McGraw-Hill Education TOEFL iBT with 3 Practice Tests and DVD-ROM 9780071796200, 0071796207, 9780071796224, 0071796223

Helps you reach the TOEFL exam score you want. This book includes 5 full-length practice tests, explained exercises, add

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McGraw-Hill Education TOEFL iBT with 3 Practice Tests and DVD-ROM
 9780071796200, 0071796207, 9780071796224, 0071796223

Table of contents :
McGraw-Hill's TOEFL with CD-ROMWelcome to McGraw-Hill's TOEFLHow to Use This BookYour TOEFL Action PlanTaking the Practice TestsPractical Information for TOEFL TakersI. Introducing the TOEFLFormat of the TestScoringSample QuestionsGeneral Test-taking TipsII. TOEFL Diagnostic TestAudio scripts, Answer Key, and ExplanationsInterpreting Your ScoresIII. TOEFL ReadingIdentifying Basic InformationFactual Information QuestionsNegative Factual Information Questions Strategy: Locate DetailsEXERCISESWALK-THROUGH: Identifying Basic Information QuestionsPractice QuestionsVocabulary DrillsAnswers and ExplanationsUnderstanding the PassageInference QuestionsRhetorical Purpose QuestionsVocabulary QuestionsReference QuestionsSentence Simplification Questions Insert Text Questions Strategies: Make Inferences Identify the Author's Purpose Understand Relationships Between Ideas EXERCISESWALK-THROUGH: Understanding the Passage QuestionsPractice QuestionsVocabulary DrillsAnswers and ExplanationsReading to LearnProse Summary QuestionsFill in a Table Questions Strategies: Recognize the Organization of a Passage Organize Information into a Chart EXERCISESWALK-THROUGH: Reading to Learn QuestionsPractice QuestionsVocabulary DrillsAnswers and ExplanationsTOEFL Full-length Reading Practice Section Answers and ExplanationsActivities to Build Reading SkillsIV. TOEFL ListeningBasic ComprehensionGist-Content QuestionsGist-Purpose QuestionsDetail Questions Strategy: Comprehending Main Ideas and Important DetailsEXERCISESWALK-THROUGH: Understanding the Passage QuestionsPractice QuestionsVocabulary DrillsAudio scripts, Answers, and ExplanationsPragmatic UnderstandingUnderstanding the Function of What Is Said QuestionsUnderstanding the Speaker's Attitude Questions Strategies: Recognizing a Speaker's Attitude and Degree of Certainty Recognizing a Speaker's Function or PurposeEXERCISESWALK-THROUGH: Pragmatic Understanding QuestionsPractice QuestionsVocabulary DrillsAudio scripts, Answers, and ExplanationsConnecting InformationUnderstanding OrganizationConnecting ContentMaking Inferences Strategies: Note Taking Recognizing the Organization of Information Presented Recognizing Cause and Effect, Compare/Contrast, or Steps in a Process Making Inferences and Drawing Conclusions Making Connections Among Points in a Lecture Recognizing Introductions and Conclusions in a LectureEXERCISESWALK-THROUGH: Connecting Information QuestionsPractice QuestionsVocabulary DrillsAudio scripts, Answers, and ExplanationsTOEFL Full-length Listening Practice SectionAudio scripts, Answers, and ExplanationsActivities to Build Listening SkillsV. TOEFL SpeakingSpeaking TasksIndependentIntegrated Listening/Reading/SpeakingIntegrated Listening/Speaking Basic Speaking Strategies: Note taking Expressing an Opinion Summarizing Paraphrasing Synthesizing Solving a Problem Advanced Speaking Strategies: Pronunciation Tone Coherence Fluency EXERCISESWALK-THROUGH: SpeakingPractice QuestionsVocabulary DrillsAudio scripts, Model Responses, and ExplanationsTOEFL Full-length Speaking Practice SectionAudio scripts, Model Responses, and ExplanationsActivities to Build Speaking SkillsVI. TOEFL WritingWriting TasksIntegrated WritingIndependent Writing Basic Writing Strategies: Summarizing Paraphrasing Synthesizing Presenting Your Opinion on an Issue Supporting Your Opinion with Facts and Examples Advanced Writing Strategies: Grammar Sentence Structure Paragraph Organization Spelling Tone CoherenceEXERCISESWALK-THROUGH: WritingPractice QuestionsVocabulary DrillsAudio scripts, Model Essays, and ExplanationsTOEFL Full-length Writing Practice SectionAudio scripts, Model Essays, and ExplanationsActivities to Build Writing SkillsVII. TOEFL Practice TestsPractice Test 1Answers, Explanations, and Audio scriptsPractice Test 2Answers, Explanations, and Audio scriptsPractice Test 3Answers, Explanations, and Audio scripts____________________________CD-ROMAudio tracks 1 - XXPractice Test 1Answers and ExplanationsPractice Test 2Answers and ExplanationsPractice Test 3Answers and Explanations

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