Mediating Moms: Mothers in Popular Culture 9780773586888

A collection of essays showcasing intersections of mothering, the media, and popular culture.

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English Pages 416 [433] Year 2012

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Mediating Moms: Mothers in Popular Culture

Table of contents :
Introduction: Popular Culture’s Maternal Embrace
Section One Maternal Surveillance
1 Mommy Nearest: tv for Preschoolers and the Search for the Good Enough (Working) Mother
2 “Won’t Somebody Think of the Children?”: The Nineties Subversion of the Animated Mother
3 Real(ity) tv Practices of Surveillance: Evaluating Mothers in Supernanny and Crash Test Mommy
4 “The Bump is Back”: Celebrity Moms, Entertainment Journalism, and the “Media Mother Police”
5 Are You a Politician or a Mother?
6 Motherhood, Murder, and the Media: Joanne Hayes and the Kerry Babies Case
Section Two Generational Motherhood
7 “Shit and String Beans,” Boredom and Babies: Bad Mothers in Popular Women’s Fiction Since 1968
8 Mothering Across Generations: L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables at 100
9 “You have to take it and own it”: Yo’ Mama Magazine as a Space of Refusal for Teenage Mothers
10 Mediating Risky Motherhood: A Discursive Analysis of Offl ine and Online Responses to the Oldest British Mother-to-be
Section Three Pregnant and Postpartum Bodies
11 And Now, the Breast of the Story: Realistic Portrayals of Breastfeeding in Contemporary Television
12 Watch Them Suffer, Watch Them Die: Depictions of African Mothers and Motherhood in Famine Footage and in Fernando Meirelles’s The Constant Gardener
13 The Reality of tv Labour: Birth Stories
14 Mothering in the Middle and Self-care: Just One More Thing to Do
15 S/Kin of Virtual Mothers: Loss and Mourning on a Korean Birthmothers’ Website
Section Four Medical Interventions and Reproductive Technologies
16 Fostering the Passive Maternal Experience: Language and Prescription in the What to Expect Series of Maternity Literature
17 Motherhood, Prime-time tv, and Grey’s Anatomy
18 Tom vs. Brooke: Or Postpartum Depression as Bad Mothering in Popular Culture
19 Other Mothers: Looking at Maternal Desire in The L Word
20 Coming to Terms: Ethics, Motherhood, and the Cultural Science Fiction of the Gene

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