Lectures on Organon of Medicine Volume 2 [Volume 2] 9788192726564

This work forms the second volume of commentaries on Samuel Hahnemann’s Organon. And what impresses me about Dr. Bhatia’

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Lectures on Organon of Medicine Volume 2 [Volume 2]

Table of contents :
Foreword - Louis Klein
Aphorism 71
Disease Classification
Aphorism 72
Aphorism 73
Aphorism 74-76
Aphorism 77
Aphorism 78-81
Case Taking and Analysis
Aphorism 82-83
Aphorism 84-98
Aphorism 99-102
Aphorism 103
Aphorism 104
Drug Provings
Aphorism 105-106
Aphorism 107-109
Aphorism 110-111
Aphorism 112-115
Aphorism 116-117
Aphorism 118-120
Aphorism 121-122
Aphorism 123
Aphorism 124-127
Aphorism 128-129
Aphorism 130-132
Aphorism 133
Aphorism 134-136
Aphorism 137
Aphorism 138
Aphorism 139-140
Aphorism 141
Aphorism 142
Aphorism 143-145
Appendix A - Miasms
Appendix B - Physical Examination
Appendix C - Disease Classification Chart
Appendix D - How to take an Acute Case
Appendix E - Conducting a Drug Proving
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Lectures on Organon qf Medicine

About the Author

Dr. Manish Bhatia, BCA, BHMS, MSc (Horn, UK), MD (Horn.) Paediatrics, is a well-known academician and clinician. He is the author of Lectures on Organon of Medicine Vol. I, II & III. He is a contributing author to the book "Homeopathy and Mental Health Care: Integrative Practice, Principles and Research" and co­ editor of "The Fireside Book ofHomeopathy Tales." He works as an Associate Professor of Organon of Medicine at S.K. Homeopathy Medical College and his books on Organon are used as text and reference books around the world. His books are also available in German and Bulgarian.

Dr. Bhatia practices at Asha Homeopathy, Jaipur. He writes for various journals, runs homeopathy courses and gives educational and corporate seminars on health and homeopathy. He is the Founder Director of Hpathy.corn, world's leading homeopathy portal. Hpathy.corn is today the most exhaustive and respected resource for homeopathy on the Internet and serves homeopathy to more than half a million people every month. He is also the founder of Horneopathybooks.in, the leading repository of historical literature on homeopathy. He is the editor of Homeopathy for Everyone, world's leading homeopathy e-journal with more than 65,000 subscribers in 100+ countries. To know more about Dr. Bhatia, visit him at www.doctorbhatia.corn