Hegel's Dialectic: The Explanation of Possibility 0877225702, 9780877225706

Hegel is one of the most often cited and least read of all major philosophers. He is alternately regarded as the best an

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English Pages 236 [243] Year 1988

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Hegel's Dialectic: The Explanation of Possibility
 0877225702, 9780877225706

Table of contents :
Title Page
Introduction: Hegelianism and Philosophy
1. Dialectical Explanation
I. Dialectical Philosophy and Dialectical Explanation
II. Dialectical Philosophy and the History of Philosophy
2. The Being of Individuals
I. The Opening Moves of the Dialectical Reconstruction
II. The Rubrics of Hegelian Dialectic
III. Being, Existence, and Individuals
IV. The One, the Many, and Class Concepts
V. The Mathematical Infinite
VI. Relations of Measurement
3. Explanation by Essence and the Alternative to Realism
I. From Being to Essence
II. From Mere Appearance to Appearance
III. The Actual World
4. Thinking About Thought
I. Individuals, Concepts, and Universals
II. Concepts, Judgments, and Inferences
5. The Conceptual Map of the World
I. Objectivity
II. Teleological Explanations
III. The Mathematical and Geometrical Description of the World
IV. Cognition and Practice
6. The Role of Mind
I. The Hegelian Conception of Mind and Explanatory Posits
II. Philosophical Psychology: The Explanation of Positing
III. Philosophy and Moral Psychology
7. From Morality to Ethics: the Theory of Social Categories
I. The Idea of Freedom and Respect for Persons
II. Masters, Slaves, and Morality
III. The Abstractness of Morality
IV. From Mores to Social Categories
V. From the State Based on Need to the State
8. The Possibility of History
Conclusion: Hegelianism and Historicism

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