Let's Talk Business: Stuff Your Boss Wishes You Knew [1 (2019-08-26) ed.]

Most of us work for a living, right? And that means most of us work, if not for a commercial business, than for some org

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Let's Talk Business: Stuff Your Boss Wishes You Knew [1 (2019-08-26) ed.]

Table of contents :
Table of Contents
Part 1: Know Your Business
Businesses Are People, Too
How Businesses Really Make Money
What Does Your Business Sell?
A Problem of Perspective
Terri's International Bulbs
Martin's Theme Parks
Pat's Fruity Clothing
Know the Details
Understanding Risk
Love the One You're With
Part 2: Running a Business
OKRs, Rocks, and Pebbles
Rocks `N' Pebbles
Priorities, Priorities
Opportunity Cost
Good, Better, Best
It Isn't Personal
Time Is Money
Making Mistakes Positive
Be Data Driven
Part 3: Business Mathematics
Fully Loaded Salaries and Recordkeeping
Reading a P&L
Understanding Averages
Selling It
Part 4: The Part About People
A Measured Response
One Team
Part 5: Business Terminology
Functions, Processes, Services, and Capabilities

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