Healing Magick, Words of power to heal yourself and others

In this book, you find hope. Angel magick works. There are fourteen rituals that help with health and healing. The ritu

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Healing Magick, Words of power to heal yourself and others

Table of contents :
Title Page
The Angels of Healing
The Mystery of Healing
Creating Your Request
Performing Your Ritual
The Ritual Summary
Healing Others
For Support in a Crisis
For Relieving Anxiety
For Healing Infection
For Healing Wounds and Injuries
For Healing Bodily Disorders
For Relieving Pain
For Relief from Chronic Pain
For Healing Skin Disorders
For Relief from Fatigue
For Easing Depression
For Peaceful Sleep
For Healing a Resistant Sickness
For Protection from Epidemics
For Healing a Major Illness
Pronunciation Guide
Towards a Bibliography

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Healing Magick Words of Power to Heal Yourself and Others ROSE MANNING

Copyright © 2020 by Rose Manning All rights reserved. The author has created this book for personal use only. You are not allowed to make the book publicly available in any way or make copies of the material, except for personal use. All images are subject to copyright and may not be reproduced without permission. The work is based on personal research, experience, speculation, and spiritual beliefs. The matters explored in the text should not be taken as professional or medical advice of any kind, and no implications about managing your health, or any other aspect of your life, are intended or implied. The author does not recommend the use of this book in the place of conventional medicine and recommends that readers always seek conventional and professional help for maintaining or restoring health. The methods are to be used at your own risk, and the author is not responsible for subsequent experiences. The sale of this book is made on the condition that the work is used in accordance with the laws of your country or country of residence.

Contents Title Page Copyright The Angels of Healing The Mystery of Healing Creating Your Request Performing Your Ritual The Ritual Summary Healing Others For Support in a Crisis For Relieving Anxiety For Healing Infection For Healing Wounds and Injuries For Healing Bodily Disorders For Relieving Pain For Relief from Chronic Pain For Healing Skin Disorders For Relief from Fatigue For Easing Depression For Peaceful Sleep For Healing a Resistant Sickness For Protection from Epidemics For Healing a Major Illness Pronunciation Guide Towards a Bibliography

The Angels of Healing You believe that magick is possible. You know that angel magick works. You sense that healing can come to you if you open yourself to the magick of angels. You aren’t looking for miracles or everlasting life, but you know that magick can help you. In this book, you find hope. You know there is hope, but you also know that magick rituals aren’t the same as miracles. If something miraculous happens, that’s beautiful, but you will never expect magick to cure cancer or revive somebody who’s beyond saving. Magick is an opportunity to make health and healing possible, but it’s not going to replace ordinary medicine. I’m one of those people who believes you should always use conventional medicine first. I know the angels are real, and they saved my life, but if I am unwell, I don’t perform a ritual until I’ve sought help from my doctor. You should do the same. Conventional medicine indeed lets me down sometimes, like all science can let me down, but I’ll always turn to science first because it’s insane to throw away hundreds of years of medical knowledge. If you let angel magick work alongside medicine, it is far more likely to be miraculous. Science doesn’t have all the answers. Even the scientists are beginning to agree with that, and the universe looks like a miracle where we matter. What we experience affects reality. When it comes to medicine and health, there are many surprises that can’t be explained by science. Everybody knows that the body heals when least expected, and sometimes it looks like there’s a miracle at work. But if you rely on magick to do all your healing for you, you can seriously damage your health. If you ignore angel magick, you miss out on the possibility of alternative healing. I want to share the truth of this possibility using Kabbalah-based angel magick, connecting to angelic healing through Words of Power. Without any mixtures or potions, you make a heartfelt request to the angels. With this, I believe you can heal yourself and your loved ones.

You get fourteen rituals in this book that help with health and healing, but this is not a book about energy medicine, hands-on healing, chakras, crystals, or any of the usual ideas associated with supernatural healing. I can only share what I know well, and what I share is the magick of angels. The magick works with divine names and angel names, all discovered in Shorshei ha-Shemot, a book of practical Kabbalah that was kept secret for centuries. Practical Kabbalah is a form of esoteric knowledge that enables you to interact with the power of angels. Kabbalah arose from Jewish mysticism but is now practiced by people of many religions. It is even useful to people who don’t believe in any religion. You don’t need to understand how Kabbalah works, and you don’t need to believe anything. This is universal magick. You only need to believe that the angels might be real and know that Kabbalists received the secrets of angelic contact. Kabbalah has influenced and guided Western magick for centuries, but in the last twenty-five years, it has changed the way that people perform magick. Books such as Shorshei ha-Shemot, which were kept secret until recent times, reveal hundreds of angelic powers and the simple secrets of contact. The methods used for connecting to angels with Words of Power are diverse, but they work, and this simplified approach to angelic contact has revolutionized magick. The words and names used in this magick are written in Hebrew, but you don’t need to understand any Hebrew. It is the shape of the letters and the combination of names that creates the power. The letters are a sacred opening to practical magick. Whatever your religion, and whatever language you speak, Hebrew letters can act as a magickal key. You only need to look at the letters and call to the angels with hope and with your heart open. The magick activates a connection between you and the angel, and you will be heard. Some magick authors say that healing magick operates on the fringes of fraud, trickery, and deception, and I agree. From the fake faith healers to the tricksters selling bogus potions, supernatural healing has a bad name because it attracts scammers, charlatans, and swindlers who want to exploit your hope. But I’ve also noticed that these authors continue to publish books that mention healing power, quietly and without drawing too much attention. In every book, they acknowledge the reality of healing magick. I want to be

bold and say that healing magick works. I believe that the cruelest scam would be to hide what I know. You deserve to know what I have discovered. My book is short and practical, and it’s extremely easy to try the techniques. You’ve got nothing to lose by seeing what happens.

The Mystery of Healing Why do people get sick and die, and why can some be saved? Why do some people get the chance to use magick, and others never find out that it works? This mystery can’t be answered. I do not know why bad things happen to good people. I cannot understand why some people suffer without relent. I can only guess why some people discover magick and the power of angels while others spend their life without that power. I do know that magick works. When you discover angel magick, you are blessed. You cannot choose to believe in magick, but if you get a feeling that it can work, you have hope, and that is enough to get started. I want you to get straight to the power of the angels. I won’t try to convince you about why magick works, why it’s safe, why the angels are willing to help, or why any magickal work is possible. You will know all that you need to know when you need to know. The magick is revealed plainly, and you can use it today, without even moving from your chair. Every ritual can be adapted so that you can heal the people you love, even if they are far away. You can direct the power of a ritual to the ones you love, whether they believe in magick or not. There is hope for your health. You might hope for relief from pain, a cure, to slow a sickness, or to recover faster. There are rituals that can support your hope. They take your heartfelt desire for health and communicate your needs to the angels. The angels will respond. You will not be ignored. Although the angels indeed hear and respond, there are no guarantees that magick will work the way you want it to work. If you can accept that peacefully, you will do well. The best results happen when you perform the magick and then allow it to work as it will. Know that the angels have heard you, but don’t burn the magick away with your need, impatience, or desperation. Don’t watch the magick to see if it’s working. Let it work if it will. Accept that sometimes it will work slowly. Other times it may not seem to work at all. Sometimes it will work instantly. Often, you’ll get more than you dreamed

of, and sometimes the outcome will be less than you hoped for. Expect the best but allow anything to happen, at any pace. I know this is the most challenging part of magick, but it gets easier. If you can let go of need and allow whatever will happen to happen, your magick will bring the best possible outcome that could happen to you at this point in your life. That truth is so very significant. During a ritual, you feel your need, and that is essential. After the ritual, you let go of need and allow. Whatever you find happening in your life, magick can give you the best options, but you can’t cheat death and live for a thousand years. Allow magick to provide you with the best possible outcome at any time. That might be a fast and beautiful recovery that seems miraculous. Or it might be that you slow a sickness without being fully cured. You will know what has changed, how the magick has helped, and you will sense what may be possible next time. I will make no claims about what may happen but will let you find out what this angel magick feels like and how it can help. You don’t need to believe anything I say, but you need to believe that magick is possible, that it might work the way you hope. Pay attention to what you believe and what you feel. Remember that you are not a cynic. Remember that you do have hope. I know you can sense that there is hope because you have put your trust in this book and these angels. If you believe you can change, and if you reach out to the angels with this magick, you can heal.

Creating Your Request Performing this magick is easy, but it may feel slightly unusual. If you have performed this kind of magick before, please read my overview of this process as it may be different from magick you know. If magick is new to you, I hope this will make it seem welcoming. First, you will move into a state of mind suitable for magick, and then you will use words and images to open the connection to the angels. You will speak Words of Power, and you will look at an angelic seal. The Words of Power are divine names and angel names that create magickal connections when combined according to the secrets of kabbalah. In every ritual, I will let you know what is contained within each angelic seal. I will explain the divine names and angel names, so you know what you are looking at and what you are saying. Many of these names are probably unfamiliar to you. You may have heard of the archangels Raphael and Michael, but some of the other names can’t even be found in the popular angel encyclopedias. The revelations of practical Kabbalah are ancient but were not widely known until the turn of the century. In the coming years, I expect the angel encyclopedias will expand to catch up with the discoveries of modern magick. Divine names used in Kabbalah may look strange and unpronounceable. In the first ritual, for example, there is a fourteen-letter name of God written as Kozu Bmoksz Kozu. Fortunately, it is only the Hebrew letters that matter, and they appear in the seal. You never have to speak these unusual-looking names. All the magickal guidelines found here are similar to the guidelines in my book, The Angels of Fortune. If you know how that book works, this will be almost the same, and in some places, the instructions are identical. But there are significant differences, especially when it comes to healing others. I recommend that you perform magick in secret. Tell nobody about your ritual until you have felt your result. Talking about magick dissipates the energy. When a result happens, you can tell anybody who might understand. Never try to convince doubters because you are only wasting air. Look through the book and decide which angel is most suitable at this moment. Calling one angel is more powerful than reaching out to every

angel that might influence your health. If you want to call another angel, wait a day. To begin, choose the best angel that meets your current needs. You now write down the request you will make to the angel. You write it down to make it feel real, and so that you can use it as a reminder in the ritual. When the ritual is over, you can throw the paper away, or if you’ve written it in a magickal journal, just leave it as a record of your intent. Writing down your request helps you to understand what you want to ask for, and how you will speak to the angel. You don’t want to be too informal, but your request doesn’t have to be elaborate. If you ask for something with a long paragraph of details, there is less chance that the magick will work. But if you make a request like, ‘I ask you to cure the pain in my arm,’ that is direct, clear, and specific. If you want to ask for a complete cure, do so, even if you believe it may be impossible. Your request can be bold and hopeful, so long as you accept that the result may be less than you ask for. The angels are gifted with insightful intelligence and will sense the meaning behind your words. You never need to add all the extra details. In some forms of magick, it’s normal to command the angels, and in other styles, you make statements about what you want. With these angels, the best response occurs when you ask with a real sense of need, followed by gratitude. When you begin the ritual, you should feel your need, and that will not be difficult because your need is real. As you complete the ritual, you should feel grateful that the angels have heard you. This sense of gratitude completes the magickal effect. Write a heartfelt statement, such as the one above. Begin your phrase with, ‘I ask you…’ or ‘I ask that you…’ because you are speaking to one angel. Each ritual may contain a number of divine names and several angel names. A primary angel governs each ritual. You direct your request to this angel. If you perform the ritual to relieve infection with the angel Hadariel, you don’t need to name the angel in your request. When you write, ‘I ask that you take this sickness away,’ you will know that your request is directed to Hadariel. In each ritual, I will clarify the name of the primary angel. An angelic seal is provided for each ritual. The seal may contain a magick square or lists of words and names, and will look similar to this:

Every seal contains the ring of letters you see in this example. This is the forty-two letter Name of God, used in Kabbalah to open a connection to angelic power. This example also contains a magick square formed from divine names and angel names. Some seals are simpler, with a short list of names. All seals include the name of the primary angel for that ritual. There is no requirement to study the seal. Read about the angel’s powers, how the ritual can work, look at the seal, and then write your request. You are ready to begin.

Performing Your Ritual You can perform your ritual at any time, but you will need somewhere you can be alone, so you can relax without worrying that somebody will walk in on you. Fortunately, you are not going to be standing in a circle of candles and smoky incense. This does not mean, however, that you should perform the ritual while sitting in a room where people are eating dinner, hoping that nobody will notice. You need a relaxed mental place where you can feel and experience the magick. You don’t have to be an expert at magick, but read the instructions and have this book with you (paperback or eBook), along with your written magickal request. To begin a ritual, you create a magickal space using your imagination and three divine names that become your opening Words of Power. I will introduce you to this process now so that you can learn it and use it for every ritual. If your imagination is weak, and if you find it difficult to create images of any kind, modern occultists have invented a workaround. Instead of trying to picture the images, you describe them as though you are reading a story. If you can picture images easily, go ahead, but if you find it very difficult to visualize, use the provided descriptions and know that your inner imagination is at work. That will activate the magick. Close your eyes if you need to, and imagine that it is twilight, and you’re standing in an endless field of cool grass. The sky is pure, cloudless, starless blue. From above, a golden light illuminates you. It’s like sunlight shining on you, illuminating only you. The golden light forms into a droplet of shimmering white-gold light on the crown of your head. The light trickles and descends through you, warming your heart, filling your entire body with white-gold light. The experience of this visualization is usually pleasant, but don’t worry if you feel nothing or if you find it difficult to imagine. Don’t worry about getting every detail right. The essence of the visualization is that you are filled with a white-gold light. If you find it difficult to imagine, you can read or speak this description:

‘I stand in the twilight of an endless, grassy field. The sky is pure blue. From above, a golden light illuminates me. The light becomes a white-gold droplet on the crown of my head that sinks through my scalp. My body is filled with white-gold light.’ When you have drawn the white-gold light within yourself, you chant three divine names. The divine names are powerful, and the sound they make takes you into magick. If you are not religious, or if you belong to a religious tradition where these words don’t apply, you can think of them as magickal connections to universal power, God Consciousness, or whatever works for you. If you believe in God, you may think of them as a connection to the angelic messengers of God. The words you chant are El, the Tetragrammaton (written as YHVH), and Agla. El is a name of God that might be four thousand or more years old, predating its appearance in The Bible. It is a primary sound that connects with your conception of the source of creation and existence. The Tetragrammaton (which means ‘four letters’) is the name of God expressed as four Hebrew letters. These are Yod, He, Vav, and He. When written as their English equivalents, that appears as YHVH, which is seemingly unpronounceable. In magick, occultists have found the best vocalization sounds as EE-AH-OH-EH. When spoken quickly, this string of sounds is similar to Yahweh, which is how many people interpret the pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton. Agla, pronounced as AG-AH-LAH, is an acronym for a Hebrew phrase that means ‘You, O Lord, are Mighty forever,’ but it has a long history of use in magick, being considered the final key to opening the magickal gateway in your conscious and subconscious minds. You chant these names as the sounds ELL, EE-AH-OH-EH, AG-AHLAH. It may take a few minutes of practice, but you should soon be able to make this sound. If you need to consult the Pronunciation Guide at the end of the book, it may help. Learn these names now so that you can use them during the ritual. On the page that shows the angel’s seal, you will only see the angel’s name. I could have included the opening Words of Power on every page, as a reminder, but I believe the page should be uncluttered so your focus can go

to the angelic seal. Learning how to say these words, and remembering them, will only take moments. When chanted for a short while, the sounds made by these names are like the power switch for a magick ritual. Chant these sounds with the intention of performing magick, and you will feel the magick begin. You feel the energy of this chant growing. Chanting doesn’t mean you have to be loud or energetic; you merely say the phrase over and over again. If you don’t feel much, or if you don’t feel anything, don’t keep chanting in the hope that you can force something to happen, but accept that you have done the right thing by opening the ritual, and now move on. You never need to chant for minutes at a time. A few seconds is enough. All the protection you need comes from the names used here, and this is more than enough. You are using these names, and an angelic seal, which means there is no danger that an unwanted spirit could interfere. The ritual protects you from unwanted spirits and makes you completely safe. In the paperback, you see the written details for the ritual, including the primary angel’s name, on the left-hand page, with the angel’s seal on the right-hand page. If you use the eBook, the seal will be on the next page. Look at the seal of the angel you have chosen. As its name suggests, the image seals your connection to the angel, so gaze at it for a moment, not thinking about your result, but letting yourself think about the angel’s name. Just ‘hear’ the angel’s name in your mind if you can. As you gaze at the seal in this way, its power is drawn within you, and a connection to the angel is primed. It has not yet been confirmed and established, but it has been readied. You can proceed. Remember that the angels are on your side. Angels don’t need to be convinced, tricked, forced, or commanded. Ask them, and they will help. Continue to gaze at the seal as you contemplate this thought, and know its truth before you continue. (It’s ok to look at these instructions at any time.) You now speak the name of the primary angel three times. The angelic name is the ritual’s core Word of Power. Know that you aren’t just making sounds, but calling to the angel. When that is done, the angel is present and aware of you. You may sense changes in the way you feel or the way the room you are in feels. You may sense a strong presence, or feel nothing at all. If you do feel something, allow it to be there, and do not be afraid because it cannot be harmful. If you don’t feel anything, avoid disappointment. It is

the worst possible emotion to feel during a ritual. Instead, be completely accepting of the fact that you have reached out to the angel, and know that feeling its presence is not a requirement for effective magick. Now speak your request and let yourself feel the need that has driven you to create this ritual. Now feel gratitude for the help the angel will bring. If you have trouble feeling gratitude, imagine the healing has already happened. That feels good, so allow yourself to feel good, and feel an inner thanks toward the angel. You only need to feel grateful for the angelic intervention. Focus on the healing you want, trust that it really will happen, and feel grateful. This step, which sounds so easy, and which is so easy, makes the difference between failure and success. The power of gratitude is proven in science and magick, and when the ritual is complete, remembering how grateful you are for angelic intervention, several times a day, can help to make the result manifest. Don’t set an alarm to remind yourself, but if you remember the magick or the result you are seeking, feel gratitude for the angel’s help. This banishes worry and stress, making the result more likely to come to you. During the ritual, when you have felt that moment of gratitude, you complete the ritual by saying the words, ELL, EE-AH-OH-EH, AG-AHLAH just once. It should feel quite different this time, as though you are ending the magick and returning to your normal life. Your ritual can be performed without the need for banishing, cleansing, or extensive preparation. When it is complete you can put the book away and forget about the magick. The ritual is performed only once. You are not using this like medicine, taken every day to generate an effect. You are using the magick to communicate a request to the angels, and there is no need to repeat yourself. If you think you’ve made a mistake, you can repeat a ritual on the same day, but don’t repeat it because you have doubts or fears that it wasn’t powerful enough. You have communicated your request to the angel. When you are heard, you are heard. If symptoms return, then you can repeat the ritual, but you do not need to keep adding magick. Only repeat if something new happens, or if old symptoms return. Otherwise, trust that the magick continues to work.

When you find that your condition improves, you may wish to perform the ritual again, to obtain a further benefit. In cases like this, you are not repeating the ritual but creating a new one to address the lessened symptoms. This happens a lot with chronic pain and fatigue. You may notice an improvement, but then after some days or weeks, you want more, and so you perform a new ritual. You’re directing your magick at the same underlying problem, but it’s a new ritual because your experience of the condition has lessened. Your written statement might reflect this, but if not, it’s ok to keep using the same statement. You will know how your condition has improved, and the further improvement you seek. Magick can disappoint, but remember that it can exceed all expectations. Be open to possibilities. When you remain grateful, the angels respond.

The Ritual Summary A summary can be useful when you already understand the instructions. Write down your request as described. Perform your ritual in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Chant ELL, EE-AH-OH-EH, AG-AH-LAH. Focus on the sound of the names. After a short while, or when you feel the time is right, move on. Look at the seal of the angel you have chosen and ‘hear’ the angel’s name in your mind. Your connection is now primed. Know that the angels are always on your side. Gaze at the seal and know that the angel will help you. Speak the name of the primary angel three times. The angel is present and aware of you. Speak your request and let yourself feel the need that has driven you to create this ritual. Feel gratitude as though the healing has already happened. Complete the ritual by saying the words, ELL, EE-AH-OH-EH, AGAH-LAH, and return to normal life.

Healing Others You would never put painkillers in your partner’s mouth if they complained of a headache, so why would you perform healing magick for another person? I remind myself that if a friend or loved one was injured, I wouldn’t hesitate to help them. If I can help, I will help. Magick of this kind is never going to interfere with somebody’s life in a negative way. You must keep your work secret. If you tell somebody about the magick, it won’t cancel a miracle, but it can fill the other person with doubt or even anger. People often don’t know how to deal with this information. Their views about magick may be different from yours. To avoid complications, decide now that silence is the golden rule of healing magick. If you attempt to help another without their knowledge, you will never tell them about the magick. You may want to tell them, one day, that you believe in angels and feel that an angel brought healing. But you should never say how you know. If your loved ones know that you perform magick and want your help, that is another matter. When somebody asks for help, you may want to tell them that you will perform some angelic magick to help them find relief or recovery. Do not make false promises, and be wary of exaggerating your abilities or trying to come across as a healer. If you make promises that are outside of your control, you may make yourself the target of anger and despair if things don’t go as planned. Instead, let your loved ones know that you will do what you can, but then keep quiet about the details. This is not a rule but a good way to proceed. If you choose to heal another, it might be to make you feel better because you don’t like to see suffering, or it might be altruistic. Your motivation is not important, and if the magick works as you hope, you can celebrate. It is not shameful or unspiritual to feel joy. Feel grateful that it has worked, and all will be well. You can perform this healing magick even when your loved one is on the other side of the world, or when they are nearby. The technique for directing this magick at another is extremely simple. You change the request so that it names the person you wish to heal. You can direct the healing at several people at once, if you name them all.

When you write your request, you word it like this. ‘I ask that you bring healing to ……...’ using their full name if you can. If not, use the name you know them by. . You can add more details to the request, but keep it as simple as possible. When you perform the ritual, you do everything the same way. You picture yourself in the white-gold light because you are the one performing the ritual. In the main part of the ritual, you feel your need. You want and need your loved one to be healed. Feel that need. You do not need to imagine how the other person feels. Feel your gratitude. The only difference is that your request names another person. Allow this to work, and it will.

For Support in a Crisis You can seek healing and support when you are so overwhelmed with pain, sickness, or a sudden increase in symptoms, that it feels like a crisis. This is not a long-term working. It aims to bring immediate relief so that you can get through the next few days. It’s useful during stressful times when you have no emotional or mental resources left, when you need help now. The ritual can be used when sickness or an injury happens suddenly, or when you are overwhelmed by recurring symptoms and need some relief. The ritual can also be used to protect you when undergoing a medical procedure. Perform the ritual before surgery for the best chance of getting a good outcome without mishaps or complications. The seal contains the word, Kozu Bmoksz Kozu, which is a name of God. The primary angel is Mekashpiel. This is the name you speak during the ritual. Mekashpiel is spoken as MECK-ASH-PEA-ELL. The angelic seal appears on the following page.

Mekashpiel (MECK-ASH-PEA-ELL)

For Relieving Anxiety Anxiety disorders can be devastating, and there are many approaches to coping and recovery. Scientists have shown that finding the courage to accept the sensations of anxiety can help you overcome them more effectively than when you try to hold off panic. This ritual works with a strong soothing sensation, and also brings the courage to endure whatever you experience. It can be used for social anxiety, panic, or any other form of anxiety that goes beyond everyday stress. This seal contains a secondary circle, which contains four divine names; Anaktam, Pastam, Paspasim, and Dionsim. The seal contains the divine name Achatriel, and the angel name Kalach. The primary angel is Yohach. This is the name you speak during the ritual. Yohach is spoken as YO-HACK. The angelic seal appears on the following page.

Yohach (YO-HACK)

For Healing Infection This ritual brings healing when you have any sickness caused by an infection. This might be a cold, the flu, food poisoning, or any other kind of disease that’s passed from person to person. It eases symptoms and brings a speedier recovery. The magick square is made up of three names. The four central letters are YHVH, the Tetragrammaton, arranged in two columns. Around these, the divine name Adonai appears four times. The letters spelling the angel name Hadariel appear around the perimeter of the square, four times. The primary angel is Hadariel. This is the name you speak during the ritual. Hadariel is spoken as HAD-ARE-EE-ELL. The angelic seal appears on the following page.

Hadariel (HAD-ARE-EE-ELL)

For Healing Wounds and Injuries This ritual will promote speedy and long-lasting recovery after any injury, whether it’s a small burn or a broken leg. If the site of the injury becomes infected, you should also use the previous ritual, to fight the infection. The seal contains the angel name Yehoel, and the name of the archangel Metatron. The primary angel is Pachdiel. This is the name you speak during the ritual. Pachdiel is spoken as PACK-DEE-ELL. The angelic seal appears on the following page.

Pachdiel (PACK-DEE-ELL)

For Healing Bodily Disorders Raphael is known to heal all sickness, so you can use this for any complaint, whether it occurs in the eyes, the guts, the feet, or any other part of your body. The ritual is most helpful when healing disorders of the lungs, liver, and the digestive system. The seal contains the divine name Argaman, and the angel names Michael, Gabriel, Nuriel, and Uriel. The primary angel is the archangel Raphael. This is the name you speak during the ritual. Raphael is spoken as RAFF-AH-ELL. The angelic seal appears on the following page.

Raphael (RAFF-AH-ELL)

For Relieving Pain This ritual is used to bring relief from pain. You may be in pain after surgery, because you’ve damaged part of your body, or because you have a toothache, headache, or any other kind of pain. The seal contains the angel name Yehoel, and the name of the archangel Metatron. The primary angel is Sanbiel. This is the name you speak during the ritual. Sanbiel is spoken as SAN-BEE-YELL. The angelic seal appears on the following page.

Sanbiel (SAN-BEE-YELL)

For Relief from Chronic Pain When you live with long-term or lifelong pain, this ritual will ease the physical experience of your condition as well as lightening the emotional and mental burden of your pain. In some cases, this ritual will also improve the underlying cause of the pain. The seal contains the divine names Yatotzi and Tzoyat. The primary angel is Yitzohaiavtah. This is the name you speak during the ritual. Yitzohaiavtah is spoken as YEET-ZAW-HAH-EE-AH-VET-AH. The angelic seal appears on the following page.

Yitzohaiavtah (YEET-ZAW-HAH-EE-AH-VET-AH)

For Healing Skin Disorders For any kind of skin disorder, from dry patches to painful rashes, this ritual can bring relief, healing, and recovery. The magick square is made up of three names. The four central letters are YHVH, the Tetragrammaton, arranged in two columns. Around these, the divine name Adonai appears four times. The letters spelling the angel name Taharahel appear around the perimeter of the square, four times. The primary angel is Taharahel. This is the name you speak during the ritual. Taharahel is spoken as TAH-HAH-RAH-ELL. The angelic seal appears on the following page.

Taharahel (TAH-HAH-RAH-ELL)

For Relief from Fatigue Almost everybody is overtired in the modern world, but fatigue can become a debilitating sickness. Whether you’ve been suffering from chronic fatigue, or when you’re starting to feel that fatigue is damaging your life, you can find improvement with this ritual. The seal contains the divine names Achatriel and Hadiriron, and the angel name Bemochsaz. The primary angel is Bedafetiel. This is the name you speak during the ritual. Bedafetiel is spoken as BED-AH-FET-EE-ELL. The angelic seal appears on the following page.

Bedafetiel (BED-AH-FET-EE-ELL)

For Easing Depression This book comes with a strong warning about seeking conventional help in all matters, but I believe it should be emphasized once again when it comes to depression. Your personal efforts to overcome depression are important, as any doctor would agree, but if you neglect conventional help, you may leave yourself too vulnerable. Angel magick will support your efforts to recover from depression, but it should never be used without first seeking the highest quality medical help you can access. When used in conjunction with other methods, this ritual can bring a sense of hope, perspective, and comfort that will ease depression. The seal contains the divine names Achatriel and the angel name Bedafetiel. The primary angel is Enarnal. This is the name you speak during the ritual. Enarnal is spoken as EN-ARE-NAL. The angelic seal appears on the following page.

Enarnal (EN-ARE-NAL)

For Peaceful Sleep Whether you suffer from long-term insomnia, or when you’re going through a short period of troubled sleep, this ritual can bring easier sleep. You may find it works immediately, which is the most common experience. If not, allow the gentle ease of better sleep to develop over a few days. The angel Ayidotenatsiye is associated with peace, and this ritual has a second use. It can also ease stress and improve patience when you are waiting for medical test results. If you feel anxious about a test result, this ritual works in your mind and body to wash away the stress you feel in relation to the test. The seal contains the divine names Yatotzi and Tzoyat. The primary angel is Ayidotenatsiye. This is the name you speak during the ritual. Ayidotenatsiye is spoken as AH-EE-DAW-TEN-ARTS-EE-EE. The angelic seal appears on the following page.

Ayidotenatsiye (AH-EE-DAW-TEN-ARTS-EE-EE)

For Healing a Resistant Sickness When it feels like nobody can understand what’s wrong with you, you’re not getting the best care, or nothing is helping, this ritual can help. It will help you find the people that can benefit you the most. The ritual will guide you to the most promising and least harmful treatments. The seal contains the divine names Iaia, Hdih, Unai, and Hiih. The primary angel is Elohim. This is the name you speak during the ritual. Elohim is spoken as ELL-OH-HEEM. The angelic seal appears on the following page.

Elohim (ELL-OH-HEEM)

For Protection from Epidemics In ancient times, plagues were greatly feared, and there were many rituals to fend off mass infections. Today, epidemics are rare, but when they happen, they can be dreadful. If you believe you may be at risk from an epidemic, or even a local outbreak of a disease, this ritual will bring you protection. The seal contains the angel names Yohach and Kalach, and the divine name Noriyiron. The primary angel is Azbugah. This is the name you speak during the ritual. Azbugah is spoken as AZ-BOO-GAH. The angelic seal appears on the following page.

Azbugah (AZ-BOO-GAH)

For Healing a Major Illness It’s difficult to hope for a cure when faced with a major illness such as cancer or heart disease. The reality is that even with the best medicine, the healthiest habits, and the purest magick, nobody is immune to the power of such diseases. In time, we all die, and no amount of magick can prevent that from happening when the time comes. But I believe it is always worth reaching out to the angels. When faced with a major illness, ask for comfort, strength, healing, or whatever level of recovery might be possible. The seal contains the divine names Pishon, Gichon, Chedekel, and Phrat. The primary angel is Taftafyah. This is the name you speak during the ritual. Taftafyah is sometimes used as a divine name, but here it is a magickal name for the archangel Metatron. Taftafyah is spoken as TAHF-TAHF-EE-AH. The angelic seal appears on the following page.

Taftafyah (TAHF-TAHF-EE-AH)

Pronunciation Guide Pronouncing these sounds is easy, but even if you make some mistakes, that’s going to be ok, because the angelic seal makes the connection to the angel. When you speak, you reflect the content of the seal. The spoken words are important, but you don’t need to learn perfect pronunciation. In most cases, these sounds have already been made easier to say for English speakers (because most readers won’t know Hebrew), so you can hardly go wrong. Be confident, feel the words, and let that energy carry you through the ritual. Most of the time, these words sound the way they look. ELL is obviously the ELL sound you get in TELL or SELL. EE is obviously the EE sound you get in SEE or FREE. Some sounds are more surprising, with O often sounding like AWE and U sounding like OO. Only learn what you need at any time. There is no need to learn everything at once. Many of the sounds are explained several times so that you can always find what you need for each ritual. To begin the ritual, you say El, YHVH, Agla, which are shown as ELL, EE-AH-OH-EH, and AG-AH-LAH. These are the sounds you will use in every ritual, and you should take the time to learn them. You don’t have to get it perfectly right but learn them well enough so that it feels easy to say them. ELL ELL is SELL without the S. EE-AH-OH-EH EE is the EE sound in SEE. AH is the A sound in FATHER. OH is like the English word OH. EH is the E sound in MET. AG-AH-LAH AG is the AG sound in RAG. AH is the A sound in FATHER. LAH is the AH sound with an L. The angel names are as follows:

Mekashpiel MECK-ASH-PEA-ELL MECK is like NECK with an M. ASH and PEA are the same as the English words ASH and PEA. ELL is SELL without the S. Yohach YO-HACK YO is like the sound in YO-YO. It rhymes with GO. HACK is the English word HACK. Hadariel HAD-ARE-EE-ELL HAD and ARE are the same as the English words HAD and ARE. EE is the EE sound in SEE. ELL is SELL without the S. Pachdiel PACK-DEE-ELL PACK is the English word PACK. DEE is like DEEP without the P. ELL is SELL without the S. Raphael RAFF-AH-ELL RAFF is like the first part of RAFFLE. AH is the A sound in FATHER. ELL is SELL without the S. Sanbiel SAN-BEE-YELL SAN is like SAND without the D. BEE and YELL are like the English words BEE and YELL. Yitzohaiavtah YEET-ZAW-HAH-EE-AH-VET-AH YEET is like MEET with Y instead of the M. ZAW is like SAW spelled with a Z. HAH is the AH sound of the A in FATHER, with H at the front. EE is the EE sound in SEE. VET is the English word VET. This long name looks difficult but takes less practice than you’d think. Taharahel

TAH-HAH-RAH-ELL TAH, HAH, and RAH are made by making the AH sound of the A in FATHER, with T, H, and R at the front. ELL is SELL without the S. Bedafetiel BED-AH-FET-EE-ELL BED is like the English word BED. AH is the A sound in FATHER. FET is like BET with F instead of B. EE is the EE sound in SEE. ELL is SELL without the S. Enarnal EN-ARE-NAL EN is like PEN without the P. ARE is the English word ARE. NAL is like PAL with N instead of P. Ayidotenatsiye AH-EE-DAW-TEN-ARTS-EE-EE AH is the A sound in FATHER. EE is the EE sound in SEE. DAW is like DAWN without the N. TEN and ARTS are the English words TEN and ARTS. End by saying the EE sound (described above) twice. This long name looks difficult but takes less practice than you’d think. Elohim ELL-OH-HEEM ELL is SELL without the S. OH is like the English word OH. HEEM is like SEEM with H instead of S. Azbugah AZ-BOO-GAH AZ is like the AZ sound in JAZZ. BOO is like BOOM without the M. GAH is the AH sound of the A in FATHER, with G at the front. Taftafyah TAHF-TAHF-EE-AH TAHF is easy to say but more difficult to explain than most sounds. Think of the AH sound from the A in FATHER. Put a T at the front and F at the end, and you get TAHF. You say this twice, and then EE is the EE sound in SEE, and you finish with the AH sound from FATHER.

Towards a Bibliography A functional bibliography is not practical. My study has taken place in the company of my mentors, who passed secrets to me verbally. I studied more books than I could successfully list. If further reading is important to you, I can guide you to the source materials, but most practical Kabbalah is yet to be published in a workable form. As mentioned in the opening pages, Shorshei ha-Shemot is the fundamental source, and it references many other texts, such as Brit Menucha and Sefer ha-Pli’a.

I wanted to provide you with a book of practical magick, and I put all other considerations aside. All research is worthless unless the magickal knowledge gleaned from ancient texts is understood in the context of modern magick. Perform the magick and enjoy it with ease and gratitude, and you will become at one with the power. I would like to offer Grateful Thanks to you for putting your trust in this book and giving the magick a chance to bring you the healing you

deserve. I will share the energy of my magick with everybody who has purchased this book and hope I can empower you further. Gratitude is an energy that brings change, and I am grateful to you for sharing in this healing work and for trusting the truth of my book. I believe it will work for you as I have seen it work for myself and for those I know and love.

Rose Manning