Hear the Other Side: The Afrikaner Side and the German Side

A comparison of the Afrikaner / German viewpoint vs that of the British.

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English Pages 64 [80] Year 1946

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Hear the Other Side: The Afrikaner Side and the German Side

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2dc UITGAWE met vcrdcrc babcls cn a r twoordc van V.fpL Smuts en 'n nuwc hoofstak in Afribaans om dic



HIECKRIIA%SIIIE Wc, thc British Common-woe of Nations wc shouid be thc vcrp fast to throw thc first stone.

0 JIIIIA) ftl'IIIIE)IO. PRYS 2dc Uitgawe 2 '6. Sb rpf aanr Di c Uitgewcrsr PUBLICITE, Kerkstraat 29, Bus 4892, Johannesburg.

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C'h»llenp00 lloli lic li o n lcrs: T h e Dr ama of t he ( l V ) h o les


>t ll a ckr r l d Bo e r R < .f>lies to P r i n cess Elizabeth . ... : ft Dir K ngclse Ko n in g Ko>n — tVat Cluan o os D oen .

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Terne nan Smuts e.a.

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This story will forever stands

Britainr your oaths arc traced in sand I

THE TREATY-BREAKER OP HISTORY Every Treaty ever entered into by tbe British Empire «ith the Boers was broken by tbc Brithh Empire — writes Sir Graham Bower (but this moral atomic bomb had to bs kept a secret fm 50 years!) W i l l a prostituted so-callof Free Press broadcast this BRITISH Fact to the world, and particularly to South Africa, aml so for once and sll EXPOSE THE LI E on which thc forghrc and forget cry rest@ as well as its twin-sisters That the ballot csn decide (when they have imported enough nStemvce") thc moral i ssue of our RAPED indepcndencer our gold a m l o ur diamonds plus our four provinccsf Even Rhodes would smile at this typically British version of ethical


Thc a nswer wil l b c f o und i n D e l l's "The Csencra i!acket" snd V ullismy's "Outlanders." V u l lismy recounts, a dding i n controvertible p r oofs. J o c C h amberlain's a nd Rhodes' intrigues under the cloak o f a ppeasement, when these arch-simulators in 189p were placing for time, opportunity snd the semblance of a casus belli with the Boers. As for Dell's exposorc: read the Racket and draw your o wn fearlessconclusions. E verything points to the inescapable conclusion: I t w s s agreed between l l itlcr and Chamberlain that l l i tler's ultimate sim was to be smnshing Communism. I y ben l ater it suited perfidious Albion, and " circumstances alter cases" could be applied — Albion stooped to conquer — hcr historical roh of ccnturics.

DIE TWEEDE UITGAWEI Pspbroek uitgewcrs cn die brutaslste doodsmoor metodcs kon oic 'n tweeds uitgawe bclet nie! En sal ook n i c 'n Sdc en sde belet nie! D i e h uigelaars, wat die kastigc bc-

skerrners en bepleitcrsvan 'n rry prrs en 'n vry spraak i» — selfs huUe nsensorskap" hct wcer bewys~ o os in tp)4 die b oikot von , 3 ) i e A n dcrkant va n d i e R chrllir"= dat d i e volk, die demokrasie. opreg iv cn., trc Js Jorc om A I KA!v TE uit te hoor, om so dir waarhrid tr out Jck. D i e Party-stelsel egtcr beie) dit. I l y t eer op onkunde cn r cnsydighci l. lly i oor 'n dccl voor as ilir gchrrl. I ly h r r rs iler tv vcrdeel cn te verlam. I l y i s cn bly die autitc e van die leer v an Christus en von die w«ttc van rvare bcskarving. E n hy is die vernaamste enkrle oorsaak von die rvircid(ntwrigting vandag. .'iowat g perzent van die kocrantc rnv, hct 'n - r«scnsie ' durf gec. iVog gran tu perzent hrt dtc wclvocglikiuirl gchad om ontvangs van l>t' and ignoranrr. nn land that under German ane tliat the present iVntivc Policv or lack o( policy is tl.c cmitinuation of the old Exeter Hall crime with the sam" motive and object — thc extinction of Ab ikauerdom — to-day

oi all Europeans in S.A. anil A frica. T h en they too would Iave realised that every German war-crime has more than its counterpart in British history in India, Ireland and South Africa — and tliat with noi, one-tenth of tbe factors of mitit.ation snd extenuation ivhich Germany has. Fo r S. Africa, av iccll as for thc world. there is oiily one way — to get to Brat causcsr it is thc only seicntifie way and tlie only moral ard spiritual way. I . it u s , A ( rikancrs and " E nglish S. A frikancrs", eliminate the causes if w c r e ally m ean t o bee'orna friends. K o t l e agues of liars and not world-parliaments will do tbe miracle, but the knowledge and admission of tiie fundamental Carts, lct come what will, Caela o( iiistory, facts of nature, Carts of the teaching of Christ, and their application b y e a c h m ember o f a w o rl d o f F r ee Peoples. I t w ill b e a sloiv and painfuli but sound process, because it is fundamental. If the English meant their conciliation cry, they would ci.asc to allow themselves to bc exploited by the same twisti.rsnnd liars who engineered the Anglo-Boer IVer —the soealled re(ormers whom Kruger should bove hangcil one by nnc and S. Africa ivould have escaped the hell of dissension, exploitation and impoverislimcnt of the last half a century. Ilad h c s ummarily executed those international moneyIrnders, this land of blood and tears, of poor whites, poor blacks and problenis, would have been a second United States to-day. B u t t ha t is our tragedy: our "E n glish S. 'ifricans" — «hat a contradiction in terms — become Americans in the fullestand Cinest sense of tbe terms when they accept citirensbip o f t h a t l a n d o f f reedom, but r emain British and shield behind a f a lse description ("EngRsh Africans") irhen they settle in the land of thc Afrikaners. Thc average Englishman still scorns the Afrikancr and his language. I n his subconsciousness rtill reigns supreme the liible.reading baboon o f " R eformer" clays. I ( e nce, after llal( a century o f r e coniiliation l i e is not conversant yct arith the Afrikaner's language and knows nothing or hss a small smattering of his history. B ooks like Smuts' Century oi Wr o ng, Hobhouse's Brunt of t he Anglo-Boer War an d On tVhoni it Fell, thc British Premier's "What I saw in S. Africa" or V uliianiy's Outlsnders — books like these are Greek to him. IVhat hc knows about them is a so-called review hy a liar. pailocation uris>'s u'gether tbe beast does not derive from him! f s there a greater monstrosity than a nmn who is not a m a n ! I p h v r o b and n>pr t h c A f r ikanvr cl>i>d (Dutch or otlwr) of this divine incentive! Unlesq of course, you are drlibera>cly unmauning hin> to ict l>im sink in thc morass o>' d«generation. >vhich iv . !o>vly l>ut surely creeping >.ver the land his forefatbers civilised at such unnamrahi. sacrifice. U n iv>s you remain at heart the foreign adventurrr, rki>art fo r o u c o i r o u r m an v I m perial 'hom>s", thc momrnt v ou scc thc slmdow of d i as>cr o» thc S.A. I>orizon — 'hc fruit of voar mizcd->aarriage polic>' or your religion nf dope — which is tbe very a ntithesis of thc teaching of t h e S o n o f F act. U n less your Gentury being carri>d oat against a small, but unconquerable people> of t h r ong i s d eliberately, t h ough insidiou>lv, s t ill a race tl>at l>as proven to bc your «qual. i f not superior, according to all thc available tr>ts of intrlligence snd chars«cr. You have no rzcusc to-day to disrcpect or hate the i!ocr, for ti>uc ha» b o w n y ou that you o r y our forbear> werc the uncon cious tool o f t h e g angsters. alias Rand Reformers, thc capitalistic curse of history past and prcscn>. F or our ci>ildrcn'. s ake. for t r uth'z sake. A t V A K E ! lfad you dour so rarli> r. >vc uould not have bern guilty of eri>ne upon crimr, rra< hing their climaz i • the joining in an i mmoral war o f >vanton aggrr>sion, and >vorse, a wa r o f advcntu>'r and b>gh p:»' Klcrclv fo>' hundreds of thousand>.

Bul a war that has macfe us partners in the biggest crime of history — aport fro>n tlm los, of a thousan i million: pounds (which i t u l timately >uu t mount tov w hich should have been spent on our stag!>erin>t social prul>lcms; on thc settling oi million> of tl». so called mrs>y to >ave S. A f rica and Africa from sinking into the s>ran>p» of black stagnation; or on the defence ofour country. %lie searched for t h c " enemy" t e n t h o usand >niles

away, while thc enc>zry is in our very bosom and hc5 is awaiting us next door. S o uth Africa. starving amidst putcutialitivs unnumhvrrd. I>rlpv to murder people», vho by dint of bard ond methodic work had become the masters of

their Cate as no other Bacon beCore hs human history l Boers to-day, thousands of German men, nomen and children are tormented snd t o rtured i n a n d out o f o u r c oncentration

camps in S.A.— people who have cootributed their sharc

in trving to rescue the Union or South %'cst from desolation, and who. six months after tbe so-called peace, are d ying a slow death in camps of detention, waiting for a ccurt to comlemn or free them, after scvcn years of gaoll l l "1.sttlw curse he on us and our children", you retort. And

ft wHI be with or without your bluff and bluster. tVho. but a criminal fool would sow hate and hell and then expect to rrap world-peace! 'A n d t h a t i s w hat t hc A l l ied " B r ain Trusts" tell their fellow-fools! And to crown our sadistic hate of our real friendsrnany of thrru rni~sionarh s of thc finest tvpc and men who fought w ith us against the B r itish V anrpire to save our land and our freedom — to crown our "gratitude", some cure propose deporting these men aod women of character and irdustry, and to import "stemvce," who instead of helping tn solve our problems of p rimary p roduction and a w hite nation, will create t hem, as they have done before, and then return to one of their other "homes" or prcservrs.

APID THIS IS GIkLLHy VIGTPR+t Once more univcr al darkness reigns. The Light of the World — put out when the m i ghtiest Empire of H i story deliberately and wantonly slaughtered a brave babe-nation — that L i g h t h a s never shone again since t900. So that hell-staggering crime was "justified". S o i t i s possible todav because moralparalysis is creeping over man. Various factors have played a r ole i n t h c d r ama of cstinetion, but none a greater part than the accused Party System, with its inseparable pimp and prostitute, the party press. T o suppress evidence is a black crime in law. B u t t o suppress evidence when the weal or svoe of a nation or of the world iv in thc balance, that is ibe privilege nnd profession of the paid strsnglers of the truth or part of the truth. Once more the waters of darkness and desolation cover the face ot' the svorhl — l>ut svithout God's Spirit brooding over it all. If Chri t, the Son of Fact, did not lie — that it i s the truth that makes free — t hen universal chains are being forged — t hen universal slavery is as inevitable as death. The clang of clanging chains is in the air. I t svss with these sonvictious coming to mc, not to be d i missed, that I sent thc foilouing telegram on t h c 8 t h cf bfav ta the S.A. Prvnlicr. Parliament and gapa. Itlhcn I s ent thc t elegram, G crmanv ha d collapseI rv a result of the wholcsalc destruction of uoutrn and children by r uthless aad imli:criminate bombing. A s w ith tbe Boersr no peace was to be considered bv the Victors, no hooourable peace. When Bloemfontein fell at th e beginning st the A n g l o-Boer W ar , and Stcy n a n d K r u ger p r oposed peace,the cruel replv wav: only at the cost of your honour, vi your national indvpcndcncc. This reply finally ezposcd of the lie that only certain "reforms" were wanted by the "Outlander ." So the attitude of the A Hics to Germany now f inally exploded the lir that they were merely out to protect Poland; they were out tu crush Germany. V f c h ate those whoru we have inj< red. T h e hate of tbc Alliev, so black, so blind, so bitter, v,.n have no less a cause than that mighty and p rofound reuse: insult and injury — insult born of jealousy, i njury or fear, both personified in that torture and horror called th» Pease of Vvrmilles,

Germany hsd to be crushed, but ivitli a last superhuman elfort the proud and principled Ssm-on once morc came to himself and erusiird hi" envmiev with himsrlf i nto a mess i I maitucd ond ilying mvn. women and children — not only of the rnrmv hut . if thr world. That ti n i ndictmint a s containril in my t rl c grsm lnivcr doiini iv absolutely t r ue and incontrovertible i there may have bir n some ilonht about. but since the tuc of thc

atomic bomb and thc deliberate murder of some half a million defenceless and innocent women aod children — siocc that act of hellish sadism it wiii take cvcn a greater cHrontcry than that of thc apostles of «my country right or wrong" to accept my challcngc. Should they wish tn accept it , needless to ssy. a full reply w ill br forthcoming to all and sundry as soon as I can obtain a permit for printing tlie reply.

TEI.FGRAId TO THE S.A. PREhfIER, PARLIAhf ENT A N D S A PA. VICTORY ! tyhst a bloodcurdling lie! tyhst a c riminal blasphemy! WVbat negation of all Christ stands for! V ictory of the Powers of Darkness over t b e P o w ers o f Light! Victory of t i n v ampire of history over a n ation that has bern thc hope of man! Victory of tyranny and satanic sadism, born of eravcn fear, jealousy and revenge, against a people tliat hss bees martyred again and again! First by a policy of strangulation, t hen after thc armistice by thc deliberate s t arvation b y blockade of a million Cierman women and children, to be followed by that horror,thc so-called Peace Treaty of Versailles. A n d as if that siss not enough to satisfy even Hell and its Ruler, these crimes of an unspeakable gangsterdom, had to be crowned by tbe Crime of Crimes, a crime unpsrcllelcd in all history — both of beast and of man — the crime of surrendering German womanhood to the lusts of tbe lice of the African Jungles,tbc Allies of Christian France and

Eritain. ( Note: T his crime is to-day being repeated with impunity in Germany according to an American Senator). Tbankskiving! G o od G od ! f o r sack a chain of crimes!



F or our children'ssake. cea'c your blackmail of G o d Almightv. C ease vour mnckcrv and y ou r s limy, subtle, insidious denial of truth, beauty and love, and of aU mankind hav diealaCod (iod. hav('. U)cr»y on tbc fool or h) pocrite ur in'S hsug killing n tnigiou women onil children. after the armistice in 1919< Ifas he not heard of the Belsen camps in S. Africa.' Has be never read a "British blinbter's retort during the Bov>

27 tt ar: "humani c war. ' Y o u m ay as >rell talk of h u m anising Hell" ? I s t h c tvpivallv B r i t ish defence quite unkuown t o this " l ead»r" — war is war, or all is fair in love and war ! B lazes! h a s hc n>i (ed the p l e a b y B r i t i s h b i shops o u behalf of i mliscriminah bo>abing ! tt' a s I>e a>le(p when the B ritish nu>imrd a r d m u t i lated hvvond al l r ecognition t h c handful o f h u nters aml f armers in South ( f r ies w it h d u md uu>s and as yet no t q u i t e c g a >.bomb. ? B u t , surelv be has heard aruu>our about th» atop>ic cracker and «bat it di d t o t he t« o doz(n people in two Japanese cities? Alaybe h < i s t o o ohl t o k no>v about t b r l a test t y p ically I iriti( h " n>( tlm(ls of ln>mani(ing >var". and h » m ay , a s a n okl >nun b(' able t o t ell u « a t w h a t conference thc B r i t i sh

dclcgatcs opposed thc elimination of thc bomber as warw capon — b»cause, th(y p l ead>d: i t i l i a d i pcnsabl» t o u s v(bcn f i g htin g i n s ome p arts o f I n d ia ? O r b a s h e c o nvenientlv f o r gotten that it w a s " c h r istian" B r i t a in w h o a t t hc H a gu e r » f used t o o u t lay t h e d u m-dum — shc held i . ready to at t n e k t hc . . . Bo e rs ! T h i s d a r i n g a p o stle o i nr w m e thods may al. o bc a bl e t o t ell u s l vh y B r i t a i n rvligiou(l y pr » v ( ntvd r approch»ment b » t « (.en ( i c r m a ny anann and tl>r Fr(nch %fin!ster faih d ? H e m a v h L o h c able to i n i'orm us >vhether i t i s t r ue what P ctnin o r h i s l)(p ut'z., tl v o uhla l>o k n(>w lvh( t her t h s method> were ( > n « ar-softening m ( t ho(bu h e n o d o u b t h s s s cr ut i niscd t h c p (scc-softrnin>t n>r'.I>ods of " l i q u idation" . hi l a m l S m u t s' rliv. Stalin. u.vd for quarter o f a centurr and i ( s t il l u sing 'as rc>(»thuds of ironing ont" t h e R ussian problems an I ringing i n t he godl»ss heaven. Hc co uld (urcly te ll us ho(v >nsny dozen l l >tier anal Benito l i quidated, Hr. wo u ld a lso be in a position to inform us what so(t methods his S. Af ric( n al!y n s (d « h e n "• (ttling" t h c R a nd S trikes and w h e n " disprr i ng " t h c B u lhork p n >vvr-meeting. I -Ic >vill bear i n mind tl>at t hese events " happened" nt t h e height o f p eace and goodwill. t hat enveloped thc world and B ulhoek t h en,

28 as tbc mists of press-lies envelope the histories of the eonqucrcd "foes" of civilixation — the "kaffir-killing" Boers snd the "Jew-hating" Germans today. H a s this simpleton nerer heard of Dyer of A mritsarwho o nl y y e sterday (i 9 !9) shot ap !,400 defeaecless men, women snd cbildrenmurdercd them in cold blood and then — got a knighthood!

infam y,

hfost likely this method-msn will be pleased to tcU us exsctlv what methods bis allies, Jameson, Rhodes and Chamberlain applied when they t ried their "constitutional conspiracy" against the Boer Republic! H e m a y n ot l ike to use the word Raid. since thc Brnish have invented a more descriptive and euphemistic term — describing thc other man's monstrosities! — RAPE. Wel l , the difference between tbc socslled rape of Austria snd the rape of the Republics is thc difference that is greater than the whole — obviously"i but lct us be complimentary and use the t y pical British term. f s t hcrr. in human history, including expressly the b!story of the Germans, a ense ss flagrantly, ss atrociously mean, caddish and treacherous ss wss this rape (under cover of appeasement and pious assurances) of thc smaUest r atiou then existing by the biggest Empire of history — an Empire already owning a q uarter and more of th c wide, wide world snd its wealth and using only a f raction of its power and pelf to the advantage of its own and other recce!

Has that RAPE o f pristine purity, i nnucencc and weakness by tbc most criminal cunning and sn ava1anchc of brutal power —has that negation of man himself its equa1 or parallel in thc annals of man and hmsty With that sct and the "iucritablc war" following it to wipe out and rover u p t he criminal snd bloody misdceds

of the very British Crown aod Govcrntncnt — with that act the curtain fell on thc last sccae in thc Drama of the Light oi the W orld — the curtain that was rent in t wain on that day of "Ict there b. spiritual light" — that curtain, alas, was closed again and bas ever siacc bees dosed. The bells of peocc rang in !902, but it wss a creel hoax and a bitter psrodv! The beUs rang in !9i9,bst they werc tbc bcfls of hcU, not of harmony. The bcfls rang in ! 9 ts — the bells of atter injustice and hate, ringing in the atomic bomb. No peace without goodwill; No goodwiU without truth and justice.

N otbiag is ever settled which i s not settled right. E l s e twice two would not be four. May G o d g ive that the S.A. P arliament, People and Pulpit realise this fundamental and eternal law and N O'LV utter a piercing protest against the insane sadism behind thc so-called trial of German "Criminals." Or wiR tlmy sharc tbe criminal cowardice and bloodg uilt of E urope and America, w h e n in t 8 9 9-l902 t h ey watched the cold-blooded murder of the smallest but bravest people in history — watched the sadistic orgy as Nero watched the writhing, agonising Christians burning — watched it w ith callous curiosity ss the b ulldog w a tches t h e rc d stream trickling from thc collie's heart — watching without understanding— brcsuse dving and dead to the things of the Spirit.' Then God help South Africa. Then welcome the Allies' supreme method o( "humani ing war" — the atomic bomb. P.S. To the Dreamers of world-parliaments asd communistic krsahb 1 would say: c ome hack to earth, to your owa bit of earth, that is soaked with y our women's and children's blood. T b at bit of earth holds not only sacred memo ries but potentialities of production a n d li f e t h a t ca n produce food. raiment and happincss for s hundred tim"s more Rrpubliean toilers. Sreondly, I would humbly advise our Leaders to do less talking and a bit morc thinking. They sre doing their dsmnest to lead us, but how are the blind t r lead the h alf-blind? U n t i l t hey have a gleam o f t h e Light of th e kt orld i n t heir ow n souls their o ften self• ppointed task must fail. Thirdly, t hey should rrntenrbrr that the world is big sod complicated — mostly complicated because desecratedtoo big for petty Press-mmlr giant pigmies. B etter if cack Ruder attends to his own home-flock than to "solve the world's problems." b i iles bigger b r ains tried the Babel' ll wer il l v a i n .

We, in S. Af r ica. hare no e nd of problems — insoluble

in many nays — until we face thc facts of history and frcc oursclvcs from the stranglehold of thc octopus ca11cd thc British Empire — tbc onc and only cncmy wc have cvcr knownr despite the drivel that Britain is our best friend and thc mother of our liberty. Some deduction! Ou r People, Boer and Briton in S.A., are without vision, without ideals>

30 without a m a i ti.r-passion. becauseirc ar e i r i t hout knowledge — the knowledge of thc past that gives impetus and guidance and inspiration — a past as pregnant with moral and spiritual philosophy as our skies arc ivitb light — a past that Iiolds a t houiaril clarion calli t o h c n p and d oiug. piercing enough to u i k « t lie dradi at. dullest seal to actioa. But our past do«i not f i t i nto thc party-frame o( fanries a nd folichomli, O n ce nnt cnincid« w it h th e ideas nf Crr il John Rhodes or his fellow-skunk an d f i. Iloiv-iisr. A l (rr.l hlilnir. T he lying dipl om ats, te achers snd party-politicians (nftrr all wlin«ver lies is a Iisr! ) Imve tn keep the scronrl biggest lic of history afloat — thc "Divine hliision" of the b loodstained Fnqiirc. th c sly bu t consistent uphoklir o f thr draillirit form o( H r rrenvolki m. So our nation.buililing ii a farrr and a lie aml our problems arc overtaking us. (rod help S. A f rica if Boer and Briton fail to co-opera te on thc only passible haiii: t h e basis of truth. naiu rl , absolute restitution, absolute freedom and absolute secession

from tbc British Empire. We have only one destiny: f ree together, or to sink tot(«ther in the . u amp of bastarddom, nuw being p Ly an irrciponiihle gang o( r riininal maniari — acti r thc ty~ a n d m anner o f t h e E xeter H a l l L i a rs and l unati,i ivhosr "divine mis ion" too was libelling the Boirs and their rative policy — still the only policy tliat is both ruoral and scientific — still t h e one solution to our second greatest problem in S. Africa. I f t hese "idealists" and maniacs were tu lift their heads for onc moment in tlir land described by t he paid liars ai a "ilemo«racy" ( R ussia) they i«auld for cvir after h« in thr company o( the " purged" a n d t h c "liquidated:" b u t our B r itish Connection d emands t h e sncrificc o f ou r c hildren's future on the altar of Britisli expediency.

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Ig(AARON IS DIE PAMFLEY NIE GEDRUK NIE ? Omdat dic A f rikanerdom die spcelbal geword bct van polit(eke psrtyci wat I I UIIc vaortl)cstilsu a ii n i l i a I a agstc kuipcry«, kruiperyi i n uitoorl'rcrv« te dank» brt. 'n Onding in kanker wat ons volkskarakter aan vcrwoeitc ii, wat ons vcrledetot 'o klug en oos toekoms tot 'n treurspel mask. Ontstaan dear 'n beroep op ons godsdienssin en nasionale oortuiging wurd die skyngevcg t ee n o n s n ssionale haters voortgesit — nie om die Afrikanerdom te last seevicr

gl nie, maar om die partve met bulle troatc van parasirte e i ku!fakters op die bloed von die uitgesuigde land t c last tier. O o s vrrgert dat partye middel; cn n i e einddoele is nie. Ä ' A T b i ist ons as Party om T AT( DAG te bcsluit om av een vaa ons Brginscis aan tr nees> rlie hcrsiening of vcrvanging — dvur dir brproefdr Krugrr-Sti yn-strfscl — van di u ithcrmse flarty.gcdrog. Ä a t . Di» s.g. Ilcpublikvinse pcrs weirr om icts, hor volmask Afrikanergcsind ookal, wnt nie in bulle politickc kraampic pns nie. te druk of uit te gec. A r t ikel., van partygenotc oor evnheid — ons cnigvte hoop — svord nie a lleen gewrier nie, maar die rrdakvies. srat y like fondsv uit die A f rikancrdo... opgebou hrt, svrier die hof likhvid ost sulke briewc terug te püs, srlfvwanöeer gradressccnle en grfrankecrdr koevrrtc bygaan. H uUr hat clan kouvuiv nie personret daarvoor nie! En clkc F uge(se cn Sap-korrantjie d o r n d i t! H ir r d ie pnmflet m oes d a s c c rv, so het bulle geskrywe, aan huBe politieke kcurder onderwcrp «ord: om onmiddeBik daarna tuet die ekskuus te korn aaudra dat huUr drukkcry oorstelp is met «eck virmrcr as 'n jaar vooruit. Toe ek 'n jaar wou ung, karl dir waarheidsridders 'n ander «kskuus, en tor ck hulic nct die uitgrurry « o u lost dorn (rk sou moontlik 'n Indiir-drukk«r in X a tat k ry ) was sog 'n v r r vloekte leuen op dimelfdr skiukbord reg waarop die ou Bvbel lg vi r . . .

uiisbruik'. E k hat se)fs aangebied om nie alleen alle drukkoste te betaal nie, mnar dat buge al die wiuste kon hou, ck bo-op aan huBr 'nbesteBing vir fl00 sou gee, eo daarby die nodige garonsic vir enige bedrag wut holle rniskien asn boctes of (en) lasteraksirs mag he — 'n onmoontlikheid volgens d h b este rrgsadviscur, wut, !(.Bo nie .,retainrrs" von die Aep. Prrs krv n ie ! D a t die D oktertjiev. arm, 'n brstaan trap tr roaak. last ons daar. h f aar, wat tragies is, i." die feit dat ons tockoms — soos ons verledc sind. die das von die Pakt en die v l agheodsop — dat die deur die eks»townguards" e n c k s-.,inteBigence officers" to t ' n s p at gemaak word nl. die leiertjies na die V rymesselaar.leucns. Soos met dirPakt sien onv rccds dicsclfde vrrskynsels van. Jag — picks van te staan by rcg is buge tr mcidagtig nm selfs 'n prntes asu tc trkrn treu die bewus-gekweektc wecrgalose tocstand in Duitsland eu ander lande. H u Bc is sclb te kruiperig om 'n tclegram oor die spoeg in die aangesig van die Christus (wie bulle dau mee dweep op halle politiekr. v ergadcrings) um die i n d i e s .g. r olksraad t e b r nl c t e bring. H i e rdic pamßet durf die papbrocke nie eers drult

ni», want bulle kruip en iek om 'n dosyu Britsc stemme te kry. A sof die domkoppe 'n Brit kan nitoorli ! A s tocnadc-

ring nrc in f946 vorder ufer bfy daar vir die ware Rcpnblikcinc nct ecn weg oopt die stig van 'n ccrßkc waaragtige Rcptsbffkcintc Bewcging wat nie aal fck cn knip cn kruip ufer maar wat die Icuscs Wcicr, Werft cn Wag saf uitfccf, last dit kos nct wat dit wd. Ons sack nie na politickc mecrdcrhedc nie. Oca EIS uns onvcrvrccmdbare REGt uns cic viag onr ~ c i= Said-Afrika. Dic vtag is die Vicrklcur cn nie fand bmlaan uns vier geroofdc prnvinsics. Ru . . . . . di e sor. sak. Daar is gern enkele prohieem in ous Vodrrlaud wst nie vat dic F E IT E van sv Empire sc roof-. moord- c arv thc a RYORDS> AfORE W O R D S < Don't you knoiv i Germsay is "th» heart of the world!! And whih thi> trsglv'i'ill the s.at of rapit:iii.ia. luis injurisl uv bcvp>fit — a>p>t>t >n>t>lied >a H i » n>ester>ou»>vi»' ccnturics luck an life and gro>vth under an O, hl A I ) A ) I . f o re>rr ) >0 ! (te n d \ vorld history b'>' (>erma« Scholar . It c

    "< p >narc 's that not the father of lies dare di»pate. 9 h en next t i me y ou t>y t o w h i t c wa»l> t hc E mp i r e grave, remember that it conk>ins. au>ongst a million and on other skvlctm>» and among.t u>illions of other cruelly stifled sobs, the rnany mors) i nnocent women and el>ihlrcn. delibrratelv t h o ugh seientificaUy murdered in the B r iti •h Belsen Cao>p< in S. Af r icacamps for whose creation there wa» not one reason of military necmsity such as « h ich Hi t ler nnd Stalin n>ar h ave mally i g n orant t eachers deny thi> accusation. I r efer you to En>ilv H obhouse'> "Thc Brunt o( the 1Var and on W hom it Fe ll." Ja n S>nub( "Reports" during thc Anglo-Boer War, Vulliamy's "Outlsnders' and dozen; of other c>tuully irrefutable proofs. If all t h r»c fai l t o a p peal t o v au r c u l t ured and pre)udiced mimi. pcrum Ogden'» "B ar A g a inst the Dutch Republic»'. Th e n < i » it t h e B loemt'onteia h lo numenb and i t '>'our soul docs not vet bur. t the bonds of a l ifetime of ment>il . ed«ed in exclaiming: H E L L ! Spend at !listrrs on yaur Royal cheeks. then, maybe only a » i milar >nonument. syinal" st )>«ur«n>l>«rg. who capo«cd the Court's hypocrisy when citing hlartin I . utbcr as th>. greatest Jewhatcr in history — s cl>uU«ngr that will remain unanswered uotil the British Empir«di>gorge corn«of its unused wastes snd sell Australia (for «ssmpf« ) to thc Jews — the only solution to that problem — s Jewish lund where the Jew will be free t o p r actise bis I l crrenvolkism and his "Chosen• sce" (ur sap«rn>an) obsessions. It is a >hageagr tn th> "highlv plar«d' E nglishmen in y u Africa whn — i n private — s ay : "llitlrr Jid one good thiag» > ' l an h> nt t »«ki J t h « , i > wc! ' A d ding. " but b c mad«a m ist;>k« in vw««ping th« p«vtv into hi u > ighbonr's gard«ni." t l ' i>haut sgr««ing with >ny iri«nvcd under British Fre«dom and th>" curse of partisanship in politics anil in thc pres« ! sever before in history was there morc abject sla»'ry and mental ilerangcmcnt tio>n in thii hour of u called learning. K v ca these essays by a simple farmer ln>d to bv stol@>ed by houk cr by crook. !>>ut onlv wa p r i nting refused l>v our modern and 8»' t>sh hc>'o>'s of fa>rph>v, hut even rcv>t>vs 0( a roar>>imue. E v ery cheap-jack. be he a t«ister of a partv-politi@isa or an editor of some rag is a petty censor and dictator and allo>vs only what fits into his pimpish-conception

    >f world-affair.. I t is this cursed partisanship and mental slavery that is at thc root of the human drama now ending in stark tragedy. It is this o>rntsl siductiou that made it possible (or tl>e British People to "honour- thc arch-iriminals of the .Iamcson-raid and t o support a c r iminal cabal called a B ritish cabinet in its treachery against Paul Kruger and his People and every ronecptim> uf humaoity and decency. It is this men>al paralysis that keeps you. hlada>n. anil other probably iinrrre souls, from learning the undrnial>le

    histi>rival FAC T- given expression to by an English knight — B»r (>rl>han> Bi>'u'i'>' —v>1,. that every C onvention ever

    entered into by the mighty British Empire with the little B oer Nation — EVERY ONE — >vas BROEKF( BY T H E liRITISH EhlPIBE. E - V -E-R-Y 0 - N -E I Thc British People do not know thc first things about

    their tree history —of how their Empire has been thc curse of human peace and progress hlAI)Ahi! after rcsdintt the above sumniarv of F A C'T«, y o u will uudcrstand how wc Afrikanrrs view your vi>it. A n d that is how we will keep on viewing it until th> (allowing has been (ulfilled, and everv i njustice has been put right — EVFRY O V E . Fo r we simple hut capable Boers believe that nothing is ever settled >vbicb is not settled right.

    BRITAINI For every act of wanton wast< of sweat-soaked toil; for every drop of blood that drenched South Afric's soil; Far every tear that furrowed deep a bunfr. Johsn Srhorman. "Yasnaya Polyana." P.O. Broederstroom. And so the tragic farce and criminal comedy is proceeding in ibcurembrrg. T h c newsmongers wbo have space and attention for thc stinking details nbout immoral swine and the i nanities, vanities and insanities of a civilisaton, rotten to thc core t h ese "intellectual g iants" f urnish ns w ith such resumes of t h c t r ial, a n d p a rticularly of t h c defence, that thc impremion hss gained currency that those German leaders have no defence at all. O f course they have to be hanged and the drawn-out drama of over a year is so much eve-wash, so much hypocrivy.so mush cant. Thc underlying idea is to murder aml t o t orture these helpless men, who arr snd w ill yct be proven by history, to have ln.rn fsr less criminal than their j udges werc, particulsriv their British Empire judges, who are the verr last in tbe wide wide world t o act ss prosecutors — e ven of S atan himself. Behold the "Court of Justice," i n f a ct, tbe Court of ed Revenge —the foreranner of thc spirit of a universal French or Red Revolution whish every simple and sincere onl sees spreading like plague and pestilence, but which is hailed as the "new order" by these congenital traitors to truth and liberty.

    18IORE ATTHIIPTS. Cable to British Cabinet. London. "Thc f olio ad, hoe folterend-futiel om ons ia t» dink i n di c G oddclikc Agonie >vat j y ons voor di e >cs trog te roep. tiolgota? G r a f va n die Onsterflikc. YL/URFgfBF B ( i! . H a c skokkcnd! hoe vrrby>terend! 1 oe vlrmend / spottend! is «n bly el ke v r r radcrlikc poging

    om die hcl>e >noord. in koelen b l oede g c pleeg, o m ni e tragedie van dic crue> tc probeer rcgverdig of verklaar.' Xeurcmbcrg — saadbcdding van die sterf like, onafskei1 aar in hriligc eg mct dic Onstrrflike. Gotgot» — dir heraut van l.ig cn Liefde : y(eurernhrrg va n 'n grcnslo>e wraakneming — op Gods :yd en wysc: want ook volkcre maai «a t hul!c saai.

    EN NO Us f)icdag is nag geword. Tasbarc duisternis omfloers >i r hrclal. < i od>di>'n>. dir lig r n die sout. lg vir die teenwoordige O P I U !d . Al d i r g csanik oor rc g. v r yheid cn ucrctdvrcdc is nog hall«r as aat dit >va> in 1919. Hicrdic toc>Wand vsn normlonsheid het bom al in 1899 openbaar — toc»Christclike Engeland" i n hcldcr daglig die >wakste n>aar edelste volkie van die Geskiedcnis uitgeplund>r, uitg> moor rn doodgelastrr het( wy l die s.g. Christclike Kerke of stil g cl>ly h ct, ot' die sluilnnoord aangemoedig

    h>'t.) blaar h i >rdic o nt>rnuwing v a n d i c a l l ermagtigste Jryfveer en norm — die Leer van Christus — hct sy hoogtepunt bereik toe in 1919 die Duitse klaagde aan die swartes vaa Engeland, Suid-Afrika cn Frankryk, oorgclcwer is; toe dic s.g. V rede van Ver>ailles, met sy wraakmotief, in die blord van 'n N a tie ondertekend is; toc dic oorsaak van die onvcrraydclike verbreking van die folter-verdrag— die uitbreiding van Pohsnd — toe dic kamstig as die heilige rede »o rgegec is vir d i e ontketen van 'n t weede wereldoorlog

    üeur die,>vredeliewcndc" Brit, en Amerika, die intcrnas.ju>tier!" ) v e rwelknm is — wvl die s.g. Christelike Kcrke so hc>ig i s o m mc k a sr u i t t e r o e i d at h o l le g ern enkele woord van protes kun last hoor nie. (Daar was die kabclkie van gi n S .A . K lag vir w aal gegen w urd O f in a l l cdaagse ut yesterday ezhausted their i;>cshaustil>le Caish >vhitc women and kil l w h ite