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Led Zeppelin on Led Zeppelin: Interviews & Encounters

Table of contents :
Title Page
Prelude: In Which a Future Rock Star Considers a Career in Biology
Jimmy Page Is Just Wild About Led Zeppelin
December 27, 1968 | Go! magazine
Led Zeppelin Climbs Before Its First LP
January 11, 1969 | Globe and Mail
Led Zeppelin: Plant
April 11, 1969 | International Times
Forget Blind Faith, Led Zeppelin's the Biggest
August 14, 1969 | Globe and Mail
Jimmy Page Talks About Led Zeppelin
1970 | Hit Parader
Ask-In with a Led Zeppelin: Bassist John Paul Jones-"Motown Bass Deserves a Lot of Credit." April 4, 1970 | NMEAsk-In with a Led Zeppelin: "Thinking as a Sex Symbol Can Turn You Into a Bad Person"-Robert Plant
April 11, 1970 | NME
Ask-In with a Led Zeppelin, Part Three: John Bonham, Drummer Extraordinary Known as Bonzo
April 18, 1970 | NME
Jimmy Page Answers the Questions in the Final Led Zeppelin Ask-In
April 25, 1970 | NME
Jimmy Page: Zep Come to the People
February 27, 1971 | Record Mirror
Robert Plant
August 14, 1971 | Rock Magazine
Led Zeppelin: Vancouver 1971
Fall 1971 | Georgia Straight
Led Zeppelin Radio Interview, Sydney Australia
February 27, 1972 | Radio 2SM. "Don't Label Us": "Zeppelin" on Japan TourOctober 2, 1972 | Stars and Stripes
Led Zeppelin (Part 1): A Whole Lotta Rock 'n' Roll
December 23, 1972 | NME
Led Zeppelin: The Zeppelin Road Test
February 24, 1973 | NME
Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page: A Heavy Blimp That Gives No Quarter
July 19, 1973 | Zoo World
Robert Plant: Recording's No Race for Us
February 8, 1975 | Melody Maker
Rock Magic: Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin, and a Search for the Elusive Stairway to Heaven
June 1975 | Crawdaddy
John Bonham: Over the Hills and Far Away ...
June 21, 1975 | Melody Maker. Led Zeppelin to Record New Album in Munich This November No Tour Plans Until Plant's Ankle Fully Heals
November 13, 1975 | Swan Song Records Press Release
Plantations: Should Ralph Nadar Join Led Zeppelin?
May 1976 | CREEM
Jimmy Page Radio Interview
1976 | Capital Radio/DIR
Led Zeppelin: Smiling Men with Bad Reputations
August 4, 1979 | NME
Plant Back on Track
June 26, 1982 | Globe and Mail
Robert Plant with Denny Somach, First US Solo Tour
August 1983 | NBC Friday Night Videos
From Hot Dog to Big Log: Robert Plant Hits the Road
October 1983 | CREEM. Jimmy Page on Stage '85April 1985 | CREEM
Rockin' Robert Likes 'a Bit of Grit Below the Waist'
June 8, 1985 | Globe and Mail
Robert Plant: Guilty!
March 1988 | Q magazine
Emerging from the Shadows: Jimmy Page
July 7, 1988 | Advertiser
Robert Plant Keeps the Faith
October 14, 1988 | UPI
A Decade Later, Plant Refuses to Live His Past
July 22, 1990 | Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Coverdale/Page Electronic Press Kit Video
March 1993 | Geffen Records Public Relations
Plant's New Work Harks Back to Led Zeppelin's Acoustic Folk
May 5, 1993 | Observer News Service/Guardian.

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