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Gender Articulated: Language and the Socially Constructed Self
 0415913985, 0415913993

Table of contents :
Gender Articulated: Language and the Socially Constructed Self
Introduction: Twenty Years after Language and Woman's Place
Part One Mechanisms of Hegemony and Control
1 Cries and Whispers: The Shattering of the Silence
2 Pregnant Pauses: Silence and Authority in the Anita Hill–Clarence Thomas Hearings
3 "This Discussion Is Going Too Far!": Male Resistance to Female Participation on the Internet
4 The "Father Knows Best" Dynamic in Dinnertime Narratives
5 Managing the Body of Labor: The Treatment of Reproduction and Sexuality in a Therapeutic Institution
6 A Synthetic Sisterhood: False Friends in a Teenage Magazine
Part Two Agency through Appropriation
7 Language, Gender, and Power: An Anthropological Review
8 Lip Service on the Fantasy Lines
9 Challenging Hegemonic Masculinities: Female and Male Police Officers Handling Domestic Violence
10 "I Ought to Throw a Buick At You": Fictional Representations of Butch / Femme Speech
11 Bitches and Skankly Hobags: The Place of Women in Contemporary Slang
12 "Tasteless" Japanese: Less "Feminine" Speech Among Young Japanese Women
Part Three Contingent Practices and Emergent Selves
13 "Are You With Me?": Power and Solidarity in the Discourse of African American Women
14 From Mulatta to Mestiza: Passing and the Linguistic Reshaping of Ethnic Identity
15 "Nobody Is Talking Bad": Creating Community and Claiming Power on the Production Lines
16 Reproducing the Discourse of Mothering: How Gendered Talk Makes Gendered Lives
17 Sometimes Spanish, Sometimes English: Language Use among Rural New Mexican Chicanas
18 The Writing on the Wall: A Border Case of Race and Gender
19 Constructing Meaning, Constructing Selves: Snapshots of Language, Gender, and Class from Belten High
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Gender articulated: language and the socially constructed self / [edited] by Kira Hall and Mary Bucholtz p. cm.

Includes bibliographical references.

ISBN 0-415-91398-5 (hbl. ISBN 0-415-91399-3 (pbk.1

1. Language and languages-Sex differences. 2. Sexism in language. 3. Women-Language. I. Hall, Kira, 1962 - . II. Bucholtz, Mary, 1966­ P.120.S48G47 1995 306.4'4'082-