Magnesium ions and contraction of vascular smooth muscles relationship to some vascular diseases

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Magnesium ions and contraction of vascular smooth muscles: relationship to some vascu diseases1.2 BURTON M. ALTURA AND BELLA T, ALTURA Department of Physiology, State Uniwl\il.\' of Nnl' rork, DOl/'n,Iolr' Mer/i('(l/ Cellll'!, Brooklyn, New York 1/203

It is now known that a variety of ABSTRACT systemic stresses, both acute and chronic, can result in a significant Th" ,"llul'lH" "I ",II "c"lIul;\I 11l"g-IIl"UIIII iOIl' I ~1i{"' I" 011 (0111:. ,olllr;tclilili'. elevation or lowering of· serum and ,/lnd di\'aieot (,1\11111 flIU\lOU1Cllh in \a~(ubl :--Ilionth Illusde\ t:-. lcvJewed, tissue Mg (1, 5, 19, 23-27, 29, 32­ '"',,'III1;' I"d",,', 1;'1)1.1 ,a,,,d'L,I'''"' E"',;olcf 01 ~t1 (eri~lL ;11 tt'riolar, and

and myocardial infarction have been \·t' ... "'cl.... to "'(;\('1 ~tl 1lt'llroIHIlIIOl'~tl ~lgcnh (e_~" talt·cl!o!;tlllllle,>. angiolt'"llslIl, acetylcholine,:

reported to be associated with a rapid "'l'lolitllllr ;illd h. !t'L(\.:llltl(h illduced h\ pro",liigLtlidifl:" alld !J{:{d-.tdreuergic sti

lowering of myocardial and serum Mg lit)!! ,f)~' uilt-u dl[ClIlLlini III tilt" ,dJ . . t"HU· 01 1\lg":'L Bc,idl" lIipduLHing drug- and concentrations (26, 29, 39, 54,65,67). h~JlllHI1H-·lfldIHt'd {OIlII,HtIOil' III 'IlHHlttt 1I111,tk (l'II,.I\tg':·j" (.Ill d i l n l h dlterbaseline Several recent investigations point to (l'I1,ltnl 01 \(I11C LO\q'llflg 1\1.l:,':'1.. lfJdlI(C' Llpid 11't" if! 1t'Il ... joll dC\t'}(lPlltCIH insever;d a causal relation between decreased "I'''' oi i,,,I,Hui ''''''''1 h Ill"" In i,i,l' .. ;1I1{'lid. '