Get the Body You Want

The Fit Bottomed Girls Anti-Dietis a confidence-boosting program to create lasting change in just 10 minutes. For women

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English Year 2011

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Get the Body You Want

Table of contents :
Part One: I AmChapter One:Thank Your Thighs...And Say GoodbyeChapter Two: Food for Your MoodChapter Three: I Am: Woman Warrior Series IChapter Four: Move that Beautiful BodyI Am MilestonesI Am Workout LogPart Two: I CanChapter Five: Goal Setting: Be UnrealisticChapter Six: Ain't No Barrier Big Enough: Your Excuses Stop HereChapter Seven: Soul Food: Feeding Your Spirit RightChapter Eight: I Can: Woman Warrior Series IIChapter Nine: Get Your Groove OnChapter Ten: Rest, Recovery, and RegenerationI Can MilestonesI Can Workout LogPart Three: I DoChapter Eleven: Fuel Like a FerrariChapter Twelve: I Do: Woman Warrior Series IIIChapter Thirteen: Keep on Keeping On: Fuel Your Mind, Muscles, and Motivation for LifeI Do MilestonesI Do Workout LogThe Daily Body Get Through Anything Guide

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