Mammon -versus- God: The Bankers’ ’New World’ Disorder

World Government under (Talmudist) International Financiers. Identifies international financiers as those behind the pu

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Mammon -versus- God: The Bankers’ ’New World’ Disorder

Table of contents :
Front Cover
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Quotation from Psalm 1
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Printer's Imprint
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The Origins of Usury
......Page 5
International Bankers Seek World Domination
......Page 8
Nuclear Power
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......Page 10
"War Crimes" used as a Weapon
......Page 12
Pressure Groups and Terrorists - a Private Army
......Page 13
Bankers Shelter Behind the "Jews"
......Page 15
The Attack on Christianity
......Page 18
Undermining Civilization
......Page 20
Anti-Christian Legislation -- Linked with Attacks on Law and Order
......Page 22
God or Money -- Not Both
......Page 25
Quotation from Matthew 16, 18
......Page 28
ANNEX A: More than enough to make a cat weep
......Page 29
ANNEX B: Financial Recipe for World Domination
......Page 32
ANNEX C: Terrorist Training Camp at Mocamedes, Angola
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Postscript Letter
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Rear Cover
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by Kitty Little

"When the wicked are judged they shall not stand, nor find rooms among those who are just; for the Lord guards the way of the just but the way of the wicked leads them to doom." (Psalm 1)


by Kitty Little First Edition June 1993 Copyright Inter-City Research Press 1993

Published by: Inter-City Research Press 31 Eastvale, Second Avenue Acton Vale, London W3 7RU. Telephone: 081-749 0629

Contents Page

The Origins of Usury International Bankers Seek World Domination Nuclear Power ()il

4 6

"War Crimes" used as a Weapon


Pressure Groups and Terrorists - a Private Army



Bankers Shelter Behind the "Jews"


The Attack on Christianity


Undermining Civilization


Anti-Christian Legislation - Linked with Attacks on Law and Order


God or Money -


Not Both

ANNEX A More than enough to make a cat weep and This Europe (Sunday Telegraph articles by Christopher Booker) 25 ANNEX B Financial Recipe for World Domination


ANNEX C Terrorist Training Camp at Mocamedes, Angola


The Origins of Usury are increasingly aware that there is a great deal wrong with the world, and that every aspect of life seems to have deteriorated since World War H. Although it is now obvious that this deterioration could not have happened by chance, the catch-phrase: "I don't believe in the Conspiracy Theory" is frequently heard if the role of the international bankers is questioned, while people who touch on sensitive matters are denounced as "anti-semitic". We could begin by asking: just what is meant by the term "antisernitism"? Strictly speaking it should mean some form of attack on people who are scmitic by those who are not semitic. Currently it is being used in a quite different way: as an offensive weapon, based on a falsehood. To understand this use of the term we must consider the historic background. From the anthropological point of view, a person is semitic if they have a low cephalic index, this being the way of describing the shape of the skull. In considering the recent geographical distribution of the semitic races we have to go to anthropological data from the years before the current race mixing, by a combination of immigration and refugee policies, had been launched. That is, we have to consult publications from the end of the last century and the beginning of the present one - books such as The Races of Europe, based on lectures given by William Ripley in 1896, and Race and History by Eugene Pittard (1926). Abraham and his descendants were and are sernitic. As might be expected, the Arab races descended from Ishmael, the son of Abraham and Agar, are semitic. The indigenous inhabitants of the British Isles, together with many people in North-West Europe, the Iberian Peninsular and Southern Italy are also semitic. At first sight this might seem surprising, until one remembers that Abraham's descendants through Isaac, the son of his wife Sarah, and Isaac's son jacob, split into two nations, Israel and Judah, and that the Israelites were taken into captivity in about 720 BC, never to return to Palestine. Members of the British Israelite organisation have attempted to trace the movements of those ten tribes, and the distribution they have worked out is in good agreement with the distribution of semitic people in Europe. It is also in keeping with the promise made by God to Abraham: " ... you will become the father ofmany nations" (Genesis 17, 4-6). Judah did not split into separate nations. The theological teaching on that promise makes a somewhat different point. Christ, through His mother, was a descendant of Abraham, and the Christian Church He founded,



whose members partake of the Eucharest - His body and blood (Matthew 26,26-28) - is described as the "Body of Christ" (e.g, Acts lorld Government". Its latest meeting was in Vouliagment, Greece, on April 22-25, with Lord Carrington as Chairman. Among the leaders of sessions were David Owen on the form Europe is to take and Yugoslavia, and Rodric Braithwaite, Foreign Policy Advisor to the Prime rlinister, on the former USSR. Another session was "Restoring Confidence in Leadership and Institutions", Among those present were: Barbara Amiel. Columnist, Sunday Times. Conrad Black. Chairman, ~elegraph newspapers. Tony Blair. Shadow Home Secretary. Conor Brady. Editor, Irish Times. Kenneth Clarke. Home Secretary, now Chancellor (and intended P.M.?). Andrew Knight. Executive Chairman, News International. William Rees-Mogg. Chairman, Broadcasting Standards Council. Eric Roll. President, S.G. Warburg Group. Patrick Sheenhy. Chairman, B.A.T. Industries. Peter Sutherland. Chairman, Allied Irish Banks. r~rlin Taylor. Chief Executive, Courtaulds. Manfred Worner. Secretary-General, NATO. -





Among the decisions that we can expect to see implemented are: The formation of a Ul~ World Army, empowered to go into sovereign states to enforce UN wishes. It woUld t~~e over NATO, while remaining national forces would be disbanded. The first wish to be implemented would be the forced migration of peoples. To condition people to accept the idea of a World Army, several more conflicts like those in Yugoslavia and Somalia are to be fanned, with intensive media coverage (using hypnotic techniques and suggestion) concentrating on starvation and human misery. The formation of a global police force, with an international criminal court. Alleged criminals to be kidnapped from their own countries and brought before judges nominated by the SecretaryGeneral of the UN. The "crimes" to be decided by the UN, without regard to national laws. This police force is to be recruited this summer. Massive financial aid to be sent to the former USSR, with the proviso that the multinationals exploit its natural resources. Implementation of environmental decisions from the Rio Conference, such as the excessively costly, "precautions" against bogus scares of the ozone and global warming type. The technology involved would bring huge profits to the international financiers. "Free Trade" to be monitored by a global cOlTl!!llssion. The time-table for the Federal Europe to be brought fO~lard, with similar Federal Regions formed in North America and elsewhere.


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