How to Write a Book Proposal [4th ed] 9781582977034, 1582977038, 9781599633077, 1599633078

The Source for Book Proposals Success! How to Write a Book Proposal is THE resource for getting your work published. Thi

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How to Write a Book Proposal [4th ed]
 9781582977034, 1582977038, 9781599633077, 1599633078

Table of contents :
Table of Contents
Part I: Why the Book? Why You?
CHAPTER 1: Why Now Is the Best Time Ever to Write Books: Twenty Reasons for You to Be a Writer
CHAPTER 2: McBook: The Fastest, Easiest Way to Use This Book
CHAPTER 3: What's In It for You? Reasons to Use This Book
CHAPTER 4: Pushing Your Hot Buttons: Choosing the Right Book for You to Write
CHAPTER 5: Getting Off the Pin: The First Three Steps to Take With Your Idea
Part II: Starting Your Overview Right
CHAPTER 6: Getting Paid to Write Your Book: The Parts of an Irresistible Proposal. CHAPTER 7: Selling the Sizzle: Your Opening and HookCHAPTER 8: Naming Rites: Finding the Answers You Need to Choose Your Title
CHAPTER 9: The Instant Sell: Your Selling Handle and the Models for Your Book
CHAPTER 10: Bennies for Readers, Royalties for You: Listing Your Book's Benefits (Optional)
CHAPTER 11: Adding Value to Your Book: Special Features (Optional)
Part III: Your Book's Market and Competition
CHAPTER 12: Following the Money: Four Kinds of Markets for Your Book
CHAPTER 13: Sizing Up the Comps: Competing and Complementary Books. Part IV: Reaching Readers: Your Platform and Promotion PlanCHAPTER 14: The Base of Your Golden Triangle: Creating the Communities You Need
CHAPTER 15: Eyes Are the Prize: Building the Platform Your Book Needs
CHAPTER 16: The Web as Synergy Machine: Building Your Online Platform
CHAPTER 17: Laying Your Life on the Lines: Your Bio
CHAPTER 18: Ushering Your Baby Into the World: Putting Your Promotion Plan on Paper
CHAPTER 19: Making Your Desk Promotion Central: Your Online Campaign
CHAPTER 20: Throwing Something in the Pot: Your Promotion Budget (Optional). CHAPTER 21: Taking the Guesswork Out of Publishing: Fourteen Ways to Test-Market Your Book to Guarantee Its SuccessPart V: Adding Ammunition: The Other Parts of Your Overview
CHAPTER 22: Using Niche Craft to Create a Career Out of Your Idea: Spin-Off s (Optional)
CHAPTER 23: Star Power: Your Foreword and Cover Quotes
CHAPTER 24: Your Call to Arms: A Mission Statement (Optional)
Part VI: Putting Meat on the Bones: Your Outline and Sample Chapter
CHAPTER 25: Chapter Choices: Finding the Best Way to Write Your Outline
CHAPTER 26: Giving Your Outlines Structure and Heft. CHAPTER 27: No Time for Sophomores: Strategies for Outlining Six Kinds of BooksCHAPTER 28: A Taste of the Feast: A Q & A Session About Your Sample Chapter
Part VII: Ensuring Your Proposal is Ready to Submit
CHAPTER 29: Making Your Proposal More Salable: Th e Benefits of Writing Your Manuscript First
CHAPTER 30: Making Your Work Look as Good as It Reads: Formatting Your Proposal
CHAPTER 31: The Breakfast of Champions: Getting Feedback on Your Proposal
Part VIII: Finding a Happy Home for Your Book.

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