Manipulation: 6 Manuscripts: Mind Control, Hypnosis, Manipulation, How To Analyze People, How To Secretly Manipulate People, Human Psychology 1985637715

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Manipulation: 6 Manuscripts: Mind Control, Hypnosis, Manipulation, How To Analyze People, How To Secretly Manipulate People, Human Psychology

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  • Discover How To Analyze, Persuade, Manipulate And Brainwash Anyone

Table of contents :
Free Bonus: 3 Insanely Effective Words To Hypnotize Anyone In A Conversation

Mind Control: Forbidden Manipulation And Deception Techniques To Persuade And Brainwash Anyone

Chapter 1: Mind Control

The History of Mind Control

Dark Psychology

Various Techniques of Mind Control in Society




Subliminal Messages

Chapter 2: Masterful Techniques

Persuasion Techniques

Manipulation Techniques

Deception Techniques

Subliminal Messages

Chapter 3: The Art of Never Getting Caught

Practice Regularly

Take Your Time Expanding Your Skill

Start Small

Be Choosy About Who You Brainwash

Be Selective About Phrasing and Actions

Chapter 4: Self-Protection

Know the Strategies

Don’t Buy into Fear

Learn to Consciously Recognize Subliminal Messaging

Don’t Follow the Herd

Stay in Control of Conversations

Trust Your Instinct


Chapter 5: Using Mind Control in Real Life

Scenario One: Make a Sale

Scenario Two: Going on a Date

Scenario Three: Getting a Promotion


Hypnosis: 21 Proven Techniques To Easily Hypnotize, Influence And Control Anyone

Chapter 1: Facts on Hypnosis

Chapter 2: Concepts of Hypnosis

Chapter 3: Phases of Hypnosis

Chapter 4: Progressive Relaxation

Chapter 5: Permissive Induction

Chapter 6: Fatigue Induction Technique

Chapter 7: Misdirection

Chapter 8: Confusion

Chapter 9: Direct Suggestion Method

Chapter 10: Storytelling technique

Chapter 11: Visualization Technique

Chapter 12: Rapid Induction

Chapter 13: Induction through Scented Oils

Chapter 14: Breathing Technique

Chapter 15: Suggestibility Test Conversion

Chapter 16: Indirect Suggestions

Chapter 17: Anchoring Method

Chapter 18: Television Imagination Technique

Chapter 19: Spiral Technique

Chapter 20: Hypnotic Bind Technique

Chapter 21: Vertigo Induction

Chapter 22: Hypnotism in Trance

Chapter 23: Sleep to Hypnosis

Chapter 24: Non-verbal Induction

Chapter 25: Negation Technique


Manipulation: 21 Proven Techniques To Secretly Manipulate, Persuade And Influence Anyone

Chapter 1: Mirroring

Chapter 2: Be More Positive

Chapter 3: Tell a Story

Chapter 4: Set the Mood

Chapter 5: Show Your Expertise

Chapter 6: Fake It to Make It

Chapter 7: Repeat Certain Words

Chapter 8: Pay Attention and Listen

Chapter 9: Regulate Your Voice

Chapter 10: Use Gestures

Chapter 11: The Power of Touch

Chapter 12: Be Silent

Chapter 13: Use the Other Person’s Interest

Chapter 14: Make Eye Contact

Chapter 15: Be Honest

Chapter 16: Learn to Disagree

Chapter 17: Be Confident

Chapter 18: Be Unpredictable

Chapter 19: Build a Good Relationship

Chapter 20: Experiment and Develop Your Own Technique

Chapter 21: Practice

Chapter 22: Common Pitfalls


How to Analyze People: 21 Proven Techniques to Secretly Analyze People and Understand Body Language, Personality Types and Human Behavior

Chapter 1: Learning People’s “Baseline”

Chapter 2: Personality Types

Chapter 3: How they Treat Others

Chapter 4: Word Clues

Chapter 5: Reading Between the Lines

Chapter 6: Basic Body Language

Chapter 7: Complex Body Language

Chapter 8: Their Walk

Chapter 9: Facial Expressions

Chapter 10: Eye Reading

Chapter 11: Handwriting

Chapter 12: Human Actions

Chapter 13: Human Cognition

Chapter 14: Human Emotions

Chapter 15: Thought Patterns

Chapter 16: Environment

Chapter 17: Taking Advantage of First Impression

Chapter 18: Personal Re-Branding

Chapter 19: Using Your Words

Chapter 20: Using Your Body Language

Chapter 21: Re-Design Your Styles


How to Secretly Manipulate People: Discover How To Manipulate, Persuade And Influence Anyone, Taking Advantage Of Human Psychology

Chapter 1: How Manipulation Works

Analyzing People

Manipulating People

Persuading People

Staying Secret About It All

Chapter 2: Analyzing People

Why Analyze People?

Body Language

Facial Expressions

Verbal and Non-Verbal Cues

The Person Overall

Deciphering What Drives the Person

Chapter 3: Manipulating People

Encourage Them to Say No

Establish Similarity

Inspire Fear, Then Provide Relief

Use Guilt, Play the Victim

Use Logic to Appeal to Rational People

Bribe Them

Chapter 4: Persuading People

Overcome Their Trust Issues

Know Your Product (Or Purpose)

Stay Calm and Confident

Manipulate Your Body Language

Chapter 5: Mastering the Art of Secrecy

Practice Your Skills and Build Yourself Up

Study Actors and Actresses

Prepare Yourself for Any Situation

Recognize Other People’s Attempts to Manipulate You and Use Them to Your Advantage

Carefully Word Yourself

Don’t Share with Anyone

Don’t Put Too Much Pressure On Yourself

What to Do If You Are Discovered


Human Psychology: 21 Fundamental Principles of the Human Mind to Understand How People Think and Behave and Subconsciously Influence Their Actions

Chapter 1: Decision-Making

Emotional Choosing

Assumptive Choosing

Influencing Behaviors

Chapter 2: Personality

Eysenck’s Theory

Freud’s Theory

Influencing Behaviors

Chapter 3: Perception

Why Does Perception Exist?

How Is Perception Shaped?

Influencing Behaviors

Chapter 4: Human Behavior




Other Variables

Chapter 5: Emotions

Emotional Attachments

Emotional Influence

Influencing Behaviors

Chapter 6: Morality

When Are Morals Developed?

Are Morals Always A Good Thing?

Influencing Behaviors

Chapter 7: Lying

The Biggest Reason People Lie

Influencing Behavior

Chapter 8: Violence and Conflict

Influencing Behavior

Chapter 9: Cheating

Why Do People Cheat?

Influencing Behaviors

Chapter 10: Habits

Why Do We Cling to Bad Habits?

Influencing Behavior

Chapter 11: Bullying

Who Experiences Bullying?

Why Do We Bully?

Chapter 12: Vanity

Why Do We Love Vanity?

Influencing Behaviors

Chapter 13: Stress

Why Are We Stressed?

Influencing Behavior

Chapter 14: Gossiping

Why Do We Gossip?

Influencing Behavior

Chapter 15: Social Influence

What Does Social Influence Look Like?

Influencing Behavior

Chapter 16: Genetics

How Do Genes Influence Psychology?

Chapter 17: Creativity

Chapter 18: Attitude

Types of Attitude

Influencing Behaviors

Chapter 19: Faith and Religion

Chapter 20: Love

Psychology of Love

Influencing Behaviors

Chapter 21: Willpower

What is Willpower?

How Do You Get Strong Willpower?




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