Idiomactive English (Properly cut and bookmarked)

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English Pages [117] Year 1983

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Idiomactive English (Properly cut and bookmarked)

Table of contents :
1 Social formulas
2 Sally is away on business
3 Where are they headed for?
4 We had rope problems
5 He showed both soles at once
6 All I ever do is work!
7 Why are you picking on me?
8 Can Woofy take care of himself?
9 Keep off the rug, keep out of the living room!
10 Get out of the way
11 It turned out to be a nice day
12 Michael takes the bus to work
13 Chores are a bore
14 A day in the Carters' life
15 Peter wasn't on time but he made it in time
16 Agnes was going with Philip
17 Woofy has had it
18 The dinosaur fell apart
19 She can't figure out her mother
20 Chris, Martha and Arthur are off sick
21 They look alike
22 Mr. Martin wants to look his best
23 Mimi looks like her mother but takes after her father
24 She used to be a fish
25 Owls are used to living in the dark
26 She couldn't get used to living in daylight
27 He used her feathers to make a headdress
28 The foxes are treating themselves to dinner
29 Expressing a desire or inclination
30 This number is no longer in service
31 May all your dreams come true
32 A most boring speech
33 They're having a great time
34 Everything went out of control
35 We're crammed in here
36 The hairdresser was hard of hearing
37 Slow down. You're too fast for me!
38 What's in this season?
39 How do I look?
40 Bob is on a diet
41 Accidents happen
42 The experiment failed
43 Charles was in an accident
44 He's up to his old tricks again
45 Let's be friends
46 Tom had the last laugh
47 Let's go over MAKE, DO, GET, HAVE, and TAKE

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