Masters of the Plectrum Guitar 0786602678, 9780786602674

This landmark book of music for the plectrum style jazz guitar took years to compile, write and edit. It contains some o

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English Pages 280 [270] Year 1995

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Masters of the Plectrum Guitar
 0786602678, 9780786602674

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Table of contents :
Section1: Solo Section
Midnight Clear - Harry Volpe
Romantic - Harry Volpe
My Cherished Prelude - Harry Volpe
Modern Etude - Harry Volpe
Pick It And Play It - Frank Victor
Etude I - Frank Victor
Stringin' Along With Annabelle - Frank Victor
Swingin' The Scale - Harry Volpe, Frank Victor
Estrelita, Little Star - Arr George M. Smith
Dark Eyes Medley - George M. Smith
Slow Burning - George M. Smith
Sutton Mutton (Taking It On The Lamb) - Carl Kress
Peg-Leg Shuffle - Carl Kress
Stage Fright - Dick Mcdonough And Carl Kress
Love Song - Carl Kress
After Thoughts Part I - Carl Kress
After Thoughts Part II - Carl Kress
After Thoughts Part III - Carl Kress
Helena - Carl Kress
Two Guitars - Harry Volpe
April Kisses - Eddie Lang
Etude I - Harry Volpe
TO a Wild Rose - Edward Macdowell, Arr Mel Bay
Narcissus - Nevin-Mel Bay
Mighty Lak'a Rose - Nevin-Mel Bay
You Tell Me Your Dream - Arr Mel Bay
Maple Leaf Rag - Joplin-Mel Bay
Sweet Lorraine - Clif Burwell, Mitchell Parish Arr Mel Bay
Satin Doll - Duke Ellington, Johnny Mercer, Billy Strayhorn Arr
Traumerei - Schumann-Mel Bay
Andante cantabile - Harry Volpe
Warm Feelings - Tony Mottola
Tony's Tune - Tony Mottola
For Two In Love - Tony Mottola
None But the Lonely Heart - Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky Arr. By Al Valenti
Serenade - Riccardo Drigo, Arr. By Al Valenti
Easy Listenin' Blues - Nadine Robinson
Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You - Words And Music By Don Redman, Andy Razaf
I Think You Always Knew - Music By Mundell Lowe
Poor Butterfly - Cal Collins
My Gal Sal - Cal Collins
Tango - George Van Eps
Squattin' At The Grotto - John Van Eps And George Van Eps
Smoke Eyes - Bucky Pizzarelli
Over And Over Blues - Bucky Pizzarelli
I Had Picked You - Bucky Pizzarelli
Tranquilo - Al Hendrickson
Love You Madly - Al Hendrickson
Section2: Duet Section
Bang! Bang! - George M. Smith
Test Pilot - George M. Smith
Strolling Thru Manhattan - George M. Smith
Snowfall In April - Harry Volpe, Jack Donahue
Danzon - Dick Mcdonough And Carl Kress
Lament In E - Carmen Mastren, Albert Harris
Chicken A La Swing - Dick Mcdonough And Carl Kress
Feelin' My Way - Eddie Lang
Pickin' My Way - Eddie Lang
Sunshine - Joe Venuti, Eddie Lang
Rhythm A La Carte - Harry Volpe
Rainbow's End - Eddie Lang
A Handful Of Riffs - Eddie Lang
Stringin' The Blues - Joe Venuti, Eddie Lang
Sweet Strings - Frank Victor, Harry Volpe
Eighth-Note Triplet Boogie - George Barnes
St. Louis Blues - Arr George Barnes

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