Historical Pattern Archive: Women’s Clothing 1837-1969 1138708518, 9781138708518

Historical Pattern Archive: Women’s Clothing 1837–1969 is the first book of its kind to capture such a wide range of wom

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Historical Pattern Archive: Women’s Clothing 1837-1969
 1138708518, 9781138708518

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Chapter 1: Pre-1850
Tan Calico Dress with Matching Capelet c.1830
Purple and White Striped Cotton Calico Dress c.1840
Brown Calico Dress with Hem Ruffle c.1840
Ivory Cotton Calico Bodice and Skirt c.1840
Chapter 2: 1850
Blue and Cream Silk Plaid 2-Piece Crinoline Dress with 2 Sets of Detachable Cotton Undersleeves c.1850
Grey Silk Jacquard 2-Piece Crinoline Dress with Light Brown Fringe c.1850
Pink and Tan Striped Silk 3-Piece Gown c.1850
Chapter 3: 1860
Light Pink Silk 2-Piece Gown with Velvet and Lace Trim c.1860
Brown, Gold, and Green Striped Silk Bodice and Skirt c.1860
Tan Silk Faille Bodice and Skirt with Pleated Hem Ruffle c.1860
Green Silk Faille 4-Piece Dress with Matching Satin Trim c.1860
Brown Striped Jacquard Silk Taffeta Bodice and Skirt with Braided Trim c.1860
Blue Silk Faille Bodice and Skirt with Velvet Ribbon, Silk Fringe, and Beaded Trim c.1860
Royal Blue and Black Striped Silk Taffeta Dress c.1860
Blue Large Striped Jacquard Silk Taffeta Dress c.1860
Chapter 4: 1870
Ivory Silk Satin and Burgundy Velvet 2-Piece Gown with Hand-Tied Silk Fringe c.1870
Turquoise Silk 3-Piece Bustle Dress with Scallops c.1870
Light Blue Silk Faille and Dark Blue Plain Silk 3-Piece Bustle Dress c.1870
Ivory Silk Faille Dress with Lace and Box-Pleated Ruffles c.1870
Brown and Tan Plaid Silk Dress with Dark Brown and Pink Silk Accents c.1870
Forest Green Silk and Pale-Yellow Textured Silk Jacquard 2-Piece Dress c.1870
Chapter 5: 1880
Robin’s Egg Blue Wool Dressing Gown with Silk Embroidery and Lace Trim c.1880
Ivory Wool Batiste and Lace 2-Piece Bustle Dress c.1880
Green/Grey Striped Silk 2-Piece Bustle Dress with Ivory Lace and Pink Silk Taffeta Accents c.1880
Black Silk Faille Dolman Coat with Jacquard Weave c.1880
Black Floral Wool Dressing Gown c.1880
Chapter 6: 1890
Blue and Green Floral Printed Cotton Gauze Bodice and Skirt c.1890
Navy Taffeta and Purple Velvet Bodice and Skirt c.1890
Black and Grey Striped “Maternity” Dress c.1890
Red Cotton Chambray Bodice and Skirt with an Ivory Silk and Lace Decorative Yoke c.1890
Blue and Ivory Silk Moire Bodice and Skirt with an Ivory Silk Crepe Decorative Yoke and Cuffs c.1890
Grey Duchess Silk Satin Combination “Bodice/Jacket” and Skirt with Embroidery c.1890
Ivory Silk Taffeta Bodice, Skirt, and Belt with Silk Organza Decorative Details c.1890
Chapter 7: 1900
Cream Linen Duster c.1900
Ivory Silk Wedding Dress with Ivory and Metallic Gold Embroidery c.1900
Brown Linen Dressing Gown with Dark Satin Brown Decorative Details c.1900
Mint Green Printed Silk Bodice and Skirt with Velveteen Shoulder Flounce and Silk Gauze Rose c.1900
Pink and Tan Printed Cotton Lawn Bodice and Skirt with Ribbon and Lace Yoke and Collar c.1900
Purple Velvet House of Worth Dress with Both Day and Evening Bodices c.1900
Dark Green Silk Jacquard Bodice and Skirt with Black Lace Yoke c.1900
Chapter 8: 1910
Brown Velveteen Skirt and Matching Jacket with Tan Wool Flannel Collar c.1910
Navy Blue Wool Twill Jacket with Decorative Tabs c.1910
White and Blue Striped Linen Dress with Embroidered Decorative Details c.1910
Wine Wool Crepe Skirt and Matching Jacket with Black Faux Fur Collar c.1910
Ivory Wool Flannel Opera Coat with Decorative Peacock Blue Silk Details c.1910
Yellow Cotton Organdy Dress with Ivory Cotton Lawn Collar c.1910
Chapter 9: 1920
Black Silk Jacquard Dress with Embroidered Details c.1920
Pink Iridescent Silk Gown with Lace, 3-Dimensional Floral Accents, and Built-in Paniers c.1920
Green Silk Crepe Dress with Embroidered Ivory Silk Chiffon Accents c.1920176 Light Teal Blue
Light Teal Blue Silk Velvet Gown with Train and Silk Net Beaded Straps c.1920
Peach Seersucker Dress with Matching Jacket and Decorative Lace Accents c.1920
Lime Silk Chiffon and Silk Velvet Dress with Decorative White Beading and Green Rhinestones c.1920
Forest Green Silk Chiffon Dress with Matching Silk Velvet Details c.1920
Ivory Silk Chiffon Dress with Hem Stitch Finishes c.1920
Chapter 10: 1930
Black Silk Wrap Dress with Silk Chiffon Sleeves and Pale-Pink Silk Lining c.1930
Black Silk Chiffon Dress with Ivory Lace Accents c.1930
Ivory Satin Bias Cut Gown with Neck Cowl and Shoulder Bow c.1930
Pink and White Printed Floral Silk Gauze Dress with Pleated Ruffle Detail c.1930
Lavender Silk Crepe Gown with Silver Beaded Straps c.1930
Ivory Printed Silk Charmeuse Dress with Matching Jacket c.1930
Dusty Pink Silk Crepe Dress with Decorative Tab Details c.1930
Black Silk Crepe Bias Dress with Decorative Applique Details c.1930
Peach Crepe Back Silk Satin Dress with Decorative Pleated Yoke Detail c.1930
Chapter 11: 1940
Grey Floral Silk Crepe Dress with Decorative Cording Detail c.1940
Black Silk Velvet Dress with Decorative Velvet and Net Yoke c.1940
Light and Dark Mustard Large Twill Weave Wool Overcoat c.1940
Navy Blue Twill Skirt and Jacket with Crescent-Shaped Pocket Detail c.1940
Peach Silk Satin Sleeveless Dress with Matching Bolero Jacket c.1940
Black Silk Crepe De Chine with Metallic Applique Detail c.1940
Black Silk Crepe Dress with Sequins, Cording Detail, and Hip Wrap c.1940
Chapter 12: 1950
Grey Silk Gusseted Sleeve Dress with White Silk Organza Collar c.1950
Orange, Blue, and Green Mini Striped Silk with a Tulle Detail at Neckline c.1950
Grey Wool Skirt and Matching Jacket with Criss-Cross Pintucked Collar c.1950
Black and White Striped Wool Blend Halter Dress with Matching Jacket c.1950
Ivory, Yellow, and Blue Floral Printed Silk Halter Dress c.1950
Navy Blue Silk Faille Dress with Pleated Neckline Detail c.1950
Light Brown Wool Flannel Dress with Peplum c.1950
Grey Silk Dress with Printed Pink and White Diamonds and Matching Jacket c.1950
Fawn Duchess Silk Satin Dress with Button Detail c.1950
Chapter 13: 1960
Red Wool Dress with Matching Short Jacket c.1960
Tan Duchess Silk Satin Dress with Asymmetrical Pleated Belt Detail c.1960
Mint Green Silk Blend Sleeveless Dress with Matching Jacket c.1960
Multi-Colored Long Polyester Dress with Bullseye Detail c.1960

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