struggle- autobiography of Badshah Khan

Table of contents :
My Childhood
Our Cultural Heritage
Career Versus Patriotism
Education, Orthodoxy, Slavery
Pilgrimage to Countryside
Bereavement and Imprisonment
Why were we Arrested
Hijrat Campaign
The Khilafat Movement
A Change of Prisons
Life in British Prison
The Lion and The Sheep
Experiments with Journalism
The Khudai Khidmatgaars
Meetings and Conferences
Persecution of Red Shirts
The Siege of Bannu
Uprisings and Suppression
The Gandhi-Irwin Pact
Jawaharlal and I
At Simla
Violence and Non-Violence
Brotherhood in Prison
In Bengal
Truth Is Crime!
Civil Disobedience
Delegation to the Tribes
Division of Pathan Country
Elections and Referendum
The Cabinet Mission
Jawaharlal's Visit to the Frontiers
Banquets and Brickbats
On Non-Violence
Revenge Upon Revenge
Partition of India
Is This Freedom?
Have We Lost Influence?
Speeches of Badshah Khan

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