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Forget the old concept of texting girls and the rest of the old pick up methods that tell you to wait for many text inte

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How To Text Girls For Newbies: Attract Women and Get Them Out on A Date

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Table of contents :
HOW TO TEXT GIRLS for newbies
Table of Contents
PART I: Inner Game of Texting
Chapter One: The Purpose of Text
Chapter Two: The Importance of Abundance
Chapter Three: The Value of Patience
Chapter Four: The Right Amount of Entitlement
Chapter Five: How to Avoid Bad Needy Texts
Chapter Six: Not Requiring a Response
PART II: Getting a Solid Number
Chapter Seven: Stay 5 Minutes After
Chapter Eight: Qualify, Qualify, Qualify
Chapter Nine: Getting Your Number on Her Phone
Chapter Ten: Establish The Premise In Person
Chapter Eleven: The Social Bank Account
Part III: The First Text
Chapter Twelve: Evaluating The Situation
Chapter Thirteen: Callback Humor and Personalization
Chapter Fourteen: What Life Are You Conveying
Chapter Fifteen: Don’t Swing for The Fences
Part IV: The Four Types of Texts
Chapter Sixteen: Silence
Chapter Seventeen: Shit Test
Chapter Eighteen: Logical Question
Chapter Nineteen: Positive
Chapter Twenty: The One Special Case
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TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction PART I: Inner Game of Texting Chapter One: The Purpose of Text Chapter Two: The Importance of Abundance Chapter Three: The Value of Patience Chapter Four: The Right Amount of Entitlement Chapter Five: How to Avoid Bad Needy Texts Chapter Six: Not Requiring a Response PART II: Getting a Solid Number Chapter Seven: Stay 5 Minutes After Chapter Eight: Qualify, Qualify, Qualify Chapter Nine: Getting Your Number on Her Phone Chapter Ten: Establish The Premise In Person Chapter Eleven: The Social Bank Account Part III: The First Text Chapter Twelve: Evaluating The Situation Chapter Thirteen: Callback Humor and Personalization Chapter Fourteen: What Life Are You Conveying Chapter Fifteen: Don’t Swing for The Fences Part IV: The Four Types of Texts Chapter Sixteen: Silence Chapter Seventeen: Shit Test Chapter Eighteen: Logical Question

Chapter Nineteen: Positive Chapter Twenty: The One Special Case Epilogue/Conclusion About the Author

INTRODUCTION Hey there and welcome to the “How To Text Girls for Newbies: Attract Women and Get Them Out On A Date.” I want to thank you for making an amazing decision that will help you massively in your game. This is the kind of book series that I wrote for different levels of game. If you’re a beginner, just focus on doing a nice social interaction that I’ll teach you all about in here. And if you’re an intermediate or advanced guy, this will be a great foundation to go back to before you go to the next books in this series. In this book, there are some social dynamics principles that will help you immensely, not only in text game but in most social interactions that you may have. As soon as you internalize and practice what’s in here, feel free to continue to the next books in this series. And if you have difficulties in your general dating life, I can help you with that with my previous series of books called “Real Game Guides.” Check the first of the series here. I am excited for you. So let’s dive in.

PART I: INNER GAME OF TEXTING In this part, we’re going to take a look at the foundations of text game. This means that, the thinking behind a good text game, the purpose of a text, the importance of abundance, the value of patience, entitlement, how to avoid bad needy texts and more. Don’t skip this part because it will be the foundation of the next part. Let’s begin.

CHAPTER ONE: THE PURPOSE OF TEXT The first, last and most important thing you need to know about texting is, what is texting really for? And it's very simple. Texting is for getting the girl out on a date. That's it. It's not for turning her on, it’s not for becoming her best friend, it’s not for establishing a deep connection, letting her know your intimate fears and dreams, it's for getting her out on a date. So anything that leads to that is good texting. Anything that doesn't lead to that is bad texting, regardless of anything else. Texting is very much a means to an end. This is important because you can do your work in person much better than you can do your work via text. Text is a limited medium. It's useful because we have our phones on us, and girls actually respond to text more readily than they'll respond to a phone call necessarily, and it's easier to have them respond to a text than it is to get them out on a date. So it's a window into communication, but ideally, you do much better having that interpersonal communication where they can hear your tone of voice, see you, see your body language, and you can communicate much more. So the purpose of text, this sort of limited form of communication, is to get them in a venue where you can have better communication. Also to be very clear, it's impossible, as far as I know, to have sex with the girl via text. Sexting aside or whatnot because you can't enter them through sexting. You need to get them in person to sleep with them. So, it's very critical that be the objective.

CHAPTER TWO: THE IMPORTANCE OF ABUNDANCE Let me tell you something that may surprise you about text game. The best way to get any one particular girl out via text is probably to be texting a lot of girls at the same time. Sounds strange, right? You'd think that would divide your focus, or it wouldn't be relevant anyway. But here's the thing, almost everything you do in text game that comes off as needy or try hard is going to be very unattractive to the girl. Almost anything you do in a text game that conveys that you have abundance, that you're busy living your own life and barely even have time to text the girl, that you have other girls in your life, you have a fun life going on; any of that kind of stuff is going to be massively, massively attractive. So, if you have one girl in your phone that you're texting, whenever she texts, you're going to notice it, you're going to be on top of it, you can be very focused, and you're going to text back right away, you might write text a little bit too long to invest in that kind of stuff. Whereas if you have a whole bunch of girls that you’re texting, you may even kind of forget about any one particular one, and in a way, that's actually good. That's simulating high value male behavior. And to be fair, that's probably how she is when she's texting you back because any attractive girl is getting hit up by lots and lots of guys as is. So one of the best things you can possibly do is to have that abundance and not care too much about any one particular text conversation. Because again, anything that's needy is low value, and anything that’s not needy is high value. The other great reason to be texting lots and lots of girls as well is that if you happen to send out a text that works really well, like a mass text or general talk, which we’ll talk about later, if it works really well with one girl, it will probably work really well with a lot of girls. So having a

lot of girls in your phone and having a variety of conversations will just give you a lot more to text a lot more ideas for any particular conversation. Finally, by having lots and lots of girls on your phone, you're going to get a lot of practice very quickly, and practice makes perfect. So one of the single best things you can do for your text game is get lots of numbers, follow up with them hard and just keep following up both to get lots of girls out and to have that abundance but also as a learning experience.

CHAPTER THREE: THE VALUE OF PATIENCE Most of the biggest mistakes I see guys make in text game over and over again have to do with a lack of patience. The guy’s got the number, he figures the girl likes him, he knows he likes the girl, so why doesn’t he just get to the point and get the girl out on a date? And that would make a lot of sense if girls were the same as guys. Because guys, we pretty much we know we like the girl, we like her mostly for her physical qualities, we know we want to have sex with her, so okay, let's just get to the point, let's get her out. Girls aren't like that. Girls need not only value or attraction, but they need some level of comfort and assurance. They need to know that you're not weird, you’re not creepy, you're not a stalker, nothing bad is going to happen to them, that kind of stuff, and they want to feel a connection. So for guys, attraction is like an on-off switch. For girls, it is like a dimmer switch, where you turn on the lights to gradually go up or go down. So, what you need to do is gradually raise the level of attraction over time, gradually raise the level of commitment. But if you’re trying to jump straight to the close too quickly, it's going to convey a lot of negative qualities. It conveys very try hard, it conveys very needy, it conveys desperate, it’s also circumventing or trying to get around that idea of building comfort. Building comfort with someone, letting them get to know you is built over having a lengthy interaction, having some time and duration. So if you don't give the girl time to experience you, or you seem to be rushing or pushing the girl, she's going to wonder why you're so pushy. Don’t you enjoy the interaction with her? Don’t you have anything else going on in your life? So you want to avoid being needy and desperate. Now how this manifests, which we'll talk about in great depth as we get to specific texting, is instead of going through two or three texts to get to a particular point and enjoying the texting process and having some personality conveyed throughout, a lot of guys will just cut straight to the chase and ask the girl out

with the first text. Or the first time the girls are all positive, they say, “Let's go grab a drink at 7:00 on Tuesday.” Too much. Too fast. It should be a gradual build; it should develop and display your personality and get to know the girl, letting her get to know you through the text. Now, remember the primary idea is to get her out on a date, but a lot of times, the fastest way to get around a date is actually go slow. If you go too fast and hear the word, no, that's the thing that will slow down the most. It's much better to go three texts to ask her out and hear yes, yes, yes, than it is to go one text to ask her out and hear no and have that conversation go dead or go all the way back to the start. So that's your goal–be patient enough so that you're hearing yes rather than no.

CHAPTER FOUR: THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF ENTITLEMENT All right, let's talk about entitlement. For those you don't know, entitlement means how much you believe you deserve the girl. And here's the thing, there's definitely such a thing as not enough entitlement, and there's definitely such a thing as too much entitlement. Let me explain both. Not enough entitlement is if you're coming from the perspective that you are sort of lower value than the girl, and you hope she will go out with you. You're kind of nervous and embarrassed about imposing on her time, you're overly polite and cautious, maybe don't take any risks, you don't flirt or sexualize because you're afraid of offending; that's not enough entitlement. That's where you’re muting yourself or not being your fullest self, not going after what you want because you don't feel you deserve the girl. If you're in that position of no entitlement, you probably will not get very many girls; if anything, you're going to have these friendly, back and forth conversations that go nowhere, or maybe you're just going to come on very needy and the girls won’t even like you at all. On the other hand, there is such a thing as too much entitlement. Too much entitlement is where you believe you're the shit and the girl should drop everything for you, even though she barely knows you. And what happens with this is, guys get way too pushy, and they also get their ego caught up in texting a lot of times. So, for example, say they are making plans with a girl, and she's like, “Oh sorry, I can't because I have to see my sister that day,” and this is maybe a guy they met 5 minutes ago and got a phone number. It's not like they have this deep intimate connection, and he's like, “Ditch your sister. I'm better!” So whoa, hang on! “Some guy I met for five minutes versus my sister I’ve known my entire life, who I love as family, and he's telling me to ‘ditch your sister, I'm better’?” Okay, I appreciate the confidence but come

on, that's a little unrealistic. You need to understand that no matter how cool you are, you're only as cool in her eyes as you’ve actually demonstrated to her. So, she doesn't really owe you anything. The idea is you’re offering her this great experience of you, and she’s potentially offering you this great experience of her. But neither one of you owe anything to the other one. She doesn't owe you anything, and by the way, you don't owe her anything either. If she starts being weird, you're totally free to cut off the text as well. So nobody owes each other anything. So don't feel that you're entitled to a level where it's like, ‘they must respond to me,’ ‘they must go out with me,’ ‘they must prioritize me over everything in their life even though I barely know them.’ Look, when you've been dating a girl for 6 months, you can ask her to prioritize you. When you talk to her for 5 minutes and get a number, you're not a priority yet. You just need to have a great interaction instead of obligating her to want to see you; make it seem so much fun and so cool to see you that she desires to see you. So work on changing her attitude or mood rather than imposing rules and restrictions and getting all caught up in it. Another thing that happens to guys that are too entitled is when they get a no or get a rejection, they get very angry about her and get egotistical about it. A lot of times, that ends up with them sending angry texts to the girl; they just completely ruined things. So those are the two things. One is not enough entitlement, which is, I don't believe I deserve the girl, I don't push things forward, I don't take risks, and it never goes anywhere. The other is too much entitlement, where I just expect her to Love Me and drop everything for me and make a plan with me on the first text, and that’s too much. What you want is that nice range in the middle, where it's, “I'm amazed we're great together, and sooner or later, we're going to hang out.” You should have that deep belief that sooner or later, you’re going to text back and forth, and there will come a time when both of you are free, and you'll hang out. Or you’ll text back and forth, and she'll like you so much that eventually, even if she's not free, she’ll then become free for you. But you shouldn't believe that she’ll like you so much that she'll drop everything from the first text off a 5-minute interaction. On the other hand, you shouldn't believe that you're never going to get her at all. There's a nice sweet spot where you have this insurance that it’s going to happen, but you're not needy, you're not pushy, and you're not overstepping for what the

relationship has been.

CHAPTER FIVE: HOW TO AVOID BAD NEEDY TEXTS Let's face it, one way or another, we've all sent that terrible, needy, awful text that totally ruins a good interaction. And, in a way, yeah, texting is a bit of a mind fuck because it's very difficult for one text to totally blow the girl away and make her want to hang out with you or sleep with you. But it's very easy for one really bad text to completely turn her off. So you want to be very careful to avoid the super needy text; to avoid that really bad text. If in doubt, if it's between trying to do too much with the text or not doing enough with the text, err on the side of not doing enough; err on the side of not having the most amazing text but not making the big mistake. That's number one; you just don't want to make the big mistake. Now, how can you know if you are making a big mistake? Here are some signs: If you are feeling very emotional while texting, there's a good chance you're going to make a big mistake. If you're feeling rushed or pressured or you have to get it right when you're texting, there’s a good chance you're going to make a big mistake. If you look at the text and thought about something and looked and thought, I looked and thought, I looked and thought, there's a pretty good chance that you're going to make a big mistake. So here's what I suggest to you. If you're not sure, just wait. Don't text back right then and there. If you think, “Is this needy or is it not needy?” show it to a friend, show it to a girl, put it back in your pocket and think about it. Do not send the text because once you hit send, you can't take it back most of the time. And not responding to a text will not mess you up

because it's very plausible that you're doing something else with your life, and you're busy. Again, being busy and having a good life is actually an attractive quality on text. So, unless it is a situation where you’re trying to make plans with a girl right now in the next half hour, most of the time, that delay is not going to hurt you. But that one really bad text will hurt you. So if you're unsure, just don’t send it. Hold off, hold on to it, figure it out later, it’s not the biggest deal in the world. Secondly, if you are going to send it or you’re unsure about it, ask yourself a couple of questions. “Would I send this to a girl I'm already dating, like someone I’m already assured of? I'm not trying to win them over; I don’t have anything to prove to them?” “Would I send it to this girl?” Because if you wouldn't send it to a girl you are dating, but you’re sending it to a girl you’re trying to meet, there's a good chance that is very needy or try hard or you're pushing for something too fast or something along those lines, so ask yourself that question. The next question you should ask is, “Would I send this to a nonsexual friend?” “Would I send this to someone who is just my friend, who I’m not trying to sleep with in any way, shape or form?” Because again, realize that if you're too friendly in the text, you may slow things down, but you're not going to completely mess it up. Where if you’re too sexual, too forward, too pushy in the text, you may mess it up. So if in doubt, err on the friendly side and err on the side of texting the way you’d text a friend, as opposed to some girl you’re trying to sleep with and barely know. So that's another question you should ask yourself. Here's another very important question. Ask yourself, “How much am I trying to do in this text?” Every text should have pretty much one purpose or one message to it. If you're trying to do three things, if you’re, “I'm doing great,” “how have you been,” and “by the way, do you want to get drinks this Saturday?” That's way too much. That's three texts. That's three messages in one text. You should have one central message, one central thesis. If you do absolutely have to send two things, you might want to send this as two separate texts, or you might want to send one and then send the next in response to her next text or something like that. But when you send these long, convoluted multipart texts, you're just asking for problems. You're just asking to make it hard for her to respond, which means she won't respond; you're looking really needy; you might get a partial response that leaves you

hanging and doesn't leave you in a good spot. So don't try to do too much. Again, err on the side of less is more. So, “Would I send this to a girl I'm dating?” “Would I send this to a friend?” and “Am I trying to do too many things in this text?” And if in doubt with all of that, put it back in your pocket; don't send it; think it over and send it when you're in clear headspace, and you're not feeling emotion.

CHAPTER SIX: NOT REQUIRING A RESPONSE I want to pose a question to you. What is the worst response you could possibly receive to a text message? I think the answer to that question is silence, right? You put out a text, and you get nothing back. Now for certain types of texts, it's not the end of the world, and for certain types of texts, it really is. There are texts that require a response and texts that don't. If a text is asking three or four different questions about her and telling her you really, really like her, and you don't get a response to that, it gets really, really awkward to continue the interaction from there. However, if the text was just like an interesting funny picture that you saw or a little update of your life that didn't ask her any questions, and you don’t get a response to that, it's not really a big deal to send another interesting picture funny response or continue the conversation from there. So what I'm getting at here is that good text, especially text early on in the interaction, when there's not a lot of back and forth and there's not a lot of assurance that she's very bought in, good text at that point should not require a response. This is what I call value offering. The texts should be just like putting value out there, putting out some fun, interesting comment, showing a little bit of your personality, making statements rather than asking questions, for the most part. It should not require a response. So a good criteria to ask yourself if you're unsure of a text to send, is, “If I text this, and I don't get a response, am I killing the conversation?” If the answer is yes, you probably should rethink that text. Good text, especially early on in the interaction, are texts that don't require a response. I would go so far as to say that up until the point where you're specifically making plans, you probably almost don't want to do any text that requires a response. When you're making plans, and you've already agreed on plans, like “Does 7:00 work for you?” At that point, you kind of just have to put it out there, and it kind of requires a response. But at that point, the girl

already likes you, there's a lot of history, and so even then, no response would be total death to the interaction. So ask yourself, A. “Does this require a response?” and B. “If I don't get a response, will it kill the interaction?” It’s critical that you don't make that big mistake.

PART II: GETTING A SOLID NUMBER The most important part of text game occurs before you even get the girl's number. And that is having a good initial interaction with her. If you have a good initial interaction, you have this massive momentum that will carry through, and you can break almost all the rules and text game and still be successful. If you have a bad first interaction, you have to be dead solid perfect to get the girl out. Now I have gotten girls out that didn't remember who I was from the initial meeting. So it can be done, but you're much better off if things start on a positive note. And there are very few specific things that you can do that will make the interaction tremendously better. There are also a number of things you can do you, even if the interaction itself is mediocre to help you to sort of jumpstart the text sequence and jumpstart things forward in such a way that you'll be able to meet up with the girl very easily. So what I'm going to do over the next few sections is show you exactly what those steps are that can get things started on favorable terms and make everything else you do so much easier.

CHAPTER SEVEN: STAY 5 MINUTES AFTER The first thing that you can do to make a number solid is to show the girl you actually care about getting to know her. And one of the best ways to do that is to stay 5 minutes or as long as you can past the time you actually exchange numbers. Think of it this way. If you get the number and leave immediately, it's like “Got the number, got what I wanted, bye. See ya later, sucker!” That's what I call being the phone number bandit. It’s like, “Yeah., I stole another phone number and ran with it!” That doesn't convey a lot of comfort to the girl. It doesn't convey to the girl that you really enjoy hanging out with her and that when you hang out later, it’ll be really genuine, and they’ll get to know you and stuff will go really well. So, if you stay a little bit longer, it conveys that you really enjoy each other's company, and there's more sort of like genuine-ness there. Also, understand that up until the moment that you got the number, you started hanging out and talking as strangers. As soon as you exchange numbers, you're hanging out under the premise that you like each other and want to meet up again. Therefore, those next 5 minutes after you've gotten a number are 5 minutes we are already dating, and you're getting to know each other under very comfortable, very positive, very almost like loving premise. So, often, I would say I'd rather have a 5-minute interaction, get the number and have 5 minutes after the number, which would build a lot more comfort and connection, rather than a 30-minute interaction, getting the number and just leaving right afterwards. The 5 minutes after are magnified in importance compared to the time before. So it is critical to spend that time afterwards if you can. Now, there are times that's not possible, like if she's really in a rush, which is why you're

getting the number instead of hanging out. Obviously, you can’t stay 5 minutes in that context. If you try to keep her 5 more minutes, that's actually not going to build any comfort, it is going to build discomfort because you realize you're not calibrated, you don't understand her world. So there are exceptions, but, in general, if you can do it without creating a lot of friction, if you can do in a fairly normal way, staying a few minutes after getting the number is going to make a tremendous difference in the girl following up with you via text.

CHAPTER EIGHT: QUALIFY, QUALIFY, QUALIFY The next thing you can do to make her follow up with you via text is to show her she's actually special in the interaction. See, a girl will give you her number because she's attracted to you, but she'll come hang out with you on a date because she feels comfortable and safe about doing so. If she feels like you would pick up any girl and treat them all the same, and you're just in it for sex, she's not going to feel very comfortable and safe. If she feels like she’s special, and she won you over, she's going to feel like there's a connection there, she's going to feel like there are a lot of good possibilities there. It also makes you seem more high value in the sense that you had standards, and she had to win you over. So what I'm getting at here is something we call qualifying. Qualifying literally means showing the girl legitimate reasons why you like her or, ideally, having her show you legitimate reasons why you should like her and then sort of agreeing to it. So, for example, I like intelligent girls. So I might ask a girl what she studied in college or something like that, and then she might tell me what it is, and I'm like, “Oh, that's really cool, I'm fascinated by that.” “You know what? I thought you were going to be like this silly girl, but you're actually quite educated and really think for yourself. I appreciate that.” So now, what have I done? First of all, I asked her a qualifying question. I asked her a question that sort of made her jump through a hoop or made her prove herself to me. The fact that I care and have standards says that I'm a high value guy. But then the fact that she answered says she's investing in the conversation, she cares as well. And then the fact that I recognize something cool about her means that when I call her up, when I text her later, it's for a genuine reason. It’s not just because I liked her ass.

Not just because I want to get her in bed. It's because we're actually going to have a good interaction. Girls do like sex very, very much. But the way they have sex isn't so much like I'm turned on, let me have sex. They kind of want to have a process, they want to have an experience leading up to sex. And part of that experience is building a connection, having a genuine positive interaction with the guy. So the more you convey that there's something special in the interaction, that there is a genuine-ness and positivity, the better off you're going to be. So again, qualify the girl. And again, that means showing her reasons you like her or even better yet, asking her reasons you should like her and getting her to commit and invest. That commitment and investment actually matter tremendously as well.

CHAPTER NINE: GETTING YOUR NUMBER ON HER PHONE The next major step you can take to make a girl actually follow up with you, text you back, that kind of stuff, is very simple, very technical. It has very little to do with actually having good game. It is just taking care of your details. And that is, make sure you get your number saved in her phone, one way or another. There are a variety of ways to do this. One way is to actually enter your number in her phone and text yourself. That's a really good way because you make sure you get your number saved; you make sure that there's a text history. And on that text history is actually her texting you. So when you text her later, she sees that she's texted you, she knows that it's a valid sort of a thing and that she's participating in this interaction; she remembers you, she likes you. So that's one very simple way. Another way is to text her your name right then and there. It’s not as good in some ways in terms of getting the number in her phone. But it is very natural and smooth and very easy to do. So, text her your name, and you can make sure she stays with that kind of stuff. If you really want to, and this is definitely a good idea… if you happen to take a picture with the girl or something like that, you can text her that picture and use that as the premise for first changing numbers or use that as the way she will remember who you are, especially if she sees you and her together having a good time smiling, laughing, that kind of stuff. It is going to cement in her mind that you had that really great interaction with her. That way, she's feeling those emotions in the moment. Later on, when she’s not necessarily feeling those emotions, it reminds her of how good it was. So it's absolutely critical that you do get your number in her phone. Because if you don't, what's going to happen? You text, and you're going to

get back, “Who is this?” which is awkward. Now a lot of times, you can get through that. A lot of times, text, “Who is this?”, send a picture and “Oh, hey, I remember you.” But it's still way more awkward than if you just text, and she knew in the first place. It’s also the fact you had to text twice, show her who you are; it's a little bit try hard, it’s a little more needy, it’s less smooth, it's just not nearly as good. On top of which, sometimes, she may not even remember properly. Let's say if she was drunk, or let’s say you forget to text her for a few days, and she's had a lot of social experiences and stuff like that, the memory tends to fade over time. So you want to get that number in her phone when she really likes you; it’s like strike while the iron is hot and get things going. The other great thing about starting the text conversation right away, getting the number, having a text sense one way or the other is that if you're texting back and forth right then and there, you can even text her right back then and there and have her text you back before you've even left, and that'll create this vibe that it's normal and natural to text, and there's already an ongoing interaction. The more you can create that, the better off you are. So it's very important to get your number in her phone so that she knows who you are and also so that she recognizes that you’re someone she has a habit of texting with. You’re someone who is in the category of guys I text back. Very critical to do it. I really cannot overstate how important this actually is.

CHAPTER TEN: ESTABLISH THE PREMISE IN PERSON The final, very easy, obvious thing that you can do to make text game go tremendously smoother is to establish the premise that you're going to hang out before you even get the text or at least at the time of getting the number. So, if you get the girl's number, you're talking, talking, talking like, “Hey, let me get your number,” and she gives you the number, and you’re like, “Okay, bye,” which again, you shouldn't do because you should stay 5 more minutes anyway. But if you have established that premise that you got the number to go on a date, then when you're in the text conversation, it's kind of unclear what's going on. Are you friends? Are you romantic? What's this all about? Instead, a lot of times I like to close like, “Hey. So I'm really enjoying talking to you. We should grab a drink and hang out sometimes.” And she’s like, “Yeah. Sure.” And I’m like, “Okay, cool. Sounds good. What's your number?” Now, we both know that the number is intended for making plans. And again, I told you guys, what is the main purpose of texting? It's to make plans. So when you know that, and she knows that you're on the same page, it’s going to make making plans a lot easier. If she's not sure about that, or she's not sure about your intentions, or you just haven't broached that subject, that's one more topic you need to address in text. That's one more sale you need to make in order to get her out. So if you can establish that in person, you're better off. Remember, in-person communication is better than text communication. Anything you can handle in person; you want to handle in person. Anything you can handle over the phone; you want to handle over the phone. Texting is kind of like the last resort in terms of communication. It’s not your preferred method. The reason we use texting is because girls respond to it more readily. But anytime you can have an in-person

conversation, set it up; a phone conversation, set up. That's what you want to do. So, while you're there in person, set as good of a premise as you possibly can. Do your work while you have the ability to see her and see her reaction; she can see your actions. And also, at that moment, when she's feeling really good about the interaction emotionally, arouse all those kind of things. So setting that premise is going to make everything else easier.

CHAPTER ELEVEN: THE SOCIAL BANK ACCOUNT Social capital, or the social bank account, as a lot of people like to call it, is literally everything in text. This concept is everywhere. Anything and everything you do; it all relates back. So what I'm going to do right now is briefly go through exactly what it is, how it works, how you build social capital, why you need to build social capital, and how you can use social capital. And I am going to give you that right now, and then I'm going to keep harping back on this in every single topic to come later. So learn this lesson well. It's super, super, supercritical. So what is social capital? The idea is, you essentially have a social bank account with every human being on the planet, even if you've never met them. So a random stranger, badly dressed, comes up on the street asking for money. Most people are very uncomfortable there; they have a very negative response, so they don't want to give that person money. If your good friend you've known for years came up to you and asked you for money, you'd be very willing, in most cases, to give him money, as long as it's a reasonable amount. But what's the difference? The difference is, with your friend you've known for years, you have this extended positive history. You have a long history of you doing good things for him; he doing good things for you, you've known each other, you have commonalities and good emotions. Also, quite possibly, when you've done things for him in the past, he's responded by paying you back, or he's responded by doing something for you. So you feel like in the future going forward, there's a lot of implied positivity there as well. With a stranger, how do you feel? This guy has done nothing for me; I don't know him; the first thing he does is ask for something from me. And when people ask for things from you, that makes you uncomfortable. So your entire experience with him is he's asking for something that's making you

uncomfortable. Your expectation is, if you're friends with this person or continue interacting with this person, he's going to constantly continue making you uncomfortable and asking for things from you. There's no way you want to participate in that kind of relationship. It’s the same thing when you meet a girl. If you meet a girl, and you're constantly saying, “Hey, do this for me,” “Hey, do that for me,” “Hey, send me a naked picture,” “Hey, let's get together for a date at this date at this time.” Asking, asking, asking, begging. The girl is like, “Eww. This guy, all he wants is something from me. He just wants to get in my pants. He's not offering anything. He’s not making it fun. He’s not bringing any value.” And the girl’s going to go silent very quickly. On the other hand, if you’re interacting with the girl, and you’re fun, cool, positive, sharing interesting stories from your life, telling jokes, making her feel good emotions and then very occasionally, moving things forward, asking for something only when you establish a relationship, and she likes you; she's going to be very positive on that, and she's going to want to continue and grow that relationship. So the idea is this. Anytime that you asking for something from somebody, you are making a withdrawal on your social capital. You have to be very careful because if you try and withdraw more social capital than you have, you'll bring that bank account into a negative. As soon as the bank account is negative, that person doesn't want anything to do with you. That's why when a stranger comes up and asks for something, it was at 0; they're asking for something, it's immediately negative, you want nothing to do with that person. But a friend with a massive positive bank account can ask you for things, and it will be totally okay. So the key thing here is, know where your social capital is. Know what your social capital level is with any particular person so that you know what you can ask for. How racy of a text can you send? Can you start making plans? Can you send a text that requires an answer even? Where are you in terms of social capital? And then once you know that, construct your messages; construct communication in such a way that it's building social capital a lot more than it's destroying it. Ideally, even as you're asking for things, you should ask for things in such a way that the ask itself is even building social capital. So, again, social capital, the social bank account, is everything. When

you're texting, I want you to keep this in mind at all times. Where is the social bank account at? What amount of withdrawals can I make on it, and at what speed can I make those withdrawals? Also, what can I do to build that bank account? If you're thinking that, text game is going to be very easy for you. If you neglect that, text game is going to be very difficult.


CHAPTER TWELVE: EVALUATING THE SITUATION Okay, so you've got a girl's number, it is now time to text her. Now, remember, when you got her number, you also got your number in her phone, and that's extremely critical. Go back and recheck the section on getting a solid number if you're not doing that. You got your number in her phone, very, very important; it makes everything else much smoother. So maybe you sent her a text with your name, maybe she replied, maybe she didn't, or maybe you had her call you, and you saved the number in her phone, whatever it is. You know that when she gets that text, it's going to come up with a name on it; not just a bunch of random digits. That’s supercritical. So, now we're talking about the first real interactive text from there. Now, what do you send? How do you know what to send? Well, the first key criteria is, how good was the initial interaction? Think of it as how much social capital did you create in the initial interaction? If it was one of those things where it was really amazing, you spent a really long time together, she was chasing you, she wanted to take you home, but she just couldn't because her friends wouldn't let her or whatever. And you even had arranged at the time, “Hey, we're going to hang out later. We're definitely going to do this.” In that case, you might be able to go pretty straightforward and pretty much straight to making plans. In that kind of case, if it was really good, I might even text something as forward as, “Hey, what you up to tonight?” That's a pretty forward text to send, but in a context where everything's really good, it's a green light, and the implication is that it was that good already, you get away with something like that. However, on the other side, let's say it was a situation where you talk to the girl for 5 minutes very quickly. She was running to work, and you

couldn't really get to know her very well because you had that constraint on your time, and you know you kind of rushed getting the number. You got your number on her phone because you always do that. But that's about all you can say about it. In that case, something as forward as, “Hey, what you doing tonight?” will work once in a while; it'll work because you'll be surprised. Sometimes, numbers that don’t seem very solid will be very solid, but a vast majority of the time, you probably won't receive anything back because you tried to spend more social capital than you really had. So, in that case, what you probably want to do is send something fun and friendly, something maybe a little funny, maybe an update of your life to make it seem really cool. Something along those lines where the idea is that you're building social capital rather than trying to capitalize on it. You're not trying to get her out on a date just yet; you're mostly trying to just initiate and establish rapport, establish an interaction of some kind. So that's kind of polar opposites. On the one hand, you have it so good, I can just go straight for plans; I mean, obviously, you know in a fun, positive, non-needy, non-pushy way. But you can go pretty much straight for plans. And then, on the other hand, you're not even thinking about plans yet; you're just thinking about establishing a back and forth interaction. And those are very different polar opposites. So, when we get into the four types of texts and how to send all the different types of texts, you’re evaluating those very differently. But again, the first factor you’re thinking of is how good was the initial interaction? How much social capital do I have? This is going to make a massive difference in what text you want to send first.

CHAPTER THIRTEEN: CALLBACK HUMOR AND PERSONALIZATION The next critical factor when sending the first message is remembering the girl and remembering the interaction you had. If you send a generic first text, you'll sometimes get a good response from them, especially because if the girl really happens to like you at a particular time, anything you send is going to get kind of a good response. But the more you can make it personal, the more you can make it that you had a genuinely unique interaction, a generally positive interaction with this particular girl, the better off you're going to be. Now that doesn't mean kissing the girl’s ass and telling her that she was the one for you and she's so amazing, whatever. But what it does mean is actually remembering the interaction a little bit and actually addressing something there. So, for example, if you had a particular little joke or little nickname that you called her within the interaction, by all means feel free to use that. Or if there was a particular plan or thing you had in common that seems really cool, maybe you relate to that first in some way. And again, what you're doing here is reminding her of the good headspace she was in when you had the interaction with her, and you're also making it easier for her to respond because instead of just responding literally to the words in the text, she can respond to all the implications of the words or all the things she remembers from the interaction or all the things related to that thing you have in common. So it makes it much easier for her to respond. When it is easier for her to respond, she will respond. So if you need to send a completely generic text because maybe you got a 30-second interaction, I might be like, “Hey. What sort of trouble are you getting into today?” or “Hey. It was nice meeting you for 30 seconds or

ever so briefly” or something like that. You can send something like that, but they're not the best texts in the world because there’s just not that much that you can do with this person. It’s not that special, and it is generic, and it looks generic. It is not really motivating the girl to want to have a great interaction with you. On the other hand, there are certain times when if you think about it and given what you know, you can come up with a really good text. Another great thing you can do is maybe if you happened to take pictures of yourself with the girl, or there's some kind of shared thing, you can ask her for the pictures. Or if you took a picture on your phone, you can send her the pictures as your first text, and that's just something that's completely value offering and completely sharing that past experience. It has nothing to do with making plans; it has nothing with asking anything from her. It's just pure value. So, if there's something relatable between you and the girl, definitely try to use that where possible. Now, don't stretch it. If you talk about one thing over and over and over again in the interaction, and then you send your text about that one thing, and you bring it up maybe four times in the text, this is bad texting anyway. That's going to be very try hard. That's very much like all I have is this one thing to go on. You want to be normal as well. But in a vacuum, all things being equal; if there's something that's personalized in the text versus something totally generic, personalized is always better. Especially early on when there's not a lot of established interaction.

CHAPTER FOURTEEN: WHAT LIFE ARE YOU CONVEYING The next critical concept for your first text and actually for all text, especially value offering text but really for the first text because so much hinges on the first text. What life or lifestyle are you conveying to the girl? Ideally, when you've been talking to the girl live, and you got her phone number, you convey certain things about yourself, you convey a certain lifestyle, you convey that you have certain hobbies or passions or things in common with her. And if you can draw back on those, we’ve already talked about that in the previous section, that's very useful. But even beyond that, if you can convey a life that she wants to be a part of, she's going to want to text you back. If you convey a life she doesn't want to be part of, she's not going to text you back. So, for example, if you were to send a value offering a picture of yourself, some kind of cool, fun, interesting picture, like a picture of you in an elegant restaurant with well-dressed people around you, she's probably more likely to text back than if it was a picture of you in a McDonald's. You’re just conveying a better lifestyle; like what you're inviting her into is a little bit more palatable. Also, if your first text is funny…and funny texts are good in general… but if your first text is funny but also positive in a way or conveys that you're happy about life, or your life is a joy to you, she's going to be more willing to respond to that than if it's complaining about a bunch of shit. If it's funny, but it's complaining about a bunch of stuff, the fact that you're complaining might overwhelm the funny, as it might make her think, “Oh, well. That's funny, but do I really want to be part of that guy's life?”

And don't think about how to get a response to this text; think, how do I get her all the way out? What is the persona I'm trying to convey? What am I trying to create and show to this girl? Because that's what a girl is thinking in text. Again, she already had a fun time with you, she likes you a little bit. But now she's thinking, “Am I comfortable meeting up with this guy?” And “Will having this person in my life be an enhancement to my life?” And they're very easy ways, even if your life is not the most amazing thing to be conveying that you're positive and appreciative and ambitious and good things are going on in your life. On the other hand, it is very easy to convey that you’re negative and angry and unappreciative, and you hate your life. If you're conveying those second qualities, the girls are not going to want to be a part of it. So be very conscientious about the vibe and image you're creating from the very start.

CHAPTER FIFTEEN: DON’T SWING FOR THE FENCES Final concept for the first text; Do not swing for the fences! Your goal in the first text is not to get her out on the date in one text. It’s to get her on a date eventually, but your goal for the first text is just to establish positive communication. That is it. Remember social capital. So here's the deal, if you ask for some little thing, and you have enough social capital, it'll probably be fine. If you ask for nothing and just offer value, it'll definitely be fine. If you ask for a big thing, and you don't have the social capital, the interaction might be completely dead. So when you swing for the fences, when you’re trying to get her out on a date on the first text, there's a very high risk that you're just going to completely kill it. And understand this, when you say, “Hey, let's go on a date right now,” every girl will just say, “Yes. Let's go on a date.” Every single one of those. Instead, if you just establish communication and ask her on a date three texts later or two texts later, the girls who said “yes” to the first text, assuming you did well in between the other texts, will say “yes” on text number three. So you're not losing anything by slowing it down a little bit, by being more conversational, more positive. But there's a vast number that you will lose by going too fast. So understand, it's about getting things started in a positive direction, and if you send some cool, fun, conversational thing and she was ready to say, “Hey, let's make plans” on the first text, a lot of times she may even get back to you and be like, “Haha. That's amazing. When are you free to hang out?” And she may ask you out. So, even in that context where you could have gotten her out on the first text, how much better is it that you get her out with her asking you out in that particular case? So the idea here is don't overspend your social capital,

don't swing for the fences; instead, try to get her out on a date in one text, get her on a date in four texts on your terms and without losing a lot of girls along the way. That's what you should be thinking. Don't try and do too much. In fact, with every text, you want to be doing something with every text. Either building social capital or moving things forward, but don't try and do too much. Don't overstep. It's much easier to send a bad text that ruins things than it is to send that great text that's amazing. So if in doubt, do 80 percent as much with the text rather than 120 percent as much. Because 120 percent could kill the interaction. 80 percent, maybe you end up spending one or two more texts to get her out, but you will get her out on that date anyway.

PART IV: THE FOUR TYPES OF TEXTS What I want to do right now is show you how to respond to every possible text you’ll ever receive for the rest of your life. Sounds impossible, I know. But here's the thing. All of those texts basically boil down to just four texts that you receive over and over again. Simple as that. There are basically four texts you can send, and it all has to do with social capital. So, when there's virtually no social capital, what you're going to receive back from your text is silence. There's going to be no response at all. If you have a little more social capital, the response you're going to get is what we call a shit test. And that's basically, she's responding, but she’s saying something negative or challenging you or teasing you in some way; she's asking you to prove yourself. So if no social capital – silence, and more social capital, you get a shit test. You have a little more social capital still; she's going to ask you questions, or she's just going to have a logical communication with you. There won’t be a lot of emotional charge, not a lot of positives or whatnot. But she’ll be asking you questions; she’ll be curious or exchanging information. And then finally, if there's tons of social capital, there’ll be something that's clearly positive. So these are basically the four types of texts you can get. And each one of those necessitates a very specific response. If your response to silence, the way you would respond to a positive, you're getting it massively wrong. If you respond to a positive the way you respond to silence, you're going to waste a lot of time and never move the interaction forward. So what I'm going to do in the next few sections is talk about each different communication individually and show you where it comes from, why she does it, what it means and exactly how you need to deal with it to be maximally effective.

CHAPTER SIXTEEN: SILENCE The first and worst of the four types of texts is silence. You're texting, she's not responding at all. A lot of guys make a lot of mistakes here. One mistake they make is they get butt hurt. They start getting all offended, like, “Why don't you like me?” “I thought what we had was special.” “What, you're too good for me?” They're getting emotional. That's the absolute wrong thing to do. Understand when you're getting silence, where it comes from. It comes from a place where the social bank account is very low. As the social bank account is low, what's your goal? Your goal is to build more positive experiences and build up that social bank account. So what do you want to do? Things like negative accusatory things, things like asking for compliance, asking questions that require responses; those are all drawing down the bank account even more. What you want to do is build it up. Send positive, fun, funny things that don't require a response. Often, what I will do in this case is actually start treating my text conversation with the girl in the same way I treat updating Facebook or Instagram or something like that, updating social media. Where you just basically send a cool, fun, interesting little quote or little updater snapshot from your life or a meme that you thought was funny or interesting. Anything which just offers value, I call pinging value into the void. The funny thing with this is, I've had situations where a girl goes silent, and essentially, I keep a list on my active hot girls list; like the girls that I might get out on a plan and then the ones that are kind of colder leads, where I don't expect this girl to come out with me soon, but she's hot. Or I liked her. It was a good interaction. I think it's still worth pursuing. So what I'll do is just put them on the social media subscription list, in a way, which is when something fun, interesting, cool thing happens to me, I just send that out to them. Usually, this is a mass text. I'm just pinging value.

I'm just sending out the cool, little interesting update; the cool picture, the cool meme. And the funny thing is, if the meme is good, a lot of girls that you thought you were never going to hear back from, all of a sudden, “Haha. That's cute. Hey, what are you up to?” That kind of stuff and they’ll pop; they'll come back to life. And all of a sudden, once they pop, you're now getting a non-silence response, you're getting one of the other categories of text, and then you can start building interaction, moving things forward and progressing it. But if you respond with negativity or ask for things, you're just going to keep getting more and more silence. And the more texts that require a response that you send to a silent girl, the worse the situation becomes. So that's our goal, ping value, build that social capital. Do not ask for things, do not require a response in any way, shape or form. So that's the general principle of what you're going to be doing.

CHAPTER SEVENTEEN: SHIT TEST The second category of text you're going to receive is the shit test. This is when you have a little more social capital, so she’s not giving you silence, but she's definitely overtly testing you. She hasn't bought in completely. So you're going to get things like, “Oh, what makes you so cool?” or “Wow, you're kind of cocky!” or those kind of things, where she's throwing something out there at you. And here's the thing with shit tests, you're again just building social capital, and you're holding your frame, you're holding the perspective that you are a cool guy. Now what you need to do when you get a shit test is just pass the shit test. Don't try and pass the shit test and then make plans. Escalating after shit tests is one of the biggest mistakes guys make in text. Also, don't pass the shit test and ask questions that will almost always go awry as well because you lose all the power and impact of having passed the shit test. So what you want to do is just pass it now. How do you pass a shit test? First of all, don't be emotionally reactive. If you get emotionally reactive or try harder or needy, you fail. Period! You pass the shit test in a couple of different ways. One is called agreeing and exaggerate, which takes whatever frame she puts you in and takes whatever the negative is and takes it to such a logical degree or such an extreme degree that it no longer makes sense. The other way you can do, which is actually the best one to do in text game, is misinterpret. Treat it as though whatever shit test she gave you was actually a compliment. Treat it as though it is actually a compliment. Reframe it; rephrase it in such a way. So think like, if this were a girl who is totally into me and could never say anything negative and yes she said this, how would I interpret it in that context? But the key thing right now is that when you get a shit test, first of

all, recognize what it is. First of all, it's a good thing. Recognize the shit test is a good thing. Silence is bad. Anything that's non silence is a good thing. Any girl that's not giving you silence, that's a winnable situation. So a shit test means she hasn't decided to sleep with you yet, but you're in the right category, and she's considering it. Treat it as such. So first of all, understand it is a positive thing. And then secondly, take it and make the most positive you can out of it. And again, don't justify yourself more than you have to; don't ask questions and do not try to escalate out of a shit test. Just pass it and be done. Trust that your answer is good enough. Have you ever had a situation where you text a girl, she texts you back, and you’re not quite sure how to respond to it? Then you look at it, you’re like, “What should I send?” and you think about it a lot. You may even show it to your friends. The more time and energy you put into it, the more invested you're getting. When you just pass a shit test, and you give her something clever back; you throw the shit back in her face; in a way, you tease her back, and that gives her an opportunity to experience that same thing. And the more time and energy she puts in responding to your thing, the more invested she's going to get. If you give her a shit test and then try to make plans, it makes it very easy for her to just be validated by you and not respond. If you give her the shit test and ask a question, that makes it very easy for her to not go through that process of getting obsessed. It also takes away all the power of the way that you passed the shit test. So again, just pass the shit test and don't do anything else on top of it.

CHAPTER EIGHTEEN: LOGICAL QUESTION The third category of text you’re going to get, which starts to get into the realm of things are going really well, is when girls are either just giving you logical information or asking you questions. Now this is good and bad. It's good because they're actually showing that they want to get to know you and actually want to open up and share with you. So it's all very positive. The thing here, though, is that it’s not highly emotionally charged. It is very bland and boring. And so the danger is, if you get caught up in too much of a factual exchange or too much of asking questions and getting answers, you lose all the tension, you lose all the fun in the interaction. So the key thing to do here is to make sure that you do answer the question or you do deal with the logical content, but, at the same time, make sure to keep a flirty, fun vibe. And this can be done by answering the question very briefly or dealing with the logical very briefly and then adding something flirtatious and fun, which is like answering and offer value. Or the other way is, answer and then start subtly teasingly hinting at making plans. And the decision here is, how is the overall interaction been? Instead of just looking at the one text in a vacuum, you're going to say, okay, the one text is positive and is indicating that I'm at this stage. Then how is the overall interaction? If it has been a lot of silence and shit test and then there's that one positive text, I wouldn't start making plans yet because the overall interaction is negative. But if the overall interaction is very positive, very flirty and now she's asking logical questions, I'd probably answer the logical question briefly and then start hinting gradually towards making plans. We'll talk later in the series on how to make plans. We will talk about the soft close and different things like that. Also, their response to the next category, which is positive feedback, that's going to be a lot of making plans as well. So, I'll get into exactly how you make plans, but I want you to know now that if

things are starting to get positive, it is time to start actually getting the girl on a date. Because remember, what is the purpose of texting? It is to get the girl on the date. So, when you're getting this logical communication; number one, recognize that it’s good. Number two, understand you need to keep it charged. And number three, know that if it's been good overall through the entire messaging sequence or the recent messages, then it's time to go about making plans.

CHAPTER NINETEEN: POSITIVE The fourth and final category of text you're going to get is the clearly positive text. Now obviously this is good; this is the one we want. However, guys make a lot of mistakes in response to this one. Here are a few of the mistakes that are made. Mistake number one, they get those positives, and they just keep doing more of the thing that got the positive, which is being fun and flirty but never taking the interaction anywhere. They keep building and building and building the social bank account, but they never spend any money. That's like the equivalent of the guy that built a multi-million-dollar fortune and dies in a ditch, having spent none of it and never enjoying a penny of it. You'd actually enjoy and use what you've built up and actually get her on a date. Remember, the purpose of texting is to get her on a date. So that's number one. Number 2 mistake that guys make is that they see it’s positive, and they try to get her on a date right then in one text. And often, they go for a date with a lot of compliance. So the girl was like, “Hey, you're kind of cute!” and the guy is like, “So, you want to come over to my house five minutes from now and get fucked?” I mean that's a little blatant, but that is like you have to build the plans a little bit slowly. You can’t just jump into these hard plans. We’ll talk a lot more about that when we talk about the soft close in the next series. But understand that you can't just go straight for the jugular. The other mistake I see a lot of guys make is the girl starts giving them positives, and rather than just taking it as it's positive, “we should get together,” they try to seduce the girl via text. So they just start giving the girl shit tests and asking her to comply to a lot of things and qualify to a lot of things. If you can get her to jump through your hoops, why not get her to jump through the hoop of meeting you on a date, so you can actually have sex with her?

Or the other one they’ll do is start sexting like crazy, start trying to get the girl to send naked pictures and stuff. They're losing sight of the fact that they can't sleep with the naked picture, but they can sleep with a naked girl. So their priority should be getting the girl on a date, not getting a naked picture. So you understand that she's now bought in and will give you something, but you're going after the wrong objective. So the right way to handle when you're getting positives is to start closing but close gradually and patiently. And make sure to keep it funny and flirty throughout the closing process. It’s not just like, “Okay, now it’s time to close, so time to stop being fun” and just be like, “Arrange the schedule.” You have to stay fun through the close making process, through the process of getting her out on a date.

CHAPTER TWENTY: THE ONE SPECIAL CASE All right. So now you know the four types of texts, and you know how to handle them. There's one special case I want to talk to you about. This is going to help you avoid a massive mistake. And that is specifically, there's a certain time where you’re going to get silence that doesn't mean you don't have social capital. So, what I am talking about specifically is, say you're making plans with a girl, she's kind of agreed to the plans, and then you're setting up the actual date and time, and then at that point, she goes silent. In that case, it doesn't mean you have to start all over again, and, in fact, if you do start all over again, it looks very low value. It looks like you don't believe in yourself and that you believe you have to kiss the girl’s ass to get plans instead of just being an entitled man. In that context, I want you to actually just think to yourself, “What would I do if I was making plans with a friend, and they just went silent on me?” And in that case, you’d probably send “??” or like “…” or “WTF!” or something like that. And that's what I want you actually do contextually with a girl. So, let's say, for example, you say to a girl, “Sounds like a plan. We should hang out soon,” and she goes, “Yeah, definitely. Then you go, “How’s Tuesday?” And she goes, “Tuesday is great.” And then on Monday night, you’re like, “So, 7:00 PM tomorrow?” and she doesn't respond. At that point, it's weird that she's not responding. She's been very positive; you've had a great interaction. And it's just almost discourteous on a human level not to respond. So at that point, if she hasn’t responded, it's getting kind of close to the time, I just send her like “…?” as in what's going on here? It’s an entitled, normal thing to do in that context. Going all the way back to let me just offer value and start all over again; first of all, it's very try hard and needy, but secondly, you only have a few hours to make the date. If you're starting all over again, you probably won't even progress through the text sequence in

time to actually get her out on the date. So in that context, because things have been so positive overall, I wouldn't treat silence as a lack of social capital. I just read silence as either she didn't see the message yet, or she's not 100 percent sure, there's some other thing on her mind, she kind of forgot about it, or she's procrastinating on it. But it doesn't mean she doesn't like you. So I would make the assumption that she likes you in that context.

EPILOGUE/CONCLUSION So here we are at the end of the book. I hope you found this little book to be a great help with your texting as a beginner. IN the next two books we will unleash advanced tactics and techniques. Goodbye for now! And if this book has helped you in some shape or form, please consider leaving a review on Amazon. I’d appreciate it. Also, don't forget to pick up your FREE copy of Finding Her Blueprint and Make Her Chase You!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Abenezer Manaye is a lead guitarist in a rock band called ‘WeZeTe’ in Ethiopia who is also a stocks trader in the day time which he makes good money to help his band. He’s been in the dating game for 9 years and endured many ups and downs to finally come to his center as a natural. He plans to continue writing everything he knows about natural game in his upcoming books. Abenezer currently lives in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.