Making Men : a Sourcebook. 9781137002815, 1137002816

This edited collection of correspondence written by members of English landed gentry families provides insights into the

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English Pages 219 [109] Year 2012

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Making Men : a Sourcebook.
 9781137002815, 1137002816

Table of contents :
Biographies of Principal Correspondents
The Letters
Personal Sources and the History of Masculinity
Masculinity and the Landed Gentry
Letter Writing in History
Notes on Language and Organisation
1 Schooling. Educational and Extracurricular Accomplishments 1.1 John Saunders, Schoolmaster, to Richard Coffi n, 19 November 1691
1.2 John Coffi n, to his mother, Ann Coffi n, No Date, c. 1694. 1.3 Patrick St Clair, Clergyman and tutor of William Windham, to Ashe Windham, of Felbrigg, Norfolk, 21 July 1729 1.4 Mary Theresa Weld to her son, Edward Weld, 31 December 1751
1.5 Edward Weld Sr in Lulworth, Dorset, to his son, Edward Weld, 24 September 1757. 1.6 Edward Weld, Hart Street, Bloomsbury, London, to his son, John Weld, 27 January 1758 1.7 Edward Church, Liège, to Edward Weld Jr, Lulworth, Dorset, 8 April 1760
1.8 Richard Huddlestone, Sawston, Cambridgeshire, to his elder brother, Ferdinand Huddlestone, 2 July 1784.

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