Introduction to the theory of atomic and molecular collisions 9780471923657, 0471923656

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English Pages 199 [205] Year 1989

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Introduction to the theory of atomic and molecular collisions
 9780471923657, 0471923656

Table of contents :
Content: Part 1 Introduction to scattering theory: the crossed beam experiment
waves and particles
trajectories, wave packets and stationary states
semi-classical theory
laboratory and centre of mass coordinates
summary of systems to be examined. Part 2 Elastic scattering: classical trajectories for the central force problem
collision cross-sections
quantum scattering by a central force
a semi-classical view of elastic scattering
comparison of classical, semi-classical and quantum cross-sections
the inversion problem. Part 3 Inelastic collisions: the classical treatment of atom-diatomic molecule
numerical integration of trajectories and action-angle variables
the multi-channel equations
quantum treatment of collinear atom-diatomic molecule collisions
the semi-classical approach to inelastic collisions
approximate solutions of the coupled channel equations. Part 4 Rotationally inelastic collisions: classical rotational energy transfer
classical trajectories for reactions
potential energy functions and reaction cross-sections
quantum theory of reactive scattering
statistical theories. Part 6 Electronic transitions: beyond the Born-Oppenheimer approximation
atom-atom collisions
classical trajectory methods. Part 7 Scattering from surfaces: atomm-rigid surfaces scattering
more complicated problems. Appendices: the JWKB approximation
the partial wave expansion
jost functions
numerical methods
effective impact parameter for a three-dimensional surface
Hamilton's equations for the A+BC classical trajectory.

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