Instructor’s manual Theory of computing Solutions

Solutions for the book Theory of computing Efim Kinber and Carl Smith.

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English Pages 102 Year 2001

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Instructor’s manual  Theory of computing Solutions

Table of contents :
Finite Automata
Deterministic Finite Automata
Nondeterministic Finite Automata
Determinism versus Nondeterminism
Regular Expressions
Nonregular Languages
Algorithms for Finite Automata
The State Minimization Problem
Context-Free Languages
Context-Free Grammars
Pushdown Automata
Languages and Automata
Closure Properties
Languages That Are Not Context-Free
Chomsky Normal Form
Determinism Exercises
Turing Machines
Multiple Tapes
Multiple Heads
Two-Dimensional Tapes
Random Access Turing Machines
Nondeterministic Turing Machines
Turing Enumerable Languages
The Church-Turing Thesis
Universal Turing Machines
The Halting Problem
Undecidable Problems
Computational Complexity
The Definition and the Class P
The Class NP

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