Law School Success in a Nutshell [3rd ed] 9781683281856, 9781640201613, 1640201610

Before you enter law school, get the answers to your questions along with practical advice on studying and taking exams.

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Law School Success in a Nutshell [3rd ed]
 9781683281856, 9781640201613, 1640201610

Table of contents :
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Preparing to Enter Law School
A. Readings
1. Nonfiction
2. Fiction
B. Visit Your Law School
C. Other Preparations
D. Arriving at Law School
E. Computers
Chapter 3 The American Legal System
A. English Roots: The Beginnings of the Common Law
B. Other Influences on the American Legal System
C. The Modern American Legal System
1. Judicial Branch
2. Legislative Branch
3. Executive Branch
Chapter 4 What Do Lawyers Do?
A. Generalist Training
B. The Practice of Law
C. Specialization
D. Corporate Law Office
E. Government F. Law-Related InstitutionsG. Business Career
H. Other Career Paths
I. Fluidity of Law Degree
J. Pro Bono Commitment
Chapter 5 The Study of Law
A. Thinking Like a Lawyer
B. Socratic Method
C. Case Method
D. Other Law School Instruction
Chapter 6 First-Year Curriculum
A. First-Year Courses
1. Civil Procedure
2. Constitutional Law
3. Contracts
4. Criminal Law
5. Criminal Procedure
6. Legislation
7. Property
8. Torts
B. Legal Research and Legal Writing
C. First-Year Sections
D. Grading
E.A Reminder
Chapter 7 Finding Your Way Around the Law Library
A. Your Law Librarian B. Case LawC. Case Law Research
1. Online Keyword Searching
2. Case Digests
D. Legislation and Constitutions
1. Federal
2. State
3. Municipal
E. Legislative History
F. Administrative Law
G. Legal Periodicals
H. Treatises
I. Legal Encyclopedias
J. American Law Reports
K. Restatements of the Law
L. Law Dictionaries and Thesauri
M. Citators
Chapter 8 Preparing for Class
A. Case Method
B. Reading Cases
C. Briefing Cases
D. Case Brief Format
1. Caption
2. Facts
3. Procedural History
4. Issues
5. Holdings
6. Rationale
7. Disposition
8. Concurring and Dissenting Opinions E. Sample Case BriefChapter 9 Classroom Experience
A. Socratic Method
B. Class Attendance
C. Class Participation
D. Class Notes
Chapter 10 Learning After Class
A. Daily Review
B. Outlining
C. Sample Outline
D. Study Groups
Chapter 11 Study Aids
A. Hornbooks
B. Subject Summaries
C. Subject Outlines
D. Case Briefs
E. Computer-Based Exercises
F. Exam Reviews
G. Flashcards
Chapter 12 Exams
A. Preparing for the Exam
1. Substance of the Course
2. Form of the Exam
3. Study Schedule
4. Law School Policies
5. Anxiety and Procrastination
B. Taking the Exam 1. The Night Before the Exam2. During the Exam
a. Reading the Instructions
b. Reading the Questions
c. Taking Notes
d. Other Common Errors
e. Thinking Through and Organizing Your Answer
f. Writing the Exam Answer
g. Form of the Answer
C. After the Exam
Chapter 13 Other Activities During the First Year
A. Law Student Organizations
B. Athletic Activities
C. Lectures and Special Events
D. Field Trips
E. Law School Employment
F. Take Time for Yourself
G. Pro Bono Activities
H. Values
Chapter 14 Beyond the First Year
A. Law Journals
B. Clinical Education
C. Moot Court

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