How to Manifest Your Desires

Prayer means getting into action mentally. It means holding the attention upon the idea of the wish fulfilled until it f

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English Year 2023

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How to Manifest Your Desires

  • Commentary
  • R¿pped by Vibhatsu and Cadzbuddy

Table of contents :
Title Page
Lesson 1: Consciousness Is the Only Reality
Lesson 2: Assumptions Harden Into Fact
Lesson 3: Thinking Fourth-Dimensionally
Lesson 4: No One To Change but Self
Lesson 5: Remain Faithful to Your Idea
Brazen Impudence
Radio Lecture Be What You Wish; Be What You Believe
Radio Lecture By Imagination We Become
Radio Lecture Answered Prayer
Radio Lecture Meditation
Radio Lecture The Law of Assumption
Radio Lecture Truth
Radio Lecture Feeling is the Secret
Radio Lecture Affirm the Reality of Our Own Greatness
That Which Already has Been
Yours for the Taking
The Foundation Stone – Imagination

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