Gastric Band Hypnosis for Rapid Weight Loss: Avoid the Risk of Gastric Band Surgery, Eliminate Trigger Foods and Emotional Eating with Powerful Affirmations, Mindful Eating and Self-Hypnosis.

Know that 97% of people who try but fail to lose weight share the same cause. The fault lies in your most ingrained beli

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Gastric Band Hypnosis for Rapid Weight Loss: Avoid the Risk of Gastric Band Surgery, Eliminate Trigger Foods and Emotional Eating with Powerful Affirmations, Mindful Eating and Self-Hypnosis.

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  • Gastric Band Hypnosis for Rapid Weight Loss

Table of contents :
Chapter 1:Psychology and Food
Chapter 2:Change of Mindset to Lose Weight
Chapter 3:What is a Gastric Band?
Chapter 4:What is Gastric Band Hypnosis?
Chapter 5:Hypnosis and its Power
Chapter 6:Change your Habits through Hypnosis
Chapter 7:The Solution for Emotional Eaters is Hypnosis
Chapter 8:The Influence of Positive Affirmations to Lose Weight
Chapter 9:Meditation and Mindful Eating
Chapter 10:The Habits that Will Give You an Advantage
Chapter 11:Eliminate Trigger Foods
Chapter 12:Foods to Favor
Chapter 13:How Not to Lose Motivation
Chapter 14:Gastric Band Hypnosis Training
Chapter 15:Eat Healthy and Sleep Better with Hypnosis
Chapter 16:How to know if Gastric Band Hypnosis Works for You
Chapter 17:Gastric Band Hypnosis for Food Addiction
Chapter 18:Deep Relaxing Techniques
Chapter 19:Positive Self Talk Vs. Negative Self Talk
Chapter 20:Maintaining A Strong Daily Practice
Chapter 21:Your New, Slimmer, Happier Life
Chapter 22:Hypnosis session for the gastric band
Chapter 23:Positive Affirmations Session for the Gastric Band
Chapter 24:Meditation Session (Mindful Eating) to Increase Your Awareness About Food and Manage Your Emotions for the Gastric Band

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Avoid the Risk of Gastric Band Surgery, Eliminate Trigger Foods and Emotional Eating With Powerful Affirmations, Mindful Eating and Self-Hypnosis.

Jessie Slee

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INTRODUCTION We all know that the human brain and our physical bodies are two important parts of who we are. Unfortunately, too many people focus solely on one side of this coin while ignoring the other. The brain is a critical component of weight loss: it controls how many calories you eat and tells your body when to stop eating so you don’t overeat. But it’s also important to acknowledge the role that food plays in brain function. Food fuels brain activity, and the nutrients within help the brain grow. What happens if you starve your brain of the food it needs to operate efficiently and properly? In particular, what happens to your brain when you are dieting? Will a calorie-restricted diet prevent weight loss by causing your brain to malfunction? While there is far more research to be done on this topic, we do know that drastic calorie restriction can lead to a drop in blood flow and oxygen reaching the brain. No one expects the human body (and particularly its diverse tissues) to function optimally with starvation. The need for food and oxygen might be secondary if you cut out calories, but the fact is that weight loss does affect both the brain and the body, and it disrupts the metabolism of many other bodily systems. The mind's role in weight loss: "You can't be all things to all people." Indeed, you can’t please all people all of the time—and there are some people whose preference for certain foods or eating habits can make it impossible for them to lose weight. But many people can lose weight by using certain strategies. For example, some people like to exercise regularly—but they don’t have to

become nutritionist gurus to do it. A lot of that depends on what kind of exercise you’re doing, how much and how often you do it, and how much rest you get between. Some people crave salt, sugar, fat, or anything else that makes them feel full. These people can’t just give up those foods and “do better next time.” They have to learn how to control their cravings. And some people know a lot about nutrition, but no matter what they do, they simply can’t lose weight. That’s because they have a genetic problem that makes it nearly impossible for them to reach their ideal body weight. But what about people who crave food and don't know why? There are many reasons why people crave certain foods. For example, they like to eat salty stuff because they associate salt with comfort or happiness. Perhaps they remember being in tears as a child, and now they're hungry to relive the emotion of those days... The mind is a powerful tool. If you lose weight, you will start to see changes in your health and body. This can be used with gastric band surgery (gastric bypass). You must learn the food habits that are required for success. It takes commitment and dedication on behalf of the patient and doctor alike. The patients after the gastric band surgery are taught the proper foods and meals to lose weight.



Take a second to think about that. But it's not just the simple connection of what you put in your mouth that is contributing to your physical well-being. It's more than that. And it goes deeper than just calories or weight loss or the latest fad diet. The connection between psychology and food is an intricate one that explores the psychology of our eating habits. We eat for a purpose. An actual reason. And while many are fooled to think that they're eating because of physical hunger, in many ways, we're actually eating for psychological reasons.

SO WHAT ARE SOME OF THESE PSYCHOLOGICAL REASONS THAT WE EAT? The most common answer is the psychology of food. The psychology of food, if you ask psychologists, is a big part of why we eat. Food has a psychological effect on people. It can evoke emotions in us and cause us to take steps that we may not have otherwise been inclined to take, like eating out or shopping for food at the mall, or driving into work during lunchtime. Psychologists are fascinated by food. They study the connection between food and the human psyche. The truth is that food feeds us. We eat, we nourish ourselves. Food can be magical in many ways. Dr. David Kessler has said, "Food is probably the most important motivator in getting people to do something." All of these things, plus a precise amount of calories, all combined together in our bodies help to sustain us. The psychology of food is fascinating. It's all about the way that we acquire, store and use food. Let's say you're a professional golfer. You need to hit the links as much as possible because that's where you get your competitive edge, right? Of course, you do. Golf is one of those sports that depend on fitness, nutrition, and mental focus. And it seems clear that your performance on the golf course does depend a great deal on both physical and mental factors. So, if you're a professional golfer, then what do you do to try to get your edge on the golf course? Well, you probably go to the gym as often as possible and spend a lot of time on diets and other weight loss programs. You might consider taking

supplements or other substances that will help you lose weight. You may even try some artificial sweeteners that will help curb your appetite and help you lose weight faster than simply dieting. But the psychology of food does not end there. It's not just about diet and exercise. The psychology of food also touches on how you think about food, how much you eat, and what kind of things you eat. If a psychologist were to ask you what drives you’re eating habits, what would you say? How would you frame your answer? Most likely, it's not because your body needs sustenance. We've already been over that (food provides us with nourishment). But in the end, what we come to find out is that the purpose of food isn't simply physical nourishment. In fact, many studies have shown that food provides a sense of comfort and ease for some people. They enjoy preparing the food or eating the food or talking about food because it gives them a sense of pleasure and relief. But in turn, they also end up gaining weight because when you're eating for pleasure and not for physical hunger, then you're more apt to overconsume.



There are many articles and suggestions to help you lose weight but, it is simple, to make changes happen you need a good mindset. The first question I want to answer is, what does it take to change your mindset? It takes time and practice. Any change in your life won’t happen overnight. It takes patience for the new things that come with the weight loss process. You also might be wondering what mindset changes go hand-in-hand with weight loss. Here are some suggestions that will help you lose weight and keep it off! 1. Get help like a trainer or a friend—help is good and will keep you motivated! 2. Always stay positive, never cut yourself down ever! Put your mind on what you want to achieve, not what you’re afraid of. 3. Never stop learning, read other stories and find out what’s working for them! 4. Don’t eat when you are angry or sad, it will make you gain weight! 5. Start with a small goal and work your way up, don't just jump into something big thinking that you will lose weight easier! Also, give yourself extra time to work out so you don't get discouraged. 6. Don’t get discouraged by what you see others doing and don’t worry about it, if you have your own goals you will do great. 7. Always keep an eye out for what works for other people and keep it in mind.

8. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! 9. Track your food intake, make sure you know what you are eating and how much! I highly recommend Spark People or My Fitness Pal to help track your progress! 10. If you get frustrated don’t just throw away your food and stop caring, talk to a friend or a coach! 11. Try to make time in your day to exercise, even if it’s only 30 minutes! 12. Don’t isolate yourself and cut yourself off from the world when you are trying to change your habits, for the changes to stick they need people around you who will support you through it. 13. Try not to compare yourself with others, you are different from everyone else and set yourself up for failure. 14. I recommend having a challenge buddy (or a friend) who will help you every step of the way and keep you motivated! 15. Keep yourself accountable by creating goals and keeping them in mind every day! 16. Ask your doctor or their dietitian if they have any recommendations of foods that they have found worked well for them! They can also be a great source of support. We live in a world where willpower is a key ingredient to anything we do. The more willpower you have, the better you can reach your goals in life, and what's better than losing weight? But it's not always that easy to maintain a high level of self-confidence and determination. That's why it's normal to feel overwhelmed when it comes to making changes. But don't worry! We're here for you with some tips on how to stay motivated throughout your journey towards getting fit.

So, how can you keep yourself motivated? The reasons behind such a decision can be as diverse as your physical appearance, or health problems. According to researches, those who write down their goals have a greater chance of reaching them than those who don't. Along with that, set realistic milestones and give yourself rewards for each achievement made. Let's say you want to lose 3 kilograms in a month. You can link it with something you really enjoy, like watching a movie or going somewhere with friends. Comparing yourself to other people who made it will only make things worse. Finally, don't forget about these important things: Mark your progress with a scale every day and take pictures of yourself in the mirror. This way you can see how far you're coming along. Take 20 minutes of daily cardio (like walking, jogging, or biking) to burn fat and keep you motivated. Eat healthily and avoid processed food that has unnecessary additives.



The gastric band (also known as a lap band) has become an increasingly popular surgical procedure for those who want to lose weight during the last decade or so. A band is fitted around the stomach and inflated in a way that significantly decreases stomach ability. This means the patient consumes less food, which leads to a fast and lasting weight loss. But surgery with the gastric band isn't without complications. With any surgery of something going wrong, there's always the inherent risk, but there are also some issues that the lap band can specifically cause. It involves a slipped band (which can result in too much or not enough stomach capacity), acid reflux, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, regurgitation, blockages, and other problems. And although the findings are unquestionably impressive, there are hidden risks. But wouldn't it be awesome if there had been a way of replicating the gastric band's success without any of the risks? Yeah, there's definitely a way in there. Recently hypnotherapists repeated the lap band treatment solely with hypnotic suggestions with great results. No scalpels, anesthetics, or wounds—pure mind-power. Hypnotherapy has become the latest craze in weight loss due to its safe and impacts on the existence of the gastric band. But how exactly does it work? To understand how gastric band hypnotherapy functions, first, we need to look at hypnosis and the mental effect. Although human mental awareness is far from complete, the most welcoming theory is that the mind consists of two major components—the conscious and the subconscious. You should be most familiar with the idea of conscious thinking because this is from where the daily cycle of thought originates. Whenever you think to yourself, "I am

thirsty, I should go get a drink" or something similar that is at work in your conscious mind. Your subconscious mind is much deeper and, in a way, stronger. It governs all those instinctive behaviors and responses you're not really thinking about, your routines, your impulses, and your phobias. Hypnosis operates upon the subconscious mind. The subconscious is primed by hypnosis and able to consider suggestions. Now we understand how hypnosis works; it is a little clearer how hypnotherapy works on the gastric unit. A hypnotherapist can create a hypnotic state within their client and then speak to them as if it were occurring via the gastric band technique. There is no pain or something really happening physically at all, but it is very difficult for the subconscious mind to distinguish between illusion and reality. This is why very strong dreams can often seem all too real. If the subconscious mind assumes that the body is fitted with a gastric band, it will behave as though you are fitted with one. That means you'll feel full faster, eat slowly, and consume smaller meals. This obviously results in weight loss, which is very important. In addition to being safer than surgery, hypnotherapy by the gastric band is also much more convenient—generally ten times less costly than surgery. There are also professional hypnotherapists selling audio packs that have the very same session on CD or MP3 that are even less costly because the hypnotherapist only has to record the session once with certain clients. It will cost inferior to $100. And if you are thinking of getting surgery with the gastric band, then the normal form of hypnotherapy might well be worth your consideration.



UNDERSTANDING THE HYPNOTIC GASTRIC BAND AND HOW IT WORKS Gastric band hypnotherapy is a technique used to propose that you have a gastric band connected around your stomach to the intuitive to enable you to get more fit. Gastric band medical procedure, thought about a final retreat, incorporates fitting a band around the upper segment of the stomach. This confines the amount of sustenance that you can expend physically, advancing weight reduction. It is an activity and, in this manner, involves future dangers and confusion. Hypnotherapy of the gastric band or fitting a' virtual gastric band' doesn't include the medical procedure. Trance inducers utilize this technique to get the subliminal to think a gastric band has been fitted. There is no medical procedure or medicine associated with the procedure, and it is thoroughly secure. In this segment, we will explore what is engaged with gastric band hypnotherapy, how it works, and on the off chance that it can work for you or not.

WHAT IS A GASTRIC BAND? A stomach band is a silicone flexible apparatus utilized in weight reduction medical procedures. To create a modest pack over the gadget, the band is put around the upper part of the belly. This restrains the amount of sustenance that can be put away in the stomach area, making eating enormous amounts hard. A gastric band will likely constrain the amount of sustenance that an individual can expend physically, making them feel full in the wake of eating next to no to advance weight reduction. It is a final hotel for most people who have this medical procedure after endeavoring for other weight reduction systems. Like any medical procedure, there are perils in fitting a gastric band.

GASTRIC BAND TRANCE Gastric band trance can be utilized without the perils that accompany medical procedures to help people get thinner. A two-dimensional procedure is utilized by numerous trance specialists. They first hope to characterize your enthusiastic eating's underlying driver. Utilizing trance, the specialist can urge you to recall long-overlooked nourishment-related encounters that may now influence you subliminally. Before performing gastric band hypnotherapy, tending to and perceiving any unfortunate reasoning, examples concerning sustenance can be helpful. Next, the trance specialist will play out the treatment of the virtual stomach band. The technique is proposed to recommend that you had an activity to embed a gastric band at a subliminal stage. The objective is to cause your body to respond to this proposition by making you feel quicker as though you were having a genuine medical procedure.

HOW IT FUNCTIONS How gastric band hypnosis works Using techniques for unwinding a trance specialist will get you a condition of trance. Your subliminal is progressively open to proposal in this casual state. Trance inducers are making proposals to your intuition at this stage. With hypnotherapy of the gastric band, this suggestion is that you have joined a physical band. The psyche is solid, so your conduct will change as needs be on the off chance that you are subliminal that acknowledges these proposals. More often than not, alongside the virtual gastric band's fitting, proposals will be created about trust and conduct to help you focus on this way of life move. Numerous specialists will likewise encourage strategies for self-mesmerizing so you can improve your activity after the session. It is likewise regularly prescribed to instruct yourself on nourishment and exercise to help physical wellbeing and prosperity.

THE PROCESS Your first subliminal specialist session will likely be a unique counsel where you will talk about what you would like to get from hypnotherapy. This is an opportunity to talk about any past endeavors at weight reduction, eating rehearses, medical issues, and generally speaking nourishment frame of mind. This information will furnish the advisor with a clearer idea of what will help and whether to think about some other kinds of treatment. The activity itself is expected to imitate the medical procedure of the gastric band to help your subliminal think it has happened. Numerous subliminal specialists will incorporate the sounds and scents of a working performance center to make the experience increasingly true. Your specialist will begin by carrying you to a condition of profound unwinding, otherwise called entrancing. You'll be aware of what's happening, and you'll generally be in order. The specialist will address you through the system once you're sleepinducing. They will explain bit by bit what is happening in a medical procedure, from being put under a sedative to making the primary entry point, fitting the band itself, and sewing the cut. A working auditorium's sounds and scents will improve the experience to persuade your inner mind that what is said is transpiring. As expressed before, different proposals to improve self-assurance might be incorporated during the activity. Endless supply of the system, your trance inducer may show you a few strategies for self-hypnosis to help you stay at home on the track. Some subliminal specialists will approach you to return for follow-up arrangements to screen the accomplishment of the virtual band and roll out

any improvements. This happens when people additionally fit the physical band, proceeding with hypnotherapy sessions as a feature of long-term weight management; the board plan might be valuable for a few. This empowers the subliminal specialist to work with you to handle the hidden sustenance and confidence issues.

HOW AM I GOING TO FEEL AFTERWARD? The general objective of the gastric band is to encourage a more beneficial nourishment association. If your subliminal thinks you have a gastric band fitted, your stomach will believe it's lower. This makes your mind send messages that, in the wake of devouring less nourishment, you are finished. Perceiving when you are physically finished can be hard for the individuals who gorge. At times we eat only for taste (or comfort), overlooking whether we are physically ravenous or not. In developing smart dieting works, figuring out how to perceive the physical vibes of being ravenous and being finished is helpful. In contrast to gastric band medical procedures, there are no physical symptoms in the virtual gastric band. For a few, the real medical procedure may trigger the reflux of queasiness, regurgitating, and corrosive. Since mesmerizing the gastric band is not a physical technique, it won't trigger such side effects. The activity ought to be a charming and loosening up understanding, with most people revealing from entrancing an impression of quiet.



There are many benefits of conversational hypnosis, as the power of hypnosis will allow you to do many things you never dreamed of. A hypnosis course will make you manipulate everyone to follow your lead, get clients and customers to eat from your mouth, order respect, negotiate effectively, hold loyal lovers 24/7, and make everyone consent to your point of view, including obedience from teens and kids. There are ways to do it unconventionally, and if you know how to do hypnosis, you should do it. Everyone has the potential to hypnotize because it is normal among men and women, and they can do it easily if they complete a course on the subject rather than fishing in the dark. Using conversational hypnosis, as described by the name on the website, you can actually do things that others cannot conceive of. By learning how to hypnotize somebody, you might be on the way to manipulating that specific person's power of hypnosis and make them follow the orders. How to do hypnosis, will help you launch the exploration to read every customer of yours like an open book. Only flit through the person's mind and the entire person will be exposed to you like an open book. You can understand and know the mind because you can learn how to interpret someone else's mind. With a single command, you can make them change their attitudes and, with a series of commands, you can gradually gain power over the individual and fine-tuning responses to your wishes. You'll know what he or she is thinking and how to turn a 'no' with a few commands into a 'yes.' Hypnosis could allow you to do amazing things. You can easily train people

to respond to your voice tones the way you want and continually bid. You will know that you can fine-tune thoughts to strengthen relationships and build the missing bond between people. It's not a spell, but a course that's science, helping many people from coast to coast. During daily interactions, you can use hypnosis because communication is the way to manipulate people and make them offer. This will not only help you excel in your career but also help you load your day-to-day activities. Earlier, physicians were barred from hypnosis, but later, the rule changed and saved lives. You, too, will practice conversational hypnosis if you want to practice hypnosis and unlock the strength of your hypnosis.

THE POWER OF HYPNOSIS FOR WEIGHT LOSS Many people will try anything when it comes to weight loss—anything to stop normal diet and exercise. One of the more unorthodox approaches you do not find is weight loss hypnosis. Many hypnosis weight loss services claim to be able to get rid of old habits, including eating too much fast food. The way hypnosis works is to put you in a deep sleep where your mind is open to suggestions. For example, the hypnotist will convince you that you no longer have cravings or anything similar. Some people believe that hypnosis is a crock, while others swear. Specific outcomes can differ if you were hypnotized successfully before; this form of hypnosis will work for you. When contemplating weight loss hypnosis, realism is critical. Hypnosis won't make you shed pounds overnight. Perhaps it'll help your cravings or make you want more exercise. The results will be sluggish. One thing to stop when searching for weight loss hypnosis is hypnosis services in audiotape format. These programs say you can easily get rid of your poor eating and exercise habits by listening to a tape repeatedly. If the whole thing sounds crazy to you, well, you're right. If you're seriously contemplating weight loss hypnosis, you can see a licensed clinical hypnotist and see whether it will function.

CHAPTER 6: CHANGE YOUR HABITS THROUGH HYPNOSIS Habits can become deeply ingrained in a person's life, influencing everything from health and finances to relationships. Hypnosis can help you change your habits by breaking those patterns and replacing them with new behaviors. It's proven that positive reinforcement for new habits leads to faster success, so hypnosis is a perfect way to do just that. While it is true that good health and wellness are essential to making lasting changes, hypnosis for weight loss is no longer an alternative form of treatment. In fact, it's highly recommended by doctors and other health professionals around the nation. Hypnosis has demonstrated itself as a more effective way to lose weight than dieting or surgery. It can help you find your motivation to stick with your new, healthy lifestyle even after you've lost weight. You're not going to find hypnosis for weight loss that is as effective as hypnosis for weight loss. A hypnotherapist can help you achieve the weight goals you have set for yourself. Weight-loss hypnosis can even supplement your efforts by helping you to stay motivated and focused on your health, fitness, and appearance. Hypnosis works by helping you relax, to let go of stress and anxiety about the food choices you make each day. When you're relaxed, your mind is much more open to suggestions. A hypnotherapist can help you tap into your subconscious mind where the best decisions are made. Achieving a healthier lifestyle isn't just about dropping pounds. It's also about

learning to make positive choices in every area of life, from the food on your plate to the words that come out of your mouth. Practicing public speaking isn't always easy, even for people who are confident speakers in private settings. A hypnotherapist can help you overcome the negative self-talk that often accompanies public speaking. A healthy lifestyle doesn't just involve losing weight; it also involves eating right, exercising regularly, and living a healthy and happy life. This is where hypnosis for weight loss can really benefit you. A hypnotherapist can help you reach your goals through a healthier lifestyle. The right approach to change is often the most important aspect of achieving results with any form of therapy or treatment. Hypnosis is great for losing weight, but it's also good for living a healthier life. That's what makes it more than an alternative weight-loss method. But be aware, if you want to lose weight with hypnosis you should be aware that hypnosis is not a magic pill that will just take away the extra pounds. Hypnosis can help you change your habits and thereby improve your life in many ways. Your lifestyle should be improved with the help of all the changes and improvements in skills that are provided by hypnotherapy. Hypnosis works by putting your mind into a state of deep relaxation, or trance. In these relaxed states, the subconscious mind is more receptive to suggestions. By using a series of positive affirmations and visualizations, you can help change your habits for the better. When you grab your copy of this book, you'll notice a key difference between the hypnosis that takes place in this book and other hypnosis books. You're not simply going to learn "hypnotic techniques" here. Instead, you're going to use those techniques to create a series of positive affirmations for habits that you want to change. This is how hypnosis can help effectively shape new

behaviors. Through the habit programming exercises, you'll discover a powerful tool that can help you make positive change. You'll learn how to develop confidence and belief in yourself, both of which are important elements in creating new habits. You'll learn how hypnosis can help you overcome your fears by visualizing yourself as a successful individual. By getting past your self-doubt, you can achieve your goals without anxiety or stress. When your habits are based on clear goals, your subconscious can better understand what you want. This book will help you create the habit that you want and need for a more confident, successful, and happy life.

CHAPTER 7: THE SOLUTION FOR EMOTIONAL EATERS IS HYPNOSIS This is the only weight loss solution that can help you overcome emotional eating. Hypnosis resets your relationship with food and will enable you to stop overeating, binging, and emotional eating without dieting or feeling hungry until your stomach hurts. Hypnosis will help you lose weight by healing the root cause of emotional eating—letting go of past hurtful events that led to overeating and re-setting your taste buds so that you want to eat healthy foods again rather than "comfort" foods. Stop overeating; these are some common reasons to start using hypnosis: To stop emotional eating you need to use a hypnosis recording that is specifically tailored to your problem. A recording for emotional eating would only work if the issue was due to emotional eating. Unless you are experiencing food cravings, it is unlikely that hypnosis will make you eat more or less. Some people have reported that the appetite is suppressed during a hypnosis session, but this is not always the case. Hypnotherapy, for weight loss also works by encouraging people to incorporate healthier habits and lifestyle changes into their daily routines. It can be integrated with other diet and exercise plans. It does not replace medications prescribed for serious medical conditions. Hypnotherapy can be used alone or in conjunction with dieting and exercise to help patients lose weight, shed unwanted pounds, reduce stress, or quit smoking.

You realize you need to quit eating; however, you basically can't. You know you've had enough burgers to last you for the following three meals, yet you just can't resist the urge to keep on crunching ceaselessly as though your life relied upon it. You realize that you need to battle it, yet you can't make sense of how to end binge eating. It will be a long stretch; however, the uplifting news is there are ways on the most proficient method to stop binge eating, and these cures are necessarily inside yourself discipline's scope. Binge or emotional eating is the propensity to the gorge to adapt to negative sentiments or stress; for example, when cutoff times are closer or, remaining burden is accumulating as far as possible. Studies point to low self-regard as the most well-known reason for binge eating. Different variables incorporate the absence of help from family or companions, stress, and weight. People with weight issues tend to eat considerably more when they are emotionally upset, and when they begin, they get lost about how to end binge eating. In the USA alone, there are about 1.9 million individuals, or one out of 142 people has a binge eating issue. This sickness rises above sex and age. Step by step instructions to end binge eating is, for the most part, about building up the conviction to quit overeating NOW, before other wellbeing confusions begin springing up on you. There's no compelling reason to feel lost anyway because here are some basic strides on the most proficient method to end binge eating that you can follow. 1. The initial step on the best way to end binge eating is to search for the clinical help of a therapist or a specialist who can capably set up your treatment, an endless supply of turmoil. 2. After seeing your primary care physician, ensure that you adhere to

your treatment plan. There are different treatments that experts use with the goal that patients can control their inordinate yearnings for nourishment. Well, known medicines are psychological, social therapy, relational psychotherapy, and the utilization of antidepressants to counter the inclination to indulge in emotional pressure. The specialists are there to control the patient. However, the achievement principally lies in the patient. 3. Uncover those smothered sentiments to the specialist. The propensity for overeating didn't happen medium-term. There may be encounters or injuries that have made you take comfort from nourishment. Closure binge eating might be quicker if the specialist comprehends what these underlying feelings and meetings are, so the individual in question can help you outline good strive after nourishment and emotional learning. 4. Leave your storage room. Since it's a sickness, it is something that you ought not to mind your own business. There are a great many others out there who are having some issues with who you are. The most effective method to end implies connecting with whatever care groups are accessible inside your range. 5. Converse with your primary care physician about changing your way of life to return you to good shape of stable living. The most effective method to end binge eating requires solid self-discipline. Besides, depending on nourishment, you might need to take up different exercises to alleviate you when you are in an emotional session. Attempt yoga and various types of activities, or just connect with a companion or a care group at whatever point the urge comes up. It has been seen that binge eating is progressively frequent in creating western nations and has been expanding in recent years. That is why you don't need to feel that you are distant from everyone else. There are many

different ways that you can turn to the most proficient method to end binge eating. Recollect this is a problematic issue and ought not to be trifled with or be embarrassed about. Significantly, you begin revamping a stable relationship with yourself to defeat the binge eating issues. It's certainly something that requires some investment to do, but on the other hand, it's the most significant relationship you have, and it must be supported. Having a stable and positive relationship with yourself is significant. All things considered, how would you part with affection if you can't cherish yourself? If you have a respectable love for yourself, continue doing something that will continuously raise it to another level. A superior level. If you have been binge eating for quite a while and have discovered that your self-love simply isn't there, attempt a portion of these tips to improve the relationship and love for yourself. We ought to never abandon ourselves and on beating binge eating issues. To manufacture a superior relationship with yourself, and discover self-love progressively, attempt these 7 tips: 1. Set solid limits. Figure out how to state no when you would prefer not to accomplish something, need more time, or are excessively worried about everything else going on in your life. You need to focus on yourself, and it's significant that you have limits, so the possibility to binge eat isn't as definite. 2. Find a workable pace. At the point when you invest energy alone, you will find such a large number of things about yourself that may have covered up for quite a while. 3. Practice positive self-talk. Negative emotions can outdo you and cause you to feel awful. Envision gorging without beating yourself up.

Envision not permitting yourself to have any liable sentiments or self-





contempt about the binge. Envision not being at the most reduced level conceivable. Consider what solid self-talk can accomplish for you and the closure of the battle with binge eating issues. Giving up and pushing ahead can genuinely turn your life around! Figure out how to forgive. Absolution is something that can be difficult to do. Now and again, it can appear as though holding resentment bodes well. At the point when you hold resentment, your emotions stifle the development that is required to develop as an individual. Show your feelings. It is anything but a solid plan to hold your opinions in. Instead, it's ideal for letting whatever emotion you are learning about come! Show your displeasure, bliss, or pity. Letting your actual feelings show you will yet be another positive development of not gorging. Be consistent with yourself. Rather than continually beating yourself down, why not begin to laud the beneficial things that are going on in your life? Begin being compatible with yourself by indicating support for new ideas and adulating what you have just practiced. No more flawlessness—Just act naturally. Quit attempting to be a person or thing that you are most certainly not! Show your real nature and be glad for the individual you have become throughout everyday life. Praise who you are by doing whatever it takes not to be great. There's nothing of the sort, and you'll never arrive at that objective. Permit yourself to be you!

THE REAL ISSUE WITH EMOTIONAL EATING The issue with emotional eating isn't that we eat in light of feelings. If that were the situation, the arrangement would be as straightforward as finding an interruption in a snapshot of extraordinary sentiments. The thought is that if you occupy yourself, you will abstain from gorging. The center turns into a break rather than managing your feeling. The main problem with emotional eating is our fear of permitting our feelings a chance to surface. What is so terrifying about feelings? In our quest for having a place and fear of being condemned, we stifle sentiments that we know don't think about what is going on in reality. They appear unexpectedly and don't address us in a natural language that we can without much of a stretch react to. Like a youngster that won't quit annoying until they get what they need, sentiments divert us from keeping an eye on what needs to do. The battle between our feelings and keenness drains us of vitality and takes steps to toss us into a wild emotional typhoon. Imagine a scenario where we can't bring ourselves back. What is the benefit of recognizing feelings that would freely humiliate us? We accept that if we acknowledge our sentiments, we would need to follow up on them. Our activities may, for all time, harm our own and expert connections. We would be marked emotional and nonsensical, prompting the most exceedingly awful destiny an individual can persevere estrangement. So, we control our feelings by returning them where they have a place in our bodies. We conceal our sentiments and continue to act in what we see to be adequate conduct. Our notoriety stays unblemished, and connections endure one more near calamity. Until our bodies make some noise and state "enough." The possibility that feelings are damaging, and that the agony is deplorable is the main thrust behind the motivation to stifle our inclination at

any expense. Similarly, as we endeavor to occupy a youngster amidst a hissy fit with sweets, we divert ourselves with nourishment. Consider the possibility that sentiments got middle of the road. Imagine a scenario in which we had confidence that our feelings would vanish as fast as they showed up all alone. Imagine a situation where we regarded feelings as a significant aspect of the human condition. Imagine a situation in which we could simply be with them without blame or disgrace. Would we need an interruption? Would there be a requirement for emotional eating? Behind the entirety of life's poor decisions is fear. At the point when we surrender to fear and search for self-defensive instruments, we damage our ideal experience of life. We limit our development potential and further harm our self-regard. Weight loss training works by creating a protected spot where fearlessness and self-certainty are the stages from which decisions are made. When you decide to take part in the chance of permitting yourself to be trained, you will learn procedures that will empower you to grasp your feelings instead of stifling them. By recognizing emotions, you will recover control and praise the totality of what your identity is. You will let loose vitality recently devoured by the inward clash and direct it towards satisfying your fantasies.

CHAPTER 8: THE INFLUENCE OF POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS TO LOSE WEIGHT You control the fundamental fixings that make self-hypnosis work for you. These are similar fixings that make your experience of achievement for any objective you pick. Let us take a gander at every component and how you may utilize it to perform for you.

MOTIVATION Motivation is the vitality of your craving, of what you need. Needing is an inclination that you can control. For the greater part of your life, you have chiefly controlled your craving or needing by restricting it or denying it. You might be truly adept at controlling your wants and needing in certain regions and powerless or natural in others. Since this is a "diet" book, you may have just set yourself up to hear that this "diet" will resemble the others that have mentioned to you what you should deny yourself or breaking point. That is, different diets have mentioned to you what not to need, and the accentuation may have been about "not needing" a few nourishments that you have developed to cherish. Welcome to another method of treating yourself; we will urge you to show signs of improvement at "needing." Denial is excluded from Rapid Weight Loss Hypnosis. Your motivation is a key factor, one of the fundamental fixings. We need you to center your vitality of needing not toward food yet, but toward the motivation that unmistakably tells your mind and body what you need it to make: flawless weight. We urge you to get great at needing your ideal weight. Here is a model. Let us state that you are in a pool, and out of nowhere, you take in a significant piece of water. At that time, you need just a single thing, a breath of air. It feels decisive, and a breath of air is the main thing on your mind as of now. The needing is so serious and powerful that it dominates every single other idea and urges you to take the necessary steps to get that breath of air. That is the amount we need you to need the weight and self-perception that you want.

CONVICTION AND BELIEVING Convictions are those musings and thoughts that are valid for you. They don't need to be deductively demonstrated for you to realize that they generally will be valid for you. Despite that, you know about it or not, your activities, both mindful and subconscious, depend on your convictions. Even though your convictions are as contemplations and thoughts, they shape your experience by influencing your activities throughout everyday life. If you accept that creatures make great sidekicks, you most likely have a feline or canine or parrot or a ferret or two. If you accept that espresso keeps you alert around evening time, you likely don't drink espresso before hitting the sack. The power of accepting lets you impact your body in manners that may appear to be bewildering. Fake treatment reactions, where people react to an inactive substance as though it were genuine medicine, are regular instances of how convictions are knowledgeable about the body. If an individual truly accepts that he will get well when taking specific medicine, it will happen whether the tablet contains a prescription or is inactive. Similarly, if an individual truly accepts that he can accomplish high evaluations in school, it will occur. If an individual truly accepts that he can achieve his ideal weight, it will occur. Recollect your pretend games as a kid. Your capacity to imagine is similarly as solid now as when you were exceptionally youthful. It might be somewhat corroded, and you may require a touch of training, yet when you permit yourself to imagine and let yourself have faith in what you are imagining, you will find a powerful apparatus. You will find this is a brilliantly viable approach to convey your goals, those messages of what you need, to the entirety of the phones and tissues and organs of your body, which react by bringing that goal into reality for you. We can't state this enough: musings are

things. The musings, the photos, the thoughts you put in your mind become the messages your self-hypnosis passes on to your mind and body, eventually transforming your ideal body into reality and imagining is picking what to accept and getting retained in those thoughts. Similarly, as an amplifying glass can center beams of daylight, you can center your psychological vitality to make your considerations, thoughts, and convictions genuine for your body.

DESIRE You may not generally get what you need, yet you do get what you anticipate. Desires contain the vitality of convictions and become the aftereffects of what is accepted. Here is a case of how to "anticipate." When you plunked to peruse this book, you didn't analyze the seat or couch to test its capacity to hold your weight. You just plunked without contemplating it. You didn't need to consider it, because a piece of you is sure, and has such a great amount of confidence in the seat, that you simply "anticipated" it to hold you. That is the way to expect the ideal body weight you want. Remember this; be mindful of what you state to yourself as well as other people concerning your body weight desires. "I generally put on weight over the special seasons."

MIND-BODY IN FOCUS Every one of the fundamental fixings can create powerful outcomes when centered inside the mind-body. Nonetheless, when these fixings are adjusted appropriately inside the procedure of self-hypnosis, their viability has amplified a hundredfold. Self-hypnosis is a procedure for creating your world. You may think this sounds mystical or unrealistic. However, that is comparative with what you have encountered as yet in your life. These thoughts might be exceptionally new to you. Here is a case of the "relative" idea of new thoughts. Envision that you are given a personal jet that is flawlessly equipped with sumptuous arrangements and a very much prepared team. It is a brilliant blessing, and you get the opportunity to show this designing wonder to certain people who have seen nothing like it. Your subconscious (mind-body) utilizes the mix of what you need (motivation), what you accept, and what you expect as a plan for activity. The outcomes are accomplished by your mind-body (subconscious), and not by deduction or breaking down. If an individual contacts a surface that she accepts is hot, she can create an annoyance or consume reaction. Then again, an individual contacting an extremely hot surface reasoning that it is cool may not deliver a consumed reaction. Individuals who stroll over hot coals while envisioning that they are cool may encounter a warm physical issue (some minor pain on the bottoms of their feet). Yet, their invulnerable framework doesn't react with a consume reaction (rankling, torment, and so on.) because their minds advise their bodies how to respond. Once more, it is the arrangement of every one of the three of the basic fixings that make this conceivable: Wanting to do it Believing it conceivable

Expecting to be fruitful This is the way to progress. Your body completes your convictions. Your convictions direct your activities, which like this, shape your experience. Some portray this procedure as creating your prosperity or creating your involvement with life. In our way of life, we see this depicted inside the motivational and positive mental disposition of writing. It very well may be seen in numerous zones of mysticism. You can likewise think back to the people of yore and see it depicted in the provisions of the authentic period. An individual a lot smarter than we are stated, "It will be done unto you as per your conviction." In the current period of integrative medication and brain research, we call it self-hypnosis or mind-body medication. There are currently various logical examinations that exhibit astonishing outcomes for torment control, wound mending, physical modification, and a lot of more medical advantages than we recently suspected conceivable.

PICKING YOUR BELIEFS You can pick your convictions. You may decide to accept what you see, in the feeling of "See it to trust it" or "Truth can be stranger than fiction." This is simple to do. You experience something with your faculties, and that is a natural method of picking whether it is reasonable or not. However, you may likewise decide to trust it first and afterward observe it, which may require some training. The vast majority think that it's simpler to let the world mention to them what is valid or what to accept. The TV, media, papers, books, instructors, and specialists besiege us with what to accept. You grew up finding out about the world and yourself from numerous outside sources. This prompted a recognizable example of watching and accepting data about the world from outside yourself, and you picked which data to make a piece of your conviction framework. This included convictions about your body. For instance, when your stomach makes a thundering sound, you accept that it implies you are ravenous. Or then again, you feel queasy and trust you are wiped out. Both of these are instances of watched occasions: you watched an association once and decided to trust it. In Rapid Weight Loss Hypnosis, we are suggesting that you turn that training around with this thought: "Trust it, and you will see it." This implies you initially pick what to accept, and afterward, your body follows up on it as evidence and makes it genuine, you would say. One of the significant messages we trust you will get from this book is that your mind-body hears all that you hear, all that you state, all that you think, picture, or envision in your mind, and it can't differentiate between what is genuine and what you envision. It follows up on what you need, accept, and anticipate. In light of this, which of these announcements would assist you with encountering the ideal weight you want: "I simply take a gander at food and put on weight" or

"I can eat anything, and my weight remains the equivalent"? The last mentioned. In any case, which articulation do you by and by accept to be valid for you? Once more, it will be done unto you as indicated by your conviction. We will assist you with the thoughts, language, and pictures that plan compelling hypnotic proposals, yet you have all-out command over what you decide to accept. As you read the thoughts of this book and hear the hypnotic recommendations offered during the trance work on the sound, you will settle on numerous decisions for yourself. We wholeheartedly urge you to decide to trust it so you will see it for yourself. Your subconscious (mind-body) can't differentiate and will follow up on what you select in any case. Why not select what you truly need?

THE ENERGY OF EMOTIONS Not all considerations and convictions show themselves in your experience. Just those that have the vitality of your sentiments (feelings), alongside your conviction and your desire that something will occur, will show themselves. Your sentiments or feelings are a type of vitality that impacts this procedure of creation.

CHAPTER 9: MEDITATION AND MINDFUL EATING As we all know, meditation requires sitting still or even lying still. It doesn't sound like the sort of 'exercise' that'll help us lose weight, does it? How can meditation help you lose weight? Astonishing as it may be, weight loss meditation—in particular, 'meaningful meditation'—is increasingly being used by people who want to control the cravings of food and manage to overeat. Often, diligent therapy may be used to reduce stress, thereby avoiding the 'comfort eating' arising out of stress. As we become more aware, we become more mindful of our cravings and can learn to pay attention to their underlying emotions, i.e., we can make a more informed decision before simply reaching for that sinful chocolate bar! When you continue feeding conscientiously every day so you will learn to like your food more over time, you'll now be able to tell when you're full—meaning you'll continue eating fewer calories, of course. It has also been shown that consistent practice of mindful meditation lowers the stress hormone cortical. This is excellent news because high levels of cortical can cause pre-diabetes and central obesity (related to heart disease). In fact, cortical begins a process in our brains that can also lead to elevated hunger and intense cravings.

DON'T MULTI-TASK Experts say multi-tasking is our biggest enemy of weight control. When practicing careful weight loss meditation, it is important to concentrate on the food and the food alone. A recent study published in the 'Psychological Research' newspaper found that people who watched television at dinner were more likely to over-eat because they found the meal boring.

HOW DOES MEDITATION HELP YOU WEIGHT LOSS? The truth is meditation rewires your consciousness. Feeding consciously is the opposite of feeding mindlessly. Eating more slowly helps your stomach realize when it's full—sometimes the stomach can take up to twenty minutes to signal to the brain that it's full and you shouldn't be hungry anymore. When consuming a limited amount of food, you would actually consume fewer calories all day long, resulting in a healthy and stable weight loss. There are books and CDs available which can teach you meditation techniques to reduce the urge to eat compulsively. Such training guides will help you overcome the cycle of compulsive eating so you can stick to your diet no matter what stress-causing incidents occur in your life. If it takes you a while to see results, don't be discouraged. It can take quite a bit of time to retrain your mind, so you no longer feel the temptation to overeat or eat mindlessly, particularly if it has been a lifelong problem. If you are not getting the effects, you expect from directed therapy after giving it a time, consider consulting a counselor who is skilled in correcting compulsive behavior. Breaking the stress-based eating process is vital for your ability to stay on a diet and keep weight off after you leave the diet as you will no longer respond to stress by consuming large amounts of calories in your lifetime.

WEIGHT REDUCTION HYPNOSIS AND SELF-HYPNOSIS The notion of weight loss using self-hypnosis is definitely fascinating and one that would be nice to believe in. Hypnosis and self-hypnosis are now being used for various purposes, and the theory is embraced by many as much as possible. Strictly speaking, nobody is saying that by hypnosis, as if by a miracle, you can't make pounds go down. No, hypnosis is intended to reprogram your subconscious mind, so you have different behaviors. After all, your actions have much to do with your weight, as well as many other physical health aspects. It doesn't seem so hard to believe. "Hypnosis" is a relatively new word, coined in the 19th century based on a man named Franz Mesmer (from whom we got the word "mesmerism," meaning basically the same as hypnosis). It means going into a highly suggestible trance state. In more modern years, scientists have established different waves of the brain that exist during those phases. Hypnosis was initially identified with stage hypnotists and magicians, who under hypnosis can induce people to do funny or weird stuff. However, it was also used for therapeutic purposes at the same time. It fits well with the emerging field of psychology, which stressed the subconscious mind's role in our behavior.

USING WEIGHT LOSS HYPNOSIS If you were using hypnosis to lose weight, how would you go about it? Well, you might get to visit a qualified hypnotherapist. Compared to any type of traditional therapy, this would not be cheap, but it has the advantage of being fast-acting. Many hypnotherapists rely on showing you methods that you can do on your own, and you don't need to go back to them for appointments all the time. A further option is to consider one of the endless videos which will help you lose weight. These can be played at your leisure, but you are unable to play them while driving or doing anything where you need your full conscious attention. Since hypnosis's focus is on the mind, it is also up to you to discover the specific methods that function best. In other terms, you can do your research and find a healthy diet that suits your body (not all person diet works well). The real aim of weight loss hypnosis is to enable you to do the things you need to do to lose weight without having to exert so much power of will. If your subconscious mind is more aligned with your conscious goals, there is less chance of you sabotaging yourself by cheating on your diet or dropping off your exercise program. It may sound strange or exotic to use hypnosis to lose weight, but it is really just another way to use your mind in a way that supports your goals. Perhaps not for all, but if the idea sounds appealing or at least interesting, you may want to look into some of the weight-loss possibilities of using hypnosis.

CHAPTER 10: THE HABITS THAT WILL GIVE YOU AN ADVANTAGE It can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight, but we are here to help! We’ve compiled a list of all the good habits that can help you lose weight and keep it off so you too can be body confident. Move your body for 30 minutes each day. Go on hikes, walk your dog, cycle the city streets on two wheels—anything that gets those endorphins pumping! You’ll feel better and more energized throughout the day. Get enough sleep. If you’re not sleeping enough (around 7–8 hours) then you'll feel sluggish and tired throughout the day. Eat breakfast. Not only will it help kickstart your day, but it will prevent you from feeling hungry and give you energy throughout the day. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. They are incredibly good for your health and provide many essential vitamins that your body needs to function properly. Drink more water. Eat meals at regular intervals. This will help stabilize your blood sugar, meaning that you won’t feel hungry or deprived. Choose healthy fats, such as nuts and seeds, avocados, and extra virgin olive oil. Limit your refined carbohydrate intake (such as white flour, white rice, and sugar). This nutrient-poor food provides a quick energy boost but is unhealthy for the body.

Challenge yourself. Do something you’ve never done before, try a sport, learn a new language or craft, move to a new city or country... dare yourself! Exercise regularly. Find a workout that you enjoy and make it a regular part of your life. You’ll feel healthier and happier. Make time to eat with friends and family. Not only will you be able to enjoy their company, but this is a great opportunity to focus on your food rather than checking emails or surfing the web. Make small changes to your meals. Swap unhealthy ingredients for something healthier, ask the waiter for a salad instead of fries or choose to have a smaller portion size. Get creative in the kitchen. Too bored with your usual meals? Shake things up by trying new recipes or inventing your own. Learn to say no! It’s difficult to be healthy when you’re always taking on other people’s responsibilities and being asked to do things for others. Learn to put your foot down. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Get active, but be safe! Exercise is good for your health, but only if it’s done in the right way. Find a sport that you enjoy and make it a regular part of your life. You’ll feel healthier and happier. Portion out healthy foods into small, manageable portions. Avoid junk food. Junk food is not only unhealthy, but it will give you a sugar high followed by a crash, making for very unhappy and lethargic surroundings. Track your progress. Keep a log of all your health habits and keep reminding yourself why you’re doing this! You’ll feel more motivated and healthy throughout the day as you see the changes that you're making.

Visit a nutritionist if you’re struggling to lose weight. They can offer you the necessary advice on your diet and help guide you through the complexities of food. For further advice, go to the Health Wizard site. Remove yourself from social situations where you may be tempted to eat poor food choices (i.e. after a friend invites you out for dinner, in front of the TV on a lazy Sunday afternoon). Have fun! Every day!



There is a heavy emphasis in today's world on what we eat and the importance of exercise and for good reason, because when you exercise and eat the right foods, it can be a major improvement in your life. Our thoughts and emotional states can be the most excellent motivators of all. Thoughts and emotions are the forces behind much of our behavior, and if balanced, we can stabilize a healthy regimen in our diet and exercise patterns.

BEING AN AWARE EATER Being an aware eater means that you have more choices when it comes to choosing which foods you will eat, having a choice to eat or not, instead of overeating or eating in a compulsive or emotionally affected way.

WHAT IS EMOTIONAL EATING? Emotional eating is what happens when we consume or avoid food to mask or cope with our emotional experiences. The way people acted around food when we were young influenced our experience of it emotionally, and so emotional eating is a habit we learn from a very young age so it can be difficult to break, but with the help of self-hypnosis and self-awareness, it is possible to change these types of patterns. Emotional eating is something everyone does every now and then, when it becomes an uncontrollable urge, that is when we must take action to change the habit of emotional eating. An important part of practicing self-awareness in emotional eating is not to mark it as right or wrong or good or bad. Practicing self-awareness in this area is merely calling attention to what is triggering the behavior, without judging the behavior.

Regulating Emotional Eating To regulate emotional eating a therapist, healer, or coach is very helpful in encouraging one to express one’s feelings in healthy and not destructive ways. This is one way to start developing awareness of your emotional eating patterns. Here you will start to view your feelings as feedback and as something to be heard and recognized, not something to be feared or to run away from. A healthy awareness around emotional eating can also be created by using self-hypnosis and meditation to induce a trance state and use suggestions to reprogram the subconscious mind. Awareness is the key here; you can see that with it that you are more than your feelings, and without it, you may be overcome with your emotions and subsequent behaviors.

Issues with Emotional Eating

When emotional eating becomes an uncontrollable habit, it usually involves a whole host of deeply seated emotional issues. In the sense of overeating, carrying additional weight on the body can serve an emotional purpose. An additional fat layer can give a sense of protection and be used as a tactic to create self-loathing or feelings of guilt. Many people may use extra weight to prevent intimacy with others and not to take responsibility for their lives. Regardless of the way we use emotional eating for weight, weight gain, or self-esteem, it is at a high cost to our mental wellbeing. We must discuss and become aware of the real issues which create our emotional eating habits. A good way to start doing this is to become aware of your eating habits and behaviors. Do you eat even when you aren't hungry? Do you tend to eat when you're frustrated, bored, depressed, or when you are experiencing negative emotions? Identify the emotions contributing to excessive eating. Identify what else you can do to change this habit. Are there any actions you can take to recognize when you are triggered or are in the middle of an episode? Some solutions to break these patterns simply can include talking to a friend, going for a walk, or finding something you want to do rather than eat. To ensure that this can be done, keep a list of alternative activities you can do when you are about to emotionally eat. By realizing the root of the issue, you can alter the subsequent effect of emotional eating.

Common Emotional Eating Causes Emotional eating is a massive issue for many people who are struggling with their weight and typically demonstrates an unhealthy relationship with food. Stress.

Depression. Poor self-esteem. Unhappy with the body shape. Loneliness. Boredom. Financial worries. Relationship or marital problems. Greed. Lack of energy and inactivity. Emotional needs are never met with a new green salad or large amounts of fruit. Emotional eating typically involves consuming excessively processed foods and sweet sweets like cake and chocolate. Let's look at ways to control the food relationship and avoid binge eating.

Efficient Ways to Avoid Emotional Intake Keep an emotional journal and write down the periods when you feel like eating; you should begin to see a pattern that will help you to identify your triggers. You must find an activity that can replace eating at your most vulnerable moments. Exercise is a perfect way to lose calories, take shape, reduce tension, and feel good. Training does not have to be just lifting weights or hours in the gym, finding something enjoyable you are going to enjoy, such as a dance class or a badminton game. Also, learn to relax much more because stress often leads to poor nutrition. Take long walks or a relaxing bath and take some time for yourself every day. You will break with constructive action the process of emotional eating.

How to Treat Emotional Eating with Self-Hypnosis If you can identify the reasons behind emotional eating, then you can easily manage your emotional issues and regulate your food intake.

Types of Emotional Triggers Emotional: Eating to reduce boredom, tension, stress, tiredness, depression, or solitude. Social: Social pressure from others, feeling awkward in social settings, or being around others who emotionally eat. Environmental: Eating simply because there is a lot of food available where you are. Negative thinking: Eating because of negative thought patterns or habits. Self-hypnosis can be used to tap into the subconscious mind to reprogram these triggers. Also, a licensed hypnotist can help you tap into your subconscious to reprogram negative beliefs, thoughts, and emotions that cause emotional eating. Hypnosis is a practical, non-pharmaceutical way to relax and relieve stress. You can program new ways of thinking and doing things to help you achieve your goals while training your brain to let go of past negative behaviors. To begin self-hypnosis, write out the goals you would like to achieve. When starting out, stick to one goal on your list and write out affirmations or suggestions geared toward achieving this goal, which you will then communicate to the subconscious during the hypnosis session. Use phrases and terms that are meaningful to you in your affirmations. One technique is to write them out as though your goal has already been achieved. For example, “I am eating healthy,” or “I am at my weight loss goal.” Over the ages, hypnosis has enabled many people to accomplish goals that they might otherwise have missed out on achieving. You cannot only use hypnosis as needed for emotional eating but in this way you can create your personalized hypnosis practice for any other issues you would like to resolve

with self-hypnosis.



Good nutrition is important to your health, and these foods are some of the best ways to maintain a healthy body.

1. APPLES AND APPLESAUCE The information about apple and apple juice on bodyweight reduction is that its price is comparatively low compared to other fruits and vegetables. It has a good amount of fiber, and it is beneficial for the digestive system, but also reduces the risk of heart diseases. The antioxidant properties in this fruit help increase your immunity system, lowering the risk of colds, flu, and many other diseases.

2. BANANAS This fruit has a lot of nutrients, and it is an important part of your diet because it is rich in fiber and potassium. It will also help with weight loss if you pair bananas with yogurt or add them to your cereal. This fruit helps with digestion and can lower the risk of constipation.

3. BEANS AND LEGUMES Beans are very important for your diet because they are rich in protein and fiber (this is a high-protein food). If you eat them when they are still raw, they also have a lot of nutrients and vitamins. Beans can be found in different varieties; the most common ones are black beans, kidney beans, pinto beans, red beans, green peas, peanuts, and soybeans.

4. BROCCOLI Broccoli is a good source of many essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, and it can also make you feel full for a longer time. It is also rich in antioxidants that can help prevent cancer, heart diseases, and other diseases related to aging.

5. BRUSSELS SPROUTS Whole Brussels sprouts are very rich in vitamin C (this fruit is one of the richest sources of this vitamin). They are essential in weight loss because they are rich in fiber, and they can "block" the absorption of fat.

6. CARROTS Carrots are a very healthy fruit that is rich in beta-carotene and vitamin C, and it also helps increase your metabolism. If you want to maintain your weight or make weight loss, you should increase your intake of carrots.

7. CHERRIES These fruits contain many beneficial substances that can protect your health from heart diseases and cancer. They are an excellent selection for weight loss too because they are rich in fiber and antioxidants. They also make a great snack, but you should wait until they are soft.

8. CITRUS FRUITS These fruits contain pectin, and they have a low glycemic index. The high content of vitamin C will help your immune system fight against diseases and infections.

9. CORN Corn is not only good for your heart, it also helps with weight loss because it contains a lot of fiber that can improve digestion and prevent constipation. It can also help with weight loss because it is rich in antioxidants and other nutrients that can block excess fat.

10. FIGS Figs are very beneficial for your health, especially if you want to lose weight. They are also rich in fiber, which will help improve digestion and prevent constipation. They are very good for the liver, and they have some proteins that can increase the production of enzymes that help with weight loss.

11. KALE Kale is a very healthy vegetable that also promotes weight loss. It is especially good for those who want to lose weight and help their hearts; this vegetable has a lot of fiber, and it is rich in nutrients that can help maintain health.

12. LOW-SUGAR FRUIT JUICES All types of juices are very beneficial for your health, especially if they are low in sugar and low in calories. Fruit juices are very important for weight loss because they have a lot of fiber and antioxidants. Also, their sugar content is low and they are good for your heart. You should drink these juices instead of soft drinks or alcohol.

13. ORANGES Oranges are an excellent source of vitamin C, among other nutrients, and they help with digestion. They have a low glycemic index, and the fiber content can help reduce food cravings. These fruits are very healthy and can help you achieve your goals!

14. PEACHES Peaches are excellent for weight loss because they contain important nutrients such as beta-carotene, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins A, B12, and E.

15. PEANUTS Peanuts are very healthy because they have a lot of unsaturated fat and they are a good source of fiber. They are low in sugar content and high in protein, which is why they are very beneficial for weight loss. They contain magnesium, which helps reduce stress and regulate blood pressure.

16. PEARS Pears can help you lose weight because they have a lot of fiber and carbohydrates that can improve digestion. They also have antioxidants that help fight disease and maintain cardiovascular health.

CHAPTER 13: HOW NOT TO LOSE MOTIVATION This will give you some tips to stay motivated. Chapter 1: Keep a journal of your progress so far, and be specific about what you want to do. Chapter 2: Set realistic goals—it is important to stay focused on the goal and not get distracted by unnecessary tasks. Chapter 3: Stay positive as much as possible and minimize distractions in your environment. Chapter 4: Don't give up on yourself. If you fail once, try again, don't keep failing and give up on yourself. Chapter 5: Focus on improving every day, don't just look at the overall goal and say "I will be successful when I reach my goal.” Chapter 6: When reaching for a distant goal, keep your intermediate goals in sight to maintain your motivation for the big picture. Chapter 7: Don't think about how far away your goal is, but instead focus on the process of achieving the goal. Chapter 8: Be consistent with your goal and your progress. Chapter 9: Reward yourself for small goals that you have accomplished on the way to reaching your bigger goal, this will boost your motivation and keep you focused on reaching the big picture. Chapter 10: Every time you make a mistake or fail on your way to your goal remember that failure is what caused you to push harder to succeed and that every failure makes you more successful in the end. Chapter 11: If you have the motivation/determination of a tiger, then you will keep focused on your goals until they are accomplished.

Chapter 12: It is impossible to succeed without having a huge amount of motivation, determination, and focus on a goal(s). Chapter 13: If you have trouble getting motivated to do something, think about all the benefits of what you will gain when you accomplish that goal, this will cause you to see the bigger picture and keep you motivated. Chapter 14: When starting a goal in life it is important to set a goal that is as big as possible, so that it allows plenty of room for improvement. Do not set a goal that can only be attained by doing less than what it takes to reach your aim. Chapter 15: If you set a goal for yourself that you can reach, then you will never be motivated to go above and beyond your normal effort to succeed. Chapter 16: When facing a big goal that will take a long time to complete, it is important to reward yourself for the little steps along the way, as these are just as important as reaching the goal itself. Chapter 17: "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm." Chapter 18: If you have trouble setting goals, don't set vague goals, but rather set very specific goals, so that the goal is concretely written down and easy to achieve. Chapter 19: "The greater the distance between your present and your goal, the more you will have to concentrate on making progress toward that goal.” Chapter 20: "The course of progress is like a beanstalk whose ends are tied together with the thinnest string, while the distance between its two extremities grows greater with each step."—Lao Tzu Chapter 21: "If you want to reach your impossible goals, then you have to work harder than ever before."—Jim Rohm

Chapter 22: If you believe in yourself enough to reach your goal, then you will not give up when things get difficult or it is hard to complete one small step at a time. Chapter 23: If you want to reach your goal, then set a goal that does not require you to do any less than what you are capable of doing, otherwise, you will become discouraged and might give up. Chapter 24: Always be positive, if you believe in yourself and nothing can stop you from reaching your goal then it is much easier to stay motivated. Chapter 25: When you set a goal, set a big goal, this is so that you can achieve something great in your life.



The physical gastric band requires a surgical procedure that involves reducing the size of your stomach pocket to accommodate less volume of food and as a result of the stretching of the walls of the stomach, send signals to the brain that you are filled and therefore need to stop eating any further. The hypnotic gastric band also works in the same manner, although in this case the only surgical tools you will need are your mind and your body and the great part is you can conduct the procedure yourself. The hypnotic gastric band also conditions your mind and body to restrict excess consumption of food after very modest meals. There are three specific differences between the surgical (physical), and hypnotic gastric bands: In using the hypnotic band, all necessary adjustments are made by continued use of trance. There is the absence of physical surgery and therefore you are exposed to no risks at all. When compared with the surgical gastric band, the hypnotic gastric band is a lot cheaper and easier to do.



How would you know when you have had enough to eat? Initially, you will begin to feel the weight and area of the food. When your stomach is full, the food presses against and extends the stomach well, and the nerve endings in the walls of the stomach respond. When these nerves are stimulated, they transfer a signal to the brain, and we get the feeling of satiety. And, as the stomach fills up and food enters the digestive tract, PYY and GLP-1 are released and trigger a feeling of satiety in the brain that additionally prompts us to quit eating. Sadly, when individuals always overeat, they become desensitized to both the nerve signals and the neuropeptide signaling system. During the initial installation trance, we use hypnotics and images to re-sensitize the brain to these signs. Your hypnotic band restores the full effect of these nervous and neuropeptide messages. With the benefits of hypnotics in view, we can recalibrate this system and increase your sensitivity to these signs, so you feel full and truly satisfied when you have eaten enough to fill that little pouch at the top of your stomach. A hypnotic gastric band causes your body to carry on precisely as if you have carried out a surgical operation. It contracts your stomach and adjusts the signals from your stomach to your brain, so you feel full rapidly. The hypnotic band uses a few uncommon attributes of hypnotic. As a matter of first importance, hypnotic permits us to talk to parts of the body and mind that are not under conscious control. Interestingly as it might appear, in a trance, we can really convince the body to carry on distinctively even though our conscious mind has no methods for coordinating that change.

THE POWER OF THE GASTRIC BAND A renowned and dramatic case of the power of hypnotics to influence our bodies directly is in the emergency treatment of burns. A few doctors have used hypnotics on many occasions to accelerate and improve the recuperating of extreme injuries and to help reduce the excruciating pains for their patients. If somebody is seriously burnt, there will be damage to the tissue, and the body reacts with inflammation. The patients are hypnotized to forestall the soreness. His patients heal quite rapidly and with less scarring. There are a lot more instances of how the mind can directly and physically influence the body. We realize that chronic stress can cause stomach ulcers, and a psychological shock can turn somebody's hair into a grey color overnight. In any case, what I especially like about this aspect of hypnotism is that it is an archived case of how the mind influences the body positively and medically. It will be somewhat of a miraculous event if the body can get into a hypnotic state that can cause significant physical changes in your body. Hypnotic trance without anyone else has a profound physiological effect. The most immediate effect is that subjects discover it deeply relaxing. Interestingly, the most widely recognized perception that my customers report after I have seen them—regardless of what we have been dealing with —is that their loved ones tell them they look more youthful.

CYBERNETIC LOOP Your brain and body are in constant correspondence in a cybernetic loop: they continually influence one another. As the mind unwinds in a trance, so too does the body. When the body unwinds, it feels good, and it sends that message to the brain, which thus feels healthier and unwinds much more. This procedure decreases stress and makes more energy accessible to the immune system of the body. It is essential to take note that the remedial effects of hypnotics don't require tricks or amnesia. For example, burns patients realize they have been burnt, so they don’t need to deny the glaring evidence of how burnt parts of their bodies are. He essentially hypnotizes them and requests that they envision cool, comfortable sensations over the burnt area. That imaginative activity changes their body's response to the burns. The enzymes that because inflammation is not released, and accordingly, the burn doesn’t advance to a more elevated level of damage, and there is reduced pain during the healing process. By using hypnotics and imagery, a doctor can get his patients' bodies to do things that are totally outside their conscious control. Willpower won't make these sorts of changes, but the creative mind is more grounded than the will. By using hypnotics and imagery to talk to the conscious mind, we can have a physiological effect in as little as 20 minutes. In my work, I recently had another phenomenal idea of how hypnotic can accelerate the body's normal healing process. I worked with a soldier in the Special Forces who experienced extreme episodes of skin inflammation (eczema). He revealed to me that the quickest recuperation he had ever made from an eczema episode was six days. I realized that the way toward healing is a natural sequence of events carried out by various systems within the body, so I hypnotized him

and, while in a trance requested that his conscious mind follow precisely the same process that it regularly uses to heal his eczema, however, to do everything quicker. One and a half days after, the eczema was gone. With hypnotics, we can enormously enhance the effect of the mind. When we fit your hypnotic gastric band, we are using the very same strategy of hypnotic correspondence to the conscious mind. We communicate to the brain with distinctive imagery, and the brain alters your body's responses, changing your physical response to food so your stomach is constricted, and you feel truly full after only a few.

WHAT MAKES HYPNOSIS WORK SO WELL? A few people think that it’s difficult to accept that trance and imagery can have such an extreme and ground-breaking effect. Some doctors were at first distrustful and accepted that his patients more likely than not had fewer burns than was written in their medical records, because the cures he effected had all the earmarks of being close to marvelous. It took quite a long while, and numerous exceptional remedies before such work were generally understood and acknowledged. Once in a while, the cynic and the patient are the same individuals. We need the results, but we battle to accept that it truly will work. At the conscious level, our minds are very much aware of the contrast between what we imagine and physical reality. In any case, another astounding hypnotic marvel shows that it doesn't make a difference what we accept at the conscious level since trance permits our mind to react to a reality that is independent of what we deliberately think. This phenomenon is classified as "trance logic." Trance logic was first recognized 50 years ago by a renowned researcher of hypnotics named Dr. Martin Orne, who worked for a long time at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Orne directed various tests that demonstrated that in hypnosis, individuals could carry on as though two absolutely opposing facts were valid simultaneously. In one study, he hypnotized a few people so they couldn't see a seat he put directly before them. Then he requested that they walk straight ahead. The subjects all swerved around the seat. Notwithstanding, when examined regarding the chair, they reported there was nothing there. They couldn't see the seat. Some of them even denied that they had served by any means. They accepted they were telling the truth when

they said they couldn't see the seat, but at another level, their bodies realized it was there and moved to abstain from hitting it. The test showed that hypnotic permits the mind to work at the same time on two separate levels, accepting two isolated, opposing things. It is possible to be hypnotized and have a hypnotic gastric band fitted but then to "know" with your conscious mind that you don't have surgical scars, and you don't have a physical gastric band embedded. Trance logic implies that a part of your mind can trust one thing, and another part can accept the direct opposite, and your mind and body can continue working, accepting that two unique things are valid. So, you will be capable to consciously realize that you have not paid a huge amount of dollars for a surgical process, but then at the deepest level of unconscious command, your body accepts that you have a gastric band and will act in a like manner. Subsequently, your stomach is conditioned to signal "feeling full" to your brain after only a couple of mouthfuls. So, you feel satisfied, and you get to lose more weight.

VISUALIZATION IS EASIER THAN YOU THINK The hypnotic we use to make your gastric band uses "visualization" and "influence loaded imager." Visualization is the creation of pictures in your mind. We would all be able to do it. It is an interesting part of the reasoning. For instance, think about your front door and ask yourself which side the lock is on. To address that question, you see an image in your mind's eye. It doesn't make a difference at all how reasonable or bright the image is, it is only how your mind works, and you see as much as you have to see. Influence-loaded imagery is the psychological term for genuinely significant pictures. In this process, we use pictures in the mind's eye that have emotional significance. Although hypnotic recommendations are incredible, they are dramatically upgraded by ground-breaking images when we are communicating directly to the body. For instance, you will be unable to accelerate your heart just by telling it to beat faster. Still, if you envision remaining on a railroad line and seeing a train surging towards you, your heart accelerates pretty quickly. Your body overreacts to clear, meaningful pictures.

CHAPTER 15: EAT HEALTHY AND SLEEP BETTER WITH HYPNOSIS Make yourself comfortable. Find the perfect sleep position. Again, inhale through your nose, and this time as you exhale close your eyes. Repeat this one more time and relax. Sharpen your breathing focus. Find stillness in every breath you take, relieve yourself from any tension, and relax. Let your body relax, soften your heart, quiet your anxious mind, and open to whatever you experience without fighting. Reduce any stress, anxiety, or negative emotions you might have, cool down become deeply and comfortably relaxed. That’s fine. And as you continue to relax then you can begin the process of reprogramming your mind for your weight loss success because with the right mindset, then you can think positively about what you want to achieve. It begins with changing your mindset and attitude because the key to losing weight starts in the mind. Negative thinking will just lead you nowhere. It will only pull your moods down which might trigger emotional eating. Thus, you'll eat more, adding up to that unwanted weight instead of losing it. Remember that you just need to break your old bad habits and one of them is negative self-talk. You need to change your negative mental views and turn

them into positive ones. For example, instead of telling yourself after a few days of workout that nothing is happening or changing, tell yourself that you have done a set of physical activities you have never imagine you can or will do. Understand and accept that this process is a complete transformation, a metamorphosis if you will. This understanding is going to make the process smoother, and less painful. Aside from being positive, you should also be realistic. Don't expect an immediate change in your body. Keep in mind that losing weight is not an overnight thing. It is a long-term process and gradual progress. Set and focus on your goals to keep that negativity at bay. Don’t compare yourself to others, because it will not help you attain your goals in losing weight. There is a certain diet that may work on you, but not so much for the others. Possibly, some people might need more carbohydrates in their diet, while you might need to drop that and add more protein in your meals. Each one of us is unique. Therefore, your diet plan will surely differ from the person next to you. Comparing yourself to other people's progress is just a negative thought and will just be unhelpful to you. Remember, always keep a positive outlook and commit to it before you start your diet. For the sake of your long-term success, leave the comparison trap. You're not exactly like the people you idolize and they're not exactly like you and that's perfectly fine. Accept that, embrace that and move on with your personal goals. Be realistic in setting your goals. Think about small and easy-to-achieve goals that will guide you towards long-term healthy lifestyle changes. Your goals should be healthy for your body. If you want to truly lose weight and keep it off, it will be a slow uphill battle, with occasional dips and times you’ll want to quit. If you expect progress too fast, you will eventually not be

able to reach your goals and become discouraged. Don’t add extra obstacles for yourself, plan your goals carefully. An added benefit of having a partner-in-crime (or several) is that you can always hold each other accountable. Accountability is one thing that is easy to start being lax after the first few weeks of a new weight loss program, especially if results aren’t quite where you want them to be. Write down a realistic timetable that you can follow. Start a journal about your daily exercises and meal plan. You can cross out things that you have done already or add new ones along the way. Plot your physical activities. Make time and mark your calendar with daily physical activities. Try to incorporate at least a 15-minute workout on your busy days. When you become aware of a thought or belief that pins the blame for your extra weight on something outside yourself if you can find examples of people who’ve overcome that same cause, realize that it’s decision time for you. Choose for yourself whether this is a thought you want to embrace and accept. Does this thought support you in living your best life? Does it move you toward your goals, or does it give you an excuse not to go after them? If you determine your thought no longer serves you, you get to choose another thought instead. Instead of pointing to some external, all-powerful cause for you being overweight, you can choose something different. Track your progress by writing down your step count or workouts daily to keep track of your progress. Celebrate and embrace your results. Since the path to a healthy lifestyle is mostly hard work and discipline, try to reward yourself for every progress even if it is small. Treat yourself for a day of pampering, travel to a place you have been wanting to visit, go hiking, have a movie date with friends, or get a new pair of shoes. These kinds of rewards provide you gratification and

accomplishments that will make you keep going. Little things do count and little things also deserve recognition. But keep in mind that your rewards should not compromise your diet plan. You can also do something like joining an athletic event, a fun run, where you can meet new people that share the same ideals of a healthy lifestyle. You get to learn more about weight loss from others and also share your knowledge. You need to find a source of motivation and keep that source of motivation fresh in your mind so you don't forget why you embarked on this journey, to begin with. As you focus on your journey of weight loss, keep your stress at bay because too much stress is harmful to the body in many ways, but it also can cause people to gain weight. When the body is under stress, the body will automatically release many hormones and one of them is cortisol. However, if the body remains in stressful conditions, the hormone cortisol will continue to be released, and actually slow down the metabolism resulting in weight gain. Everyone experiences stress; there is just no getting around that fact. However, minimizing stressors, as well as learning how to manage the stress in your life will not only help you with losing weight, but it will also make a more attractive you! High stress in anyone's life often brings out the worst in people. When you are trying to get a man, you want them to see the best of you, not the stressed-out you. While you are decreasing your stress level, you will want to increase the amount of sleep you get each night. Lack of sleep is a link to weight gain and because of this, ensuring adequate and appropriate sleep is crucial when trying to lose weight. Sleep is vital for the well-being of the body, and the ability of the mind to function, but it is also related to maintaining weight. If you are tired, make sure you sleep, rest or relax, so

you are not prone to gaining weight. When a person gets more sleep, the hormone leptin will rise and when this happens the appetite decreases which will also decrease body weight. Gratitude is important in this journey because it teaches you how to make peace with your body, no matter what shape, size, or weight it has at the moment. It makes you look at your body with full acceptance and love, saying: “I’m grateful for my body the way it is.” It stops you from beating yourself up for being overweight, unhealthy, or out of shape. Be grateful for this learning experience; accept yourself the way you are, and take massive action to get your balance back. When you express gratitude, you vibrate on a higher energy level, you are positive and happy, and you are simply in a state of satisfaction. The more things you can find to be grateful for during your weight loss journey, the easier it will be to maintain a positive attitude and keep your motivation up. It will also get you past those tough moments when you are feeling demotivated to take action and stick to the exercising or eating plan. This means that you start expressing gratitude for the aspects of your body you would like to have as if you already have them now. Be grateful for your sexy legs and slim waist. Be grateful for your increased energy levels and strength. Be grateful for the ability to wear smaller clothes. You get the drill. Feel the positive energy of gratitude flowing through your body as you imagine these things are true. By going through this exercise you’ll notice the positive change in your thought patterns. With the level of personal growth, you will achieve and the habits you will change in this session of hypnosis, you will feel like a completely different

person. You will have more power, self-confidence and love yourself more than you ever thought possible before. That’s a change from the inside out. That’s what lasts. Take a deep breath and allow your breath to return its natural rate as you return to your normal consciousness. As you continue to breathe, note that, right now, at this moment, you have no worries. You are just a relaxed body. Any distractions that arise can wait. Repeat the following phrases: I am relaxed I am balanced I can deal with any worries later The whole earth supports you in your relaxation and balance. Feel yourself supported and held. Feel that everything you have done in your life has brought you to this moment without errors or mistakes. This moment is perfect.

CHAPTER 16: HOW TO KNOW IF GASTRIC BAND HYPNOSIS WORKS FOR YOU Hypnotherapy for weight loss, particularly for portion control, is great because it allows you to focus on creating a healthier version of yourself safely. When gastric band-fitted surgery gets recommended to people, usually because diets, weight loss supplements, and workout routines don’t seem to work for them, they may become skeptical about getting the surgery done. Nobody wants to undergo unnecessary surgery, and you shouldn’t have to either. Just because you struggle to stick to a diet, workout routine or lack motivation does not mean that an extreme procedure like surgery is the only option. In fact, thinking that it is the only option you have left, is crazy. Some hypnotherapists suggest that diets don’t work at all. Well, if you’re motivated and find it easy to stick to a diet plan and workout routine, then you should be fine. However, if you’re suffering from obesity or overweight and don’t have the necessary drive and motivation needed, then you’re likely to fail. When people find the courage and determination to recognize that they need to lose weight or actually push themselves to do it, but continuously fail, that’s when they tend to give up. Gastric band hypnotherapy uses relaxation techniques, which are designed to alter your way of thinking about the weight you, need to lose, provides you a foundation to stand on and reach your goals, and also constantly reminds you of why you’re indeed doing what you’re doing. It is necessary to develop your way of thinking past where you’re at in this current moment and evolve far beyond your expectations.

Diets are also more focused on temporary lifestyle changes rather than permanent and sustainable ones, which is why it isn’t considered realistic at all. Unless you change your mind, you will always remain in a rut that involves first losing, and then possibly gaining weight back repeatedly. Some may even throw in the towel completely.

HYPNOTHERAPY FOR DIFFERENT TYPES OF GASTRIC BANDING SURGERIES Three types of gastric banding surgeries could be used during the hypnotherapy. These include: Sleeve Gastrectomy Vertical Banded Gastroplasty Mixed Surgery (Restrictive and Malabsorptive) Gastric banding surgeries are used for weight loss. Depending on what your goal is with this weight-loss method, you can choose which option works best for you. The great thing about hypnotherapy with gastric band firming surgery is that you can get similar results if you practice the session consistently. During gastric banding surgery, the surgeon uses a laparoscopy technique that involves making small cuts in the stomach to place a silicone band around the top part of your stomach. This band is adjustable, leaving the stomach to form a pouch with an inch-wide outlet. After you’ve been banded in surgery your stomach can only hold one ounce of food at a time, which prevents you from eating more than you need to in one sitting. It also prevents you from getting hungry. Given that it is an invasive procedure; most people don’t opt for it as an option to lose weight. During the procedure, you are also placed under anesthesia, which always involves some risks. Nevertheless, the procedure has resulted in up to 45% of excess weight loss, which means that it can work for anyone looking to shed weight they are struggling to lose. The procedure can also be reversed should the patient not be happy with the effects thereof. When reversed, the stomach will return to the initial size it had before the

surgery. (WebMD, n.d.) Undergoing one of these three gastric banding surgeries, there are some sideeffects involved, which include the risk of death. However, this is only found in one of every 3000 patients. Other than that, common problems postsurgery include nausea and vomiting, which can be reduced by simply having a surgeon adjust the tightness of the gastric band. Minor surgical complications, including wound infections and risks for minor bleeding, only occur in 10% of patients. (WebMD, n.d.) As opposed to gastric bypass surgery, gastric banding doesn’t prevent your body from absorbing food whatsoever, which means that you won’t have to worry about experiencing any vitamin or mineral loss in your body.

TYPES OF GASTRIC BANDING TECHNIQUES USED IN HYPNOTHERAPY FOR WEIGHT LOSS Sleeve Gastrectomy—This procedure involves physically removing half of a patient’s stomach to leave behind space, which is usually the size of a banana. When this part of the stomach is taken out, it cannot be reversed. This may seem like one of the most extreme types of gastric band surgeries, and due to its level of extremity, it also presents a lot of risks. When the reasons why the sleeve Gastrectomy is done and gets reviewed, it may not seem worth it. However, it has become one of the most popular methods used in surgery, as a restrictive means of reducing a patient’s appetite. It is particularly helpful to those who suffer from obesity. It has a high success rate with very few complications, according to medical practitioners. Those who have had the surgery have experienced losing up to 50% of their total weight, which is quite a lot for someone suffering from obesity. It is equally helpful to those who suffer from compulsive eating disorders, like binge eating. When you have the procedure done, your surgeon will make either a very large or a few small incisions in the abdomen. The physical recovery of this procedure may take up to six weeks. (WebMD, n.d.) Vertical banded gastroplasty—This gastric band procedure, also known as VBG, involves the same band used during the sleeve gastrectomy, which is placed around the stomach. The stomach is then stapled above the band to form a small pouch, which in some sense shrinks the stomach to produce the same effects. The procedure has been noted as a successful one to lose weight compared to many other types of weight-loss surgeries. Even though compared to the sleeve gastrectomy, it may seem like a less complicated surgery, it has a higher complication rate. That is why it is considered far less common. Until today, there are only 5% of bariatric surgeons perform this

particular gastric band surgery. Nevertheless, it is known for producing results and can still be used in hypnotherapy to produce similar results without complications. Mixed Surgery (Restrictive and Malabsorptive)—This type of gastric band surgery forms a crucial part of most types of weight-loss surgeries. It is more commonly referred to as gastric bypass and is done first, before other weight-loss surgeries. It also involves stapling the stomach and creates a shape of an intestine down the line of your stomach. This is done to ensure the patient consumes less food, referred to as restrictive mixed surgery, combined with Malabsorptive surgery, meaning to absorb less food in the body.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT HYPNOTIC GASTRIC BAND THERAPY If you’re wondering whether gastric band surgery is right for you, you may want to consider getting the hypnotherapy version thereof. Hypnotherapy is the perfect alternative, is 100% safe as opposed to surgery which has many complications, and also a lot more affordable. It has a success rate of more than 90% in patients, which is why more people prefer it over gastric band surgery. Given that you can also conduct it in the comfort of your own home, you don’t even have to worry about the cost involved. Overall it serves as a very convenient way to slim down, essentially shrinking your stomach. Again, hypnosis doesn’t involve any physical procedure involving surgery. It is a safe alternative that uses innovative and developed technology to help you get where you want to be. The hypnotherapy session involves visualizing a virtual gastric band being fitted around your stomach that allows you to have the same experience as you initially would during surgery, but without the discomfort, high costs, and inconvenience. The effect is feeling as if you are hungry for longer periods; require less food, and experiencing a feeling of being full, even if you’ve only eaten half of your regular-sized portion. If you’re wondering whether gastric band hypnotherapy will work for you, you have to ask yourself whether you have the imagination to support your session. Now, of course, everybody has an imagination, but is yours reasonable enough? If you can close your eyes and imagine yourself looking at something in front of you that is not there, and spend time focusing on it, then you can make it through gastric band hypnotherapy successfully.

It’s normal to think before you start anything, that if it isn’t tailored to you specifically, it is likely to fail. However, visual gastric band hypnosis can offer you emotional healing. This supports your goals, including weight loss and health restoration. If you spend time engaging in it, you will learn that you can achieve whatever you set your intention on. You can remove your cravings subconsciously, eliminate any negative and emotional stress, as well as memories that form a part of your emotional eating pattern. Given that emotionality forms a big part of weight gain, you should know that it can be removed from your conscious mind through hypnotherapy and serve any individual willing to try it. Gastric band hypnotherapy has a 95% success rate among patients, according to a clinical study conducted in the U.K. This study also proved that most people would be able to accept and succeed in hypnotherapy, but if they’re not open to the experience, they won’t find it helpful at all. People who are too closed off from new ideas, like hypnotherapy, which is often made out to be a negative practice among the uneducated, won’t be able to relax properly for a hypnotherapist’s words to take effect. (Engle, 2019) After just one hypnotherapy session, you will know if it works, as it is supposed to start working after just one session. That is why hypnotherapy is not recommended for everyone. It’s only suggested to anyone ready to change their feelings toward food. If you don’t believe in it or that it will get you to where you want to go on your weight loss journey, it is deemed useless. The cost of gastric band hypnotherapy sessions with a professional hypnotherapist can only be established after you’ve undergone an evaluation. Usually, every new patient requires up to five sessions in person. During these sessions, energy therapy techniques are also taught, which will help

assist any struggle a patient may have with anxiety, anger, stress, and any other negative emotion.

CHAPTER 17: GASTRIC BAND HYPNOSIS FOR FOOD ADDICTION Obesity is a growing epidemic in the world today. It is prevalent among adults, but the rate of increase in obesity among children is profoundly worrying. Obesity has contributed to the increased use of aids, which can support weight loss boosters like metabolism. Food is the survival function of any human being. But maybe there are one or more things like candy or chocolates that you like more than two or three times a day. You may not know, but these may be indicators of addiction to food. You may also be addicted to fast food if you have more fast food than usual. Today's food addiction is like an epidemic. The biggest concern is that many people don't even know that they have a disease and are still over-alimenting. The effect is that a person is addicted to food and consumes a significant number of calories. The explanation that most overweight food consumers do not lose weight is due to their eating habits. Physicians identify these addicts as people with binge eating disorders. It can lead to severe problems such as diabetes, heart disorders, kidney disorders, and even depression. Food addiction's key symptoms include a constant sense of hunger, shifting in mood, and fluctuation in weight. Therapy and therapy are the only way to handle the issue of food addiction. You should find a doctor that can help you lose weight in a clinic. If you see a therapist, you can know that you are not the only one with this dilemma that can alleviate the shame. A therapist will help you find out why you are addicted and help you to conquer it with simple methods. He will also teach you how to lose weight healthily.

One must also recognize that it is a long-term process. Hence, patience is essential when you meet with a therapist and a psychologist and must obey their advice appropriately and promptly. Some organizations run rehabilitation services for eating disorders. You can join any of these groups as well. You need to get out of your comfort zone to help yourself deal with the addiction and control your appetite to get rid of unhealthy foods from your diet.

WHAT FOODS ARE MOST LIKELY TO BE ADDICTIVE? The response is frustrating: typically, the most delicious. A researcher involved in food dependency takes stock of the problem in a recent report. His findings suggest that refined, fat, and high glycemic foods are "more commonly correlated with food abuse behavior." Here are several examples: Pizza: Pizza is close at the top of the list with its delicious mix of carbs, salt, and fat. "How many spikes ought I to eat?" you ever wondered. The answer: at most, but how to avoid the pizza call. It typically contains more fat per bite than other healthier foods, consisting of many refined ingredients. If you combine all this with salt, you will get a great recipe to get dopamine straight to the next tip. You know it's not essential, but then your brain tells you. Treats: Sugar and fat will quickly induce the brain to desire more, candy, cookies, cake, and ice cream. A salty meal is a common practice with a sweet dessert, but it is not a safe option. It allows you to consume sugar and consume more than you need if your food option is unhealthy. Therefore, you can have the extra benefit of calories, fat, and sugar. Fried foods: this example is not surprising considering what we already know. Freezes and potato chips are salted and usually fried in oils that do not do your body or brain a lot of good. Although some fried foods are delicious, they are unhealthy and vulnerable to food addiction.

WHAT ABOUT CARBONATED DRINKS? Soft drinks and fatty and salty foods can be addictive. Research carried out in 2007 found a secure connection between the use of carbonated foods and increased energy intake, that is, the consumption of more calories a day, the existing association between them, and the adverse effects on diet and health well as weight gain. Carbonated beverages were often associated with a decreased consumption of calcium and other nutrients. Consumers of soft drinks are even more at risk for long-term medical issues. How do carbonated drinks become so addictive? The mystery is straightforward to unwrap: regular carbonated drinks are filled with sugar and often also with caffeine. Studies show that such beverages can help with weight gain because artificial sweeteners are engineered to cause similar reactions in the brain. One research explicitly indicates that individuals who consume artificial sweeteners may have an increased desire for sugar, choose sugar over healthier foods, and be less motivated by health.

STEPS TO CONTROL FOOD ADDICTION 1. Identify the foods you are addicted to The most addictive foods are rich in sugars, fat, flour, and sodium. Not to mention caffeinated foods such as coffee, soft drinks, and chocolate. 2. Make a healthy replacement When the urge to satisfy your addiction hits, eat another healthier food. When sugar levels drop, hunger hits, instead of consuming sugar, eat healthy protein every 3 or 4 hours, such as cashew or Pará nuts. Eliminate soft drinks (even dietary ones) and industrialized juices (which have a high sugar). Take unsweetened water and natural juices instead. Some liquids, like orange juice, are very caloric. Prefer to eat the fruit with bagasse. Don't forget breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day. It must contain fruits, cereals, and protein. When we do not eat breakfast, the desire to eat the food we are addicted to can be uncontrollable. 3. Drink, instead of eating A glass of water may be the solution to what you think is hunger, but which is thirst. 4. Occupy your time and your mind Avoid doing nothing when you are not working or studying. The more things you have to do; the less time you'll have to think about food. 5. Practice physical exercises Eating something we like a lot produces a sense of pleasure. Physical activities also provoke such feelings. The difference is that after physical activity, you will feel satisfied and in a good mood, while you will feel sad and guilty when you overeat. Exercising boosts self-esteem and overeating

ultimately affects self-esteem. 6. Buy healthy foods When shopping at the supermarket, avoid going through the candy aisles, especially if your object of destruction is in that aisle. Make a list of suitable products for your health and follow them when shopping. 7. Learn or relearn how to chew Chew slowly and thoroughly. Proper chewing produces satiety and good digestion. The stomach sends a satiety message to the brain after 20 minutes from the start of the meal. The more you chew, the longer it will take to eat. You will be sated with a lot less than you think. Therefore, you must allow about 30 minutes to eat your main meals. 8. Seek expert advice Binge eating is a disease, so it needs to be adequately treated. Without the support of a psychologist, nutritionist, and other specialists, you will find it challenging to carry out the treatment until the end. Relapses can be successive, which can be a reason for discouragement and withdrawal.

OVERCOME YOUR FOOD ADDICTION AND LOSE WEIGHT! When you hear the word "addiction," you mostly think of opioids or smoking addiction. They stop little and think about becoming food addicted. You can get addicted as quickly as you can to medicines. Depression plays a significant part, but there are many explanations about why it is possible. Some of the reasons are that you are bored and want to have some food or mental issues you don't know. What would you do if you know you are foodsuffering now? You must first take a deep breath and know it's okay. Don't let panic and anxiety stop you from doing the right thing in your path. Breathe out now. You may want to do it for a couple of seconds before you feel relaxed. You have to focus on thinking before you plan to do something and realize that you can conquer this addiction. The moment you continue to live negatively with food is when you are addicted. Know, "I lose weight, and I'm safe." Don't think about saying, "I should lose weight," even if it's in the present and "now" tense, making it past tense. Now that you are right, the next move should not be such a challenge. Find a doctor who can help you succeed in a weight loss plan. Joining a program helps you because you're conscious that you're not alone, and you can find out several times what made you addicted to food in the first place. You will be taught a healthier way to lose weight and conquer your addiction by going to a clinic. At first, it might not be convenient, but finally, it is very rewarding. You should throw out all your fast food while you're doing the plan. This will be a significant change for many. Throwing out the wrong food will build an

even better attitude because you know that you can do it for real.

HOW TO OVERCOME JUNK FOOD CRAVINGS WITH WEIGHT LOSS HYPNOSIS? 1. "Reset" Your Fast Food Attachment Weight loss hypnotherapy is one of the easiest ways to improve your mindset towards unhealthy food without experiencing excessive cravings or feelings of inadequacy. For most people, consuming fast food is either an impulsive option or an emotional one. They need to exercise will to stop the momentum, and this process will typically lead to a feeling that they are robbed or limited. You will alter the response mechanism through hypnosis. Ethical behaviors are fun, and the practice improves. You learn to cope well, which means you don't have to rely on food for comfort. Resetting the connection frees your mind and body so that you have fun during weight loss. 2. Get Motivated The right inspiration will assist you in moving mountains. You have to have the right reasons if you want to get rid of fast food forever. Most people don't realize that eating nutritious foods benefits their physical wellbeing even more than appearance. By hypnosis of weight loss, people know what the right encouragement is and what important role it plays in the process of weight loss. Success implies constructive encouragement. You need not confine yourself to discovering the world of balanced eating. You will find it incredibly nontraumatic and even enjoyable if you are enthusiastic about the transition. 3. Get in Touch with Your Emotions the time or find it challenging to deal with stress in any other way. Contacting

inner feelings and unresolved problems will have the power and motivation never to feel the need for fast food. Have you deemed a compulsive overeater? Were you seen as a fast-food by others? If so, you still have emotional baggage to deal with.

CHAPTER 18: DEEP RELAXING TECHNIQUES Since we have seen that emotions are the first obstacle to a healthy and correct relationship with food, we are going to look specifically at the most suitable techniques to appease them. Not only is that, these techniques very important to make hypnosis deeply effective to achieve the desired goals. In fact, autogenic training is one of the techniques of self-hypnosis. What does self-hypnosis mean? As the word suggests, it is a form of self-induced hypnosis. Beyond the various techniques available, all have the objective of concentrating a single thought object. To say it seems easy, but it is incredible how, in reality, our mind is constantly distracted and even overlaps distant thoughts between them. This leads to emotional tension with repercussions on everyday life. Other self-hypnosis techniques that we will not deal with in-depth include Benson’s and Erickson’s. Benson's is inspired by oriental transcendental meditation. It is based on the constant repetition of a concept to favor a great concentration. Specifically, he recommends repeating the word that evokes the concept several times. It is the easiest and fastest technique ever. It really takes 10–15 minutes a day. Just because it's so simple doesn't mean it's not effective. And you will also need to familiarize yourself with it. Especially for those who are beginners with self-hypnosis. In fact, this could be the first technique to try right away to approach this type of practice. You sit with your eyes closed in a quiet room and focus on breathing and relax the muscles. Therefore continually think about the object of meditation.

If your thought turns away, bring it back to the object. To be sure to practice this self-hypnosis for at least 10 minutes, just set a timer. Erickson's is apparently more complex. The first step involves creating a new self-image that you would like to achieve. So we start from something we don't like about ourselves and mentally create the positive image that we would like to create. In our specific case, we could start from the idea of us being overweight and transform that idea into an image of us in perfect shape, satisfied with ourselves in front of the mirror. Then we focus on three objects around the subject, then three noises, and finally three sensations. It takes little time to concentrate on these things. Gradually decrease this number. Therefore 2 objects, 2 noises, and 2 sensations. Better if the objects are small and bright and unusual sensations, which are hardly paid attention to. For example, the feeling of the shirt that we wear in contact with our skin. You get to one, and then you leave your mind wandering. We take the negative image we have and calmly transform it mentally into the positive one. At the end of this practice, you will feel great energy and motivation.

AUTOGENIC TRAINING Autogenic training is a highly effective self-induced relaxation technique without external help. It is called "training" because it includes a series of exercises that allow the gradual and passive acquisition of changes in muscle tone, vascular function, cardiac and pulmonary activity, neuro-vegetative balance, and state of consciousness. But don't be frightened by this word. His exercises do not require a particular theoretical preparation nor a radical modification of one's habits. Practicing this activity allows you to live a profound and repeatable experience at all times. Autogenic means "self-generating," unlike hypnosis and self-hypnosis, which are actively induced by an operator or the person himself. In essence, the goal is to achieve inner harmony so that we can best face the difficulties of everyday life. It is a complementary tool to hypnosis. The two activities are intertwined. Practicing both of them allows for a better overall experience. In fact, hypnosis helps well to act directly on the subconscious. But for hypnosis to be effective, it is necessary to have already prepared an inner calm such that there is no resistance to the instructions given by the hypnotherapist. The origins of autogenic training are rooted in the activity of hypnosis. In the latter, there is an exclusive relationship between the hypnotist and the hypnotized. Those who are hypnotized must, therefore, be in a state of maximum receptivity to be able to reach a state of constructive passivity to create the ideal relationship with the hypnotist. Those who approach autogenic training and have already undergone hypnosis sessions can deduce the main training guidelines from the principles of hypnosis. The difference is that you become your own hypnotist. You must, therefore, assume an attitude of receptive availability towards you. Such activity also allows a higher spiritual introspection, feeling masters of one's

emotional state. This undoubtedly brings countless advantages in everyday life. So I usually suggest everyone try a hypnosis session and then do a few days of autogenic training before they start using hypnosis again daily. It's the easiest way to approach the relaxation techniques on your own and start to become familiar with the psycho-physical sensations given by these practices. Mine is a spontaneous suggestion. If you have tried meditation and relaxation techniques in the past you can also go directly into guided hypnosis. In any case, autogenic training can be useful regardless of the level of familiarity with these practices. It is clear that if you have little time in your days, it makes no sense to put so much meat on the fire. Let’s remember that they are still relaxation techniques. If we see them too much as “training,” we could associate obligations and bad emotions that go against the principle of maximum relaxation. So I'm not saying do autogenic training and hypnosis every day, 10 push-ups, crunches, and maybe yoga, and then you will be relaxed and at peace with your body. This approach is not good. It is about finding your balance and harmony in a practice that has to be pleasant and deliberate.

BASIC AUTOGENIC TRAINING EXERCISES The basic exercises of the A.T. are classically divided into 6 exercises of which 2 fundamental and 4 complementary. Before the 6 exercises you practice an induction to calm and relaxation, while at the end recovery and then awakening. These exercises are considered as consecutive phases to be carried out in each session. It is not mandatory to carry out all the steps together. Especially initially each exercise will have to be understood individually. But if you intend to stop, for example, in the fourth exercise, and not do all of them, you will necessarily have to do the other 3 exercises in the same session first. The duration of the session remains unchanged, however, because when you add exercises, you will make each phase last less. First exercise—"The heaviness." It s a very useful exercise to overcome psychophysical problems related to muscular tensions that derive from emotional tensions. Second exercise—"The heat." It serves to relieve circulatory problems, in all cases where there is a problem of reduced blood flow to the extremities. Third exercise—"The heart." It is a highly suggestive exercise that allows you to regain contact with that part of the body that we traditionally deal with emotions. Fourth exercise—"The breath." It produces better oxygenation of the blood and organs. Fifth exercise—"The solar plexus." It helps a lot of those who suffer from digestive problems. Sixth exercise—"The Fresh Forehead." Produces a brain constriction vessel that can be very useful to reduce headaches, especially if linked

to physical or mental overload.

RECOMMENDED POSITIONS The following positions are suitable for both autogenic training and hypnosis and relaxation techniques in general. I suggest initially using the lying down position and using it later in hypnosis for virtual gastric bandaging to simulate the position on the surgical couch.

LIE DOWN This position, at least at the beginning, is the most used for its comfort. You lie on your back (face up) and your legs slightly apart with your toes out. The arms are slightly detached from the torso and are slightly bent. The fingers are detached from each other and slightly arched.

ON THE ARMCHAIR You sit with a chair attached to the wall. Your back is firmly against the backrest, and your head rests against the wall. You can place a cushion between your head and the wall. Alternatively, you can use a high chair to rest your head-on. The feet should be flat firmly on the floor, with a 90-degree angle on the legs. The tips of the feet should be placed on the outside. The arms should be resting on the supports (where present) or on the thighs. If there are supports, the hands should be left dangling. If they are not present, the hands are resting on the legs, and the fingers are separate.

POSITION OF THE COACHMAN This position allows you to be seated but without particular basic support. It can be practiced wherever you have something to sit on (a chair, a stone, a stool...). You sit, for example, on the chair very far forward without leaning forward with your back. Your feet must be flat firmly on the ground, with the tips pointing outwards. Your back should bend forward by resting your forearms on your thighs and letting your hands dangle between your legs so that they do not touch each other. Pivot your neck forward as much as possible, and relax your shoulders and jaw.

OTHER SUGGESTIONS To achieve the best results, the environment must be quiet, the phone and any form of technological distraction must be disconnected beforehand. In the room, there must be a very soft light with a constant temperature that allows neither hot nor cold. The environmental conditions, in fact, influence our mood, and the acquisition of a correct position guarantees an objective relaxation of all the muscles. Do not wear clothes that tighten and restrict your movement: for this purpose also remove the watch and glasses and loosen the belt. It goes without saying that constancy is very important for achieving a psychic balance. It only takes 10 minutes a day, but a real reluctance is to be taken into consideration. Before doing this practice, you really need to give yourself some time. It must be deliberate practice. This is one of the reasons why it is not advisable to practice it in small time gaps between commitments, but rather in dedicated time slots. Also, it is advisable not to practice the exercises immediately after lunch to avoid sleep. At the end of each workout, perform awakening exercises except for the evening just before going to sleep. At first, checking the relaxation of the various parts of the body will require some reflection. But over time and practice, everything will become more instinctive. Do not expect great results in the first days of practice. Do not abandon the practice immediately because like anything else you cannot expect to know how to do it immediately. One last tip is to not be too picky when it comes to checking the position to take. In fact, the indications provided are broad; it is not necessary to interpret them rigidly.

CHAPTER 19: POSITIVE SELF TALK VS. NEGATIVE SELF TALK To reach your potential, you have to let go of some habits and some of the people you hang with. The most interesting thing about this is that many people have greatness locked up inside of them, all that they needed is to encounter someone that will unleash the beast and set them on the path of success. Many never met such people; many gave up too soon; many were even discouraged by friends. But the only way to unlocking your full potential is by discovering that you have such potential in the first place. It is after you have made this discovery that you can then move on to the next stage of development, which is to look out for ways that you can get leverage this greatness in you with life opportunities. The main idea behind this kind of reasoning is that you have to look inward and look for ways to develop yourself. Nobody will help you if you refuse to help yourself. The earlier you realize this, the better it is. They significantly influence the level of accomplishment at each progression: Positive Thinking and Behavior Visualization Positive Self-Talk Affirmation Statements Dynamic Goal Setting Positive Action Assertive Behavior Success Strategies These nine success strategies and behaviors are significant professional

enhancers that help you to change objectives into real factors. Give close consideration to any that are new thoughts for you. They give wide-running advantages, and you can utilize them to: Create and support your internal drive Increase your certainty Provide mental and physical vitality Guide you toward objectives Follow these means to frame the propensity for positive intuition and to help your prosperity. Intentionally spur yourself consistently. Consider yourself fruitful, and expect positive results for all that you endeavor. By practicing these inspirational desire attitudes until it turns into a propensity decisionmaking process will be impacted to a great extent by this positive vitality. The propensity will assist you with arriving at your full potential. Reflect on past victories helps, too, as this helps you to concentrate on past triumphs to help yourself to remember your capacities, and this boosts your ability to accomplish your objectives. For instance, nobody is ever brought into the world, realizing how to ride a bike or how to utilize a P.C. programming program. Through preparing, practice, and experimentation, you ace new capacities. During the experimentation periods of improvement, help yourself to remember past victories; see botches as a major aspect of the common expectation to absorb information. Proceed until you accomplish the outcome you need, and this reminds you that you have the necessary skillset to prevail since you have done it before and can also do it once more. Certain affirmation statements are necessary for self-explanations or suggestions to help accomplish objectives. They are certain messages with a punch, "mental guard stickers," to persuade your psyche to work for you. The accompanying rules disclose how to utilize this amazing mental update


OFFER THE EXPRESSION IN THE FIRST PERSON Express yourself decidedly: The psyche acknowledges reality in the words you give it. Utilize positive words as they are. Forget about negative words: For instance, this statement is negative: “I will be apprehensive during my meeting,” while this other statement that’s saying the same thing sounds positive: “I will be quiet and confident during my meeting. Incorporate a positive feeling: An expression that triggers a positive feeling reinforces a sense of determination. As a model, you could say: "My objective is important, and it energizes me." Stop Negative Self-Talk: You might rush to bother yourself since you need to be great. Be that as it may, negative self-talk is harming because the inner mind truly accepts what you state about yourself. In case you get yourself utilizing negative self-talk, stop, and rethink. Take out the negative words. Concentrate rather on the best strategy you can take and do it. Make positive correspondence a propensity: Concentrate on the positive in objective articulations, self-talk, and all interchanges. Think about the accompanying expressions and notice how the positive words pass on certainty, duty, and energy.

SET AN OBJECTIVE AND STICK TO IT Characterize your objectives unmistakably by having them recorded as a hard copy. Recording your objectives/goal improves the probability of accomplishing them by 80 percent! Composing objectives build your feeling of duty, explains required strides in the accomplishment procedure, and encourages you to recollect significant subtleties. Make the advantages (to you and others) of accomplishing objectives clear and distinct. This is a solid spark. It gives you a clear understanding of what you need to do to accomplish your aim. Furthermore, be sure to characterize the reason for your objectives. Connect your objectives to a functional, explicit reason. To support your own inspiration, base your objectives on motivation, not simply rationale. To make this easier, you can incorporate educators, books, preparing, individuals who urge you to drive forward, gifted mentors or coaches, and printed and online research materials. Finally, build up an activity plan, set cutoff times, and act. Build up sub-objectives. Partition every primary objective into consistent, dynamic advances—set cutoff times for finishing each progression and complete strides on schedule.



For your quick workout routine, walk up through the stairs at the office. Park your car at the farthest spot and trek all the way distance. Take your dog on a long walk. Participate in every way you can. That is the goal of exercising. If you miss any workout or you couldn’t get going one day, don't just hang up on it, just get back on track the next day.

SET A ROUTINE FOR EVERYDAY HYPNOSIS MEDITATION AND AFFIRMATION FOR WEIGHT LOSS If you are stuck in the same old aerobics' classes, then you could mix things up and try to take a new class at your gym. Some of the hottest gym classes that you could take include indoor cycling, boxing-based programs, yoga classes acrobatics, and martial art. This will help you to be able to combat boredom, which is the number one reason why you participate in emotional eating and quit exercising. Try always to drink a lot of water while exercising. Warm-up before exercising. If you haven't warmed up, then you have to get into the habit of warming up before every exercise. Make it a habit to warm up. It isn't necessary to warm up before any strenuous exercise, but by doing so, you'll be able to get your blood flowing, and you be able to prepare yourself for any activity ahead.

Standing Reach Stretch One of the stretching exercises that you can do is the standing reach stretch. This stretch involves the upper body’s movement. So start with your arms, keep your arms straight down, besides your body is with your palms facing backward. Use one arm, raise it forward, and raise it up as high as possible. Now tighten your abs and use the opposite arm to touch your shoulders and stretch across your chest slightly. Now hold the stretch for 10 to 30 seconds. Repeat the same stretch with your arms reaching in the opposite direction. The neck stretches the chest and backstretch. Use your hands to grab the ends of a small towel in both hands. Now bring your arms to the chest level and slightly tuck on the ends of the towel and hold it for about 10 to 30 seconds.

Neck Stretch Neck stretch is the upper-body stretch. This stretch is very good for golfers.

Grab the end of a small towel with your end and slightly tuck them to the end of the wall.

The chest and Shoulders stretch Now the next stretch is the chest and shoulder stretch. This stretch is great after swimming. So, take your hands behind you, and hold the end of a towel at your hip. Now raise your chest high and raise your arms forward now hold the stretch for about 30 seconds.

Quadriceps Stretch The next stretch is the quadriceps stretch. This stretch is good for runners, high-cut cyclists, and walkers. Sit behind the chair and hold onto the chair for balance and support. Now take one hand and grab your other ankle. Gently push your foot forward towards your gluts. Do not tuck or lean forward but keep your chest lifted high. Now do this stretch for about 10 to 30 seconds. Now repeat the same thing using the other leg.

Standing outer thigh stretch Place one of your feet behind the chair and diagonally press your heels to the floor.

Tendon Stretch Arm’s Length The next stretch is the tendon stretch stand. Keep your arm’s length behind the chair and hold onto the back of the chair to support and balance yourself. Now keep your feet a few inches apart from your toes why you point your heels to the ground. Slowly push your pelvis while bending your elbows and leaning forward. Support yourself with your hands to the back of the chair. Now do this for about 30 seconds.

Standing thin stretch stand

The next stretch the standing shin stretch. Stand at the back of a chair and hold the back of the chair for support and balance. Bend your nails slightly and raise the toes of your feet off the ground while resting on your heels. Do this stretch for about 30 seconds?

Hip Stretch The next one is the hip stretch. Stand at the back of a chair for support and balance while bending your nails across and cross one ankle over the opposite leg. Now sit back watch and hold it straight for about 30 seconds. Repeat the stretch, crossing the other ankle over the opposite knee.

Upper back Stretch and shoulder stretch The next one is the upper backstretch and shoulder stretch. This stretch is perfect for activities that require the upper body and bending movements. So, to begin the stretch, stand behind the chair and hold onto the back of the chair for support. Then take one step away from the chair until your arms are fully stretched. Now move and bend forward from your waist and stretch your shoulders forward, then hold onto the knee for about 30 seconds. Try to stretch as many ways as you can; the more stretches that you do, the more likely, you will be to avoid tight muscles, prevent injuries, and feel better if your muscles are tight, patient with it. You should remember that stretching is not a contest, you shouldn't compare yourself with other people because everybody is different. Some days you might be feeling bar where are some days you might feel tighter. Stay comfortably within your limits and allow the flow of your energy to come through you.

Abs The first one is the abs. So grab a bubble chair or a dumbbell and then lay

your back on it while pointing your feet straight. Take the weight and extend your arms over it, and then contract your abdominal muscles while lifting the weight up towards the ceiling. Exhale while moving up and inhale while moving downward. Now you should remember not to bounce on the ball. Moves slowly so that your muscles will be tight throughout the entire set also try to bring your weight at an angle and try to push the weight straight all perfectly vertical. Now the equipment that you need for this exercise are dumbbells and exercise balls, whereas the muscles that you are working out are the upper abdominal and the core muscles.



You must read and use this part before you fit your hypnotic gastric band. You have to change your mental self-image, your conduct, and your emotions to appreciate and profit from your new slim body ultimately. If you don't set yourself up, there is an opportunity you could feel awkward or befuddled and neglect to appreciate the advantages of losing weight permanently. When your hypnotic gastric band fitted, your life will change. You will eat less and get slimmer; however, you will likewise encounter a course of changes that will influence every part of your life. You will also be taking part in a considerably more significant change that is moving through society. You will be a part of the movement away from diets towards a genuine healthy weight loss procedure. Starting now and into the foreseeable future, you will eat unexpectedly; however, you won't diet, because diets don't work. If you are attempting to lose weight without a hypnotic gastric band, you need to be committed to the long haul. You have to make and keep up a solid positive conviction that you will succeed—regardless of how hard or strenuous it is, to begin with. Your goals have to be so obvious in your psyche, that nothing can topple them. You have to be prepared to succeed, regardless of what happens. You have to do this for yourself. That is the genuine reason you are attempting to lose weight. You know that you are worth it, and you won't backslide. Your hypnotic gastric band has been fixed so you will eat less, yet you will still eat; yet not excessively or unhealthily— just modestly and appropriately. The most essential thing for your hypnotic gastric band is self-control and

strategy making. Making plans or taking them will help you stay on track to achieving your goals. You can do this by figuring out the most fitting amount of food to eat. You may discover yourself eating less or more, but you mustn't eat more than what you have arranged to eat. If you are not able to tell when your hunger pangs arrive, then consume a snack every two hours and keep an eye on what, how much, and when you are eating. To get smaller portions of food, you may consider eating more often. This will help you eat less at a time and utilize smaller serving plates to make the food look more substantial. The vast majority of us are overdoing our eating; we eat until we are full, not when we are genuinely hungry. Eating in this way causes you to put on weight, and it's not right or sound.

DIETS DON'T WORK Dieting makes the body thinks the individual is starving, so the more they diet, the more they wind up bingeing. When they arrive at their target weight, their body feels it has been craving for a long time, so when they loosen up, it retaliates and gets them to go straight into an unhealthy pattern of overeating. The scientific research is clear and undeniable. Most of the dieters get slimmer temporarily, and after a while, get the weight back on. More regrettable still, more than 70 percent end up heavier than when they began dieting. It is no big surprise that there is presently an army of doctors who are moving against the diet business and diet clubs because, for more than 90 percent of individuals, diets don't work! The diet business insiders have known this dreary truth for quite a long time, but they still sell their moneymaking schemes. What's more, even though the proof of disappointment is surrounding us, individuals continue unveiling diet plans daily.

GUILT One of the reasons numerous overweight individuals battle endlessly with diets is guilt. At some level, they accept their excess weight is their shortcoming. They feel regretful, so they think they merit the suffering of denying themselves food and delight from food. These individuals begin feeling awful, and then because dieting doesn't work, they feel much more dreadful. I don't believe anybody is a terrible individual because the person is overweight. If you are overweight, it isn't your flaw, and it is the deficiency of your body's programming. You have had lousy programming introduced that has just unbalanced the natural system of delight and sustenance from food. I realize that you can get slimmer and feel better and appreciate the process.

GAMBLING Another explanation that a large number of individuals go on diets, again and again, is the law of intermittent reinforcement. This is a similar motivation behind why individuals become dependent on gambling. The truth of the matter is that even though in the long run, a gambler consistently loses, he does occasionally win. In any case, he never knows when he will win. The likelihood that this time he may win keeps him betting "one more time." This is the intermittent reinforcement. It is the same with diets. Practically all individuals lose more weight in the first month of a menu, and they continue to trust that the weight loss will continue on this diet. And, just every so often, incidentally, it does. We, as a whole, know at any rate a couple of individuals who have figured out how to lose more weight regardless of the considerable number of issues of diets. Dieters will, in general, take a look at them—the less than One 0 percent who are fruitful—rather than the 90 percent who come up short. I don't believe in gambling. I think in a rational, logical way to deal with life. My idea of dealing with weight loss and my hypnotic gastric band depends on the best accessible proof to date. Seven out of ten individuals who use my weight loss system get in shape and keep it off. The hypnotic gastric band builds that success rate to more than nine out of ten.

DIET PROMOTION Diets are steadily promoted around us. In reality, a portion of the diet clubs presently study my marketing messages and attempt their best to duplicate them, although they are selling something different. Diet associations likewise pay big names a considerable number of dollars to endorse them. They arrange with an overweight celebrity, and as a feature of the bundle, they have somebody follow them around observing their food to ensure they hammer off the weight in time for the January pictures in the magazines, where these wealthy and famous individuals can discuss their battle with their weight. Anybody would think that it's simpler to remain on a diet if they had a group of individuals controlling their food consumption. Diet clubs likewise search out a specific sort of specialist, somebody who is set up to support them and consequently very generously compensated. I was drawn nearer by these diet clubs years ago when I began faulting them, to check whether we could "cooperate." Well, I double-checked the exploration then, and I affirmed the realities. When individuals use my system appropriately over a long time, it works. When individuals diet over a long time, it doesn't work. I could see why they needed me to underwrite their items, but there was nothing in it for you or me. It would have been unscrupulous. Years later, I have always asked diet clubs to go along with me on a broadcast discussion to discuss the benefits and achievements of our various ways of dealing with weight loss. In each of those years, they have never figured out how to take up my call, disregarding all the free exposure it speaks. Amusingly, diet clubs are not in the weight-loss business. They do make camaraderie with their weekly gatherings, which is an excellent thing since it is extraordinary to have support when you are on a

mission. In any case, the meetings are not their genuine source of benefit. They are an approach to keep individuals included and near their items. As individuals become less effective at getting in shape through willpower alone, they become progressively defenseless to purchasing items that guarantee wonders. What's more, the diet clubs make their genuine money selling lowfat, chemically altered food, and food substitutes. They are in the artificial food business.

HOSTILE Some individuals have asked me for what valid reason I am so unfriendly to the diet business. Why don't I simply quiet down and acknowledge that various individuals have various ways to deal with weight loss? The appropriate response is that I feel very strongly about the subject. I feel irate in the interest of the considerable number of individuals I have met in my weight-loss workshops. They have languished over the years using diets that caused them to feel guilt and disappointment, and still left them overweight. If diets simply didn't work, that would be terrible enough. However, the reality they go such a large number of individuals significantly more substantial than before they began gets me truly worked up. I believe this is the principal reason why we currently have Six0 percent of individuals in the U.K. also, the U.S. overweight is many years of diet. Diets and diet clubs are the issue! If we take a look at the science of hypnotic gastric band and weight loss, there is a better case for banning diets than for banning smoking. Nutrition and diet clubs are causing enormous measures of hopelessness and ill health, putting an immense weight on our country's social insurance system. Starving your body gives you the fake idea that the diet is working, while you are losing muscle mass, not fat (absolutely an inappropriate sort of weight), and simultaneously slowing your metabolism. They are killing you, they know it, and everything they can consider is benefits! When I see somebody overweight, I don't merely observe layers of fat. I see coats of dissatisfaction, brought about by a gathering of critical money-makers who couldn't care less for the individuals they misuse or the harm they are causing to the lives of the individuals they should help. So when the diet clubs take my mottos when discussing weight loss, it just makes me increasingly resolved to uncover

them and show whatever number individuals could be allowed that it is so natural to get in shape.

QUIT WORRYING ABOUT FOOD I have gone on about diets for two reasons. One, as should be obvious, is that I am enthusiastic about the theme. The second is that If you have ever dieted in the past, you are currently going to change your dietary patterns radically. Your hypnotic gastric band will assist you with getting in shape, and you will now need to eat contrastingly, so you make the most of your new body and don't undermine your bliss with the propensities for dieting. Dieters stress over food. They naturally isolate food into "good" and "bad." On diets, they consider food practically always—except for when they are eating, when they jolt their food and feel regretful You are not dieting, so you can quit stressing. You won't gorge, so you can get hungry, eat appropriately, and genuinely appreciate it. Try not to starve yourself. Those days are long gone. You never again must be scared of food. You can quit pondering on it when you are not eating. Now, you can get hungry the usual way and eat appropriately. That implies you genuinely feel the body's natural want for food and truly fulfill everything securely ensured by your hypnotic gastric band.

LIFE CHANGES When you get in shape, your whole life changes, since you have a hypnotic gastric band, you won't have the option to gorge, so you must set yourself up for every one of the progressions that are coming in your direction. Indeed, even the best things on the planet bring challenges, and we have to figure out how to deal with them, and your prosperity will have exceptionally huge results. For instance, it is anything but difficult to think, "Gracious, I wish I could live in a major, extravagant house," and admittedly, it would be pleasant to have all the space. Be that as it may, you'll additionally need to figure out what to look like after it! If you would prefer not to invest all your energy cleaning it, you'll need to figure out how to use the ideal individuals and how to deal with making them work surrounding you.







I will be your guide on this mental journey, as we put a mental and emotional gastric band around your stomach, whose major purpose is to permit you to feel a satisfactory fullness as soon as you eat exactly as much eat as you need. Get into a comfortable sitting position, preferably your favorite spot, so that you can remain undisturbed for the entire period of this magical procedure. The more you relax, the more the gastric band becomes more powerful and productive in your life. Take a big deep breath in to relax and exhale tension and worry as you softly close your eyes. Begin to feel your body already slowing down, take another breath at your personal pace, and let it go with a sigh. This moment is for you to let you practice a new lifestyle of being full at the perfect time for you. Now, say to yourself with conviction, overeating is impossible for me, and breath into the truth of these words, breath them out into reality, creating a smaller stomach already. Cool down, relax, breathe, and use the power of your imagination to visualize a beautiful beach with white sand reflecting the sunlight, almost looking like snow. You will see the water fade to a deep blue, as the ocean gets deeper. Look down into the sand where you stand and notice sand grains, all in different colors and textures. Then all of a sudden, something catches your eye, half-buried in the sand, it

is your favorite color, so you get closer. Yes, go ahead and walk closer. You will see a small thick band, about the size of your fist. Can you see it? Yes, you have seen it. And it's the most vivid version of your favorite color. The brightness of this band, brings you strange excitement, inner happiness, and palpable joy. This curious round band flashing your most beloved color choice is called a GASTRIC BAND. It is meant to be placed around the top of your stomach organ, therefore reducing the capacity of your stomach. In other words, it makes your stomach smaller, giving you the feeling of fullness, when you've had enough to eat. This kind of band actually exists in the medical world. (However, you can get the same result, using the power of your creative mind, by placing this band around your stomach, within this relaxing session.) Now you are walking along this beach carrying your gastric band, feel it in your hand, notice the texture, the weight, and the thickness. Feel your feet in the sand, allowing those steps to relax you more and more, notice the paltry texture, the spacing under your feet. Let it deeply soothe you. Even while you feel the ocean breeze and smell the salty air, all along this beach. As you walk, you get a little tired from your long walk. Then a reclining chair has appeared just for you, facing the ocean. So, you have to sit and recline back. Remember, you still have your gastric band in your hand. By now you are familiar with its shape and size, it has something like a small bolt that can be tightened and loosen. Relax back in the chair and look at the endless waves of water before you, notice the ocean meeting with the sky, the clouds are streaming along ever so slowly on a bright blue backtrack. No one is around you, it's peaceful and relaxing, it's gorgeous. Feel the shining sun on your skin, kissing you with nutrients. Notice the warm sand

under your feet, it is soft and soothing. Allow your breath to become a little bit deeper and heavier. Listen to the coming sound of the air, coming in and out. It is similar to the sound of a wave crashing on a surf. Take a long deep breath in through your nose and imaging the waves and a long deep exhale out from your mouth, coming in and out, just like your breath. Focus intently on relaxing and coming sound of the waves, gaze out upon the ocean in front of you see the crystal-clear waters, ripening, brewing, and reflecting the rays of light, making the surface of the water tense. If your mind starts wondering and you see some negativity or doubt about weight loss, show up, breath into it. Let the wave come and take that thought back out to the oceans past the hole. Exhale, take a deep breath in feel that you and the waves are the same. Breathe out a long breath, feel the vibes of your body, and antagonism about your weight streak away, dissolving, getting less diverting in your psyche. Rehash this excellent procedure of giving up self-question, full breath in, into the waves, full breath out, feel the hints of your negative self-talk start to wash away. Release everything and last time, benefit as much as possible from it, full breath in, into the waves, let them remember every one of your considerations, your cynicism, and stresses over ever eating and take a long full breath out, feel them smashing and vanishing, leaving for eternity. Feel how you are at last liberating yourself from such nervousness and stress, you will feel fresh out of the plastic new, revived, restored, and lighter. Now, take in all the positive vibes of the scenario, the light, the coming waters, and the warm and reassuring sand, the rhythm of the wave cuddling you and taking your powerful gastric band and imagining that you can easily place it upon the stomach in a perfect spot. You'll know exactly how to do this, it

comes naturally to you, put on the band, and feel your stomach instantly smaller. Whoa, it feels amazing, actually, you will notice that your stomach already feels full and firm. Imagine the sensation of a full and satisfying stomach right now. What’s the satisfaction when you’ve had enough? How does feel like? It feels healthy and also brings your confidence that you only need the right amount of food; then you are full; good. You cannot possibly eat another bite when you have had enough now, that you have your brand-new gastric band. This relaxing gastric band section leads you to perfect health and weight through the power of your amazing mind, bringing out a new and improved positive attitude to live the rest of your life, with intention, positivity, and knowing exactly when enough is enough. Bring your hands into a prayer position and notice how you feel, how your mind and body are now back on track, ready to effortlessly eat the healthy amount. Take a moment before coming back to the present. Do a long breath-in, feel the gastric band removing your ability to overeat, and feel it affecting weight loss throughout your body. Now you are ready, gently open your eyes and remain still. Good work today, you can now seal your practice with a grateful smile.






Welcome to this relaxing meditation that will guide you to a pristine lake surrounded by mountains so that you can tighten your gastric band, making for an even smaller stomach that fills up quickly. Get into a decent sitting position, some place that you can completely give up and would not be upset by the encompassing scene. As you get into an incredible condition of unwinding and starting to envision that you are fixing this gastric band. You will discover that weight reduction gets simpler and simpler constantly. Start to inhale profoundly, permitting your body to completely grow and breathe out the entirety of your worry in one profound exhalation. Take another full breath in and as you breathe out, let your eyes delicately close. Notice how you can feel your body settling down and getting considerably progressively loose as we go on. Relinquish any current concerns or commitments, appreciate this time by and for yourself. Now say to yourself these words "I eat only as much food as I need. I require less food to make me feel full." Breathe in, allowing these words to become authentic on every level of your awareness. Breathe out any doubt and breathe in the truth that you are capable of eating just the right amount to have the most perfect shape, size, and overall wellness. Calm, relax completely at ease, allow my voice to soothe you, every word I speak, let your body slow down, just a little bit more. Activate your imagination by bringing into your mind the sight of a magnificent lake, surrounded by mountains. The sky is a crystal clear blue doubled with the occasional clouds, the sun is brightly shining, all around you, the waters of

this lake are crystal clear and reflect the blueness of the sky, the water almost acts as a mirror for the mountain range. Become aware of your stomach and how it's a little bit smaller from the wonderful session on the beach when you first find your gastric band. Your stomach is comfortable and happy about its new size ready to become even smaller. As you walk towards this beautiful lake, you will notice the soil under your feet; it is smooth and supportive below. You get to the lake's edge and deep your toes in the cool and fresh water. Even though only your feet are immersed, your entire body is getting extremely relaxed by the waters of this mystical lake. You will notice besides you that there is a small red canoe waiting for you. Get on this canoe and pick up the beautiful hand-curve oar, this oar represents your ability to tighten your gastric band. Deep the oar in the water, all the way to the shallow bottom of the lake and push off the shore. You will see that this simple movement tightens your gastric band a little more in millimeters. Now, begin rowing into the middle of the lake and take in the beauty of your surroundings, hear the water splashing against the sides of the boat, each time you deep them into the water to prepare this boat forward that carries you with ease, it will tighten the band around your stomach; a little by little. The weather is absolutely perfect, beautiful birds are flying overhead, tripping a melody for you. This is rather too late for sensation, almost as if you are walking out of the gym and building muscle, losing ligaments, and activating a healthy blood flow and you are simply rolling a boat in your mind. You have almost reached the middle of the lake and your band has gotten tightened down to the perfect size. Stop rolling now and just let the canoe glide through the water on its own. Notice the beautiful mountains surrounding you in all directions, as they protect this lake from any harsh weather, just as they protect you from any self-doubt that you are

capable of only eating as much as you need at every meal and every day for the rest of your life. And this choice is very important for you because you care about your health, you are passionate about feeling good and being able to move your body freely with ease and strength. Envision that you can see this excellent gastric band around the highest point of your stomach, delicately pressing it, making you need less food to make you feel full. The band is still your favorite color, shining brightly, it feels as if this band is giving your stomach a big bear hug, like the one you get from your favorite grandparent, uncle, or anyone you know that gives the best hug; comforting you, supporting you, letting you know that this band is here because you asked for it existence. Take a deep breath and smell the clean air having a deep inner sense that you can notice the fat cells have been eliminated from your body. You have the ultimate awareness here in the middle of the lake. So, use this opportunity to seal all the details of your future, where you are the perfect size and you feel better than you ever felt in your entire life. See yourself now clearly, feel how being in perfect health is. Good. (long pause) Visualize yourself in your kitchen now, having your next meal, you will find out on your perfect plate of food, all of your choices are extremely healthy, you will notice that you only scoop a small amount of each item because you have a very good ability to put only the amount of food you need on your plate now with your gastric band supporting you. You don't waste a bite of food; you only eat the perfect amount. See yourself eating this healthy meal and almost shocked at how little food it took to fully satisfy you. Very good; now we are going to rise from this wonderful meditation, so let the imagery of the canoe, and the trip through the waters, gently fade from

your mind as well as the great mountains along with the visual of your next meal. Right now, you are bringing back this experience into reality to be used for your highest good. Breathing in deeply, becoming aware of your surroundings in the present moment. Wiggle your toes and fingers just a little bit, feel the fresh new energy and wisdom coming in. Whenever you are ready open your eyes.






Welcome to this relaxing session to remove your gastric band. So far you have placed this band around your stomach, by walking on a relaxing beach and then tightening this band while rowing your canoe on a crystal-clear lake. Today, we will now visit an ancient Japanese castle to remove this band and discard it during a beautiful ceremony. Make sure you are in a comfortable position, in a place that you enjoy practicing your relaxing sections. This is your final step in your gastric band experience. Take a nice deep breath in and as you breathe out, close your eyes. Relax your body by feeling it sinking into the chair or bed, soft and supportive underneath you. Breathing in and out, in and out. Notice the gentle rise and fall of your chest as you breathe. Become aware of your abdomen and how much slimmer it is each day, little by little because you eat less food that fills you up quickly, hunger is a thing of the past. You know when you have to eat, however, it doesn't expend your day or your night, you simply eat when you have to and don't eat when you don't have to, as basic as that. Activate your creative mind once again, imagine that you are standing in a beautiful filled with tall grass blowing in the wind. There is a path in front of you made of precisely laid smooth stone, as you walk along this path, you will see that you are coming towards a magnificent Japanese temple built hundreds of years ago; the building is still well maintained by the fresh coat of red paint as well as golden drums around the windows and doors. Make your way up to the huge front door and feel the iron handle in your hand, push the door backward and you open it effortlessly. As you step inside the temple, the air becomes cool around you, the interior

of the structure is a work of art crafted by pure genius. There is a large golden ball in the center of the room, as you made your way to the ball, it appears to be illuminated with the ray of sunlight casting down through a window in the rooftop. You will see there is water in the ball reflecting the light like a diamond. Here you easily remove your gastric band and place it in the secret water. You can see that it is still your favorite color. The ray of light steaming down begins to dissolve the gastric band into the water is once again pure. You will feel lighter than ever and your stomach is now permanently smaller along with your figure shrinking and becoming the smart body of your dream Note: Gastric Band can also be placed, tighten, and removed through hypnosis as the hypnotherapist or his tape recording describes accurately the very act of actual surgical procedures by doctors mimicking all the steps, sounds, and even odor in the theatre.

CHAPTER 23: POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS SESSION FOR THE GASTRIC BAND In this hypnosis session, I'm going to be giving you wonderful positive suggestions that will allow you to be motivated and determined to reach your ideal weight. So, as always, choose a comfortable spot to go into the hypnosis. You can sit up or you can lie down. Just get yourself in a nice comfortable position. And as you are getting yourself nice and comfortable, I’m just going to start to play some gentle music in the background. So, if you are nice and comfortable and you are ready to get started, take a deep breath. And as you do so, just allow your eyes to close. Allow yourself now to relax because one of the nicest things about hypnosis is that wonderful feeling of mental and physical relaxation that can now spread throughout your entire body. Because at this moment in time, there is nothing —nothing more important for you to do except to relax physically and mentally more and more. And then the normal outside noises will not affect or disturb you in any way. Any normal outside noises just help you to feel and to be calmer, more and more relaxed. And the only sound that you now remain interested in is the sound of my voice. The sound of my voice can engage you deeper… and deeper… into relaxation. And in a few moments, I’m going to count from ten down to one. With every number that I count from ten down to one, you'll be able to relax more and more with every number. By the time I get to one, you’ll feel like you’ve doubled your level of relaxation. And this wonderful level of physical and this wonderful level of mental relaxation then just becomes stronger and stronger. Not because I say so, but because it’s the nature of the human body

to enjoy these wonderful levels of physical and mental relaxation. So, ten, beginning now to relax more and more with every breath. Nine, every breath that you exhale helps in engaging you deeper and deeper into relaxation… calmer and calmer. Eight, all muscles in your body from the top of your head down to the muscles in the very tips of your toes relaxing more and more. And seven, as the muscles in your body become more and more relaxed, your mind just becomes calmer and calmer. And six, your mind and your body continue to become calmer, continue to become more and more relaxed. Five, it feels so good. It just feels good to relax physically. It feels good to relax mentally more and more. Four, drifting deeper and deeper… relax. Feeling and becoming calmer and calmer. And three, drifting deeper and deeper into this wonderful relaxing state of relaxation. Two, more relaxed, and just becoming and just feeling calmer and more and more relaxed with every breath now. And one, from this moment on, every breath you exhale relaxes you more and more. And every day, every single part of you feels and becomes more and more motivated and just more and more determined to reach your ideal weight. Every day, you feel, and you become more motivated, more determined to reach your ideal weight. And this wonderful suggestion, and this wonderful idea of you feeling more motivated, you’re becoming more determined every single day to reach your ideal weight, your ideal size, now growing strong inside your mind. This wonderful suggestion, this wonderful idea becomes more and more real for you every single day, you feel, and you become more motivated and more determined to reach your ideal weight, your ideal size. And that suggestion, that idea grows strong inside your mind. Not because I say so, that suggestion, that idea grows strong inside your mind because it’s

the wonderful positive suggestion that you want in your life. And as you now continue to relax more and more with every breath as you continue drifting deeper and deeper into relaxation. Your unconscious mind, your powerful unconscious mind, the part of you that knows everything about you, the part of you which can easily and naturally help you to reach your ideal weight now begins to become open to the wonderful positive suggestions that you will receive today. Wonderful suggestions that allow you to feel motivated, wonderful suggestions that allow you to feel and be motivated and determined to reach your ideal weight, wonderful suggestions that will help you to feel and to be in control of food at all times. Your unconscious mind now begins to become open to these wonderful positive suggestions. In fact, from this moment on, your unconscious mind and your conscious mind now come together and now work together as a partnership, helping you, guiding you towards your ideal weight and your ideal size. And as you reach your ideal weight, your ideal size which you will achieve, your conscious mind and your unconscious mind will simply remain locked together in partnership making sure that you maintain that weight for the rest of your life. In fact, from this moment on, every day, you choose those foods, you do those things which you know excite your mind and allow you to reach your ideal weight. And choosing those foods, doing those things which you know excite your mind to reach and get you to your ideal weight, doing those things will now completely feel normal for you. Completely naturally in every way. And every single day, avoiding those foods which you know moves you away from your ideal weight. Avoiding those foods will also just feel completely normal, completely natural for you.

Every single day you’re becoming slimmer. Every single day, you’re feeling healthier and healthier. Every single day, you’re moving towards your ideal weight. And moving towards your ideal weight is simply beginning to feel completely normal and natural for you. And you’re moving towards your ideal weight every single day because every single day you’re choosing the right foods and you’re making the right choices in your life every day in choosing the right foods and making the right the choices every single day is just feeling completely normal and is feeling completely natural for you. And this wonderful suggestion of feeling motivated, this wonderful positive suggestion of feeling and just being determined to reach your ideal weight. These wonderful positive suggestions of you being in complete control of food at all times and making the right decisions, making the right choices. These wonderful suggestions are growing stronger inside your mind. These wonderful positive suggestions are becoming more and more real for you every single day not because I say so. These wonderful suggestions grow stronger inside your mind because these are the things, these are the suggestions that you want in your life and because of that every one of these suggestions grows strong inside your mind. Every one of these suggestions becomes more and more real for you which simply means that every day you truly do feel motivated. You truly do feel determined to reach your ideal weight, your ideal size. Every day making the right decisions. Making the right choices when it comes to food or when it comes to exercise. Making those right decisions, those right choices every single day feels and truly is completely normal and natural for you. And as you now relax more and more with every breath, as you relax more and more with every breath, I would like now to begin to create an image or to think inside your mind. Think or imagine what you'll look like when you

reach your ideal weight which you will achieve. Begin to create an image inside your mind of what you will look like at your ideal weight. Maybe notice how those clothes fit, how those clothes can bring out your best features. Maybe notice how you look, how proud, how happy, how healthy you look. Notice how confident you appear. Begin to create an image in your mind now of the real slimmer you. And I’ll give you a few moments to do this. I’ll give you a few moments to picture a real slimmer inside your mind. And now, imagine or think. Imagine in your mind’s eye like you’re stepping into and are merging now with the image, becoming one with that image, and getting all of those things that are needed for you to be that, to be the image. And every single day, this real, this slimmer you, the you that nature intended you to be every day this real slimmer you simply shine through more and more every single day. And this real slimmer you that shines through more and more every single day is making your decisions, your choices when it comes down to food and the right decisions and the right choices, this real slimmer you help in guiding you to your ideal weight. Now every single day, you keep this image, this real slimmer you inside your mind, and this image is helping in guiding you moving you towards your ideal weight. In a sense, having this image in your mind and knowing where you want to be, and moving towards your ideal weight can be quite similar to playing a board game. Because just like playing a board game, when you are losing weight, you know where you want to be. When you play a board game, you want to be at the end. You want to win likewise with weight. You know where you want to be you know the size and weight you want to be. And you know the reasons why you want to be that weight, why you want to be that size.

And you then begin to start this journey, this wonderful fantastic journey that you are now on towards your ideal weight, towards your ideal size. Just like a board game, rolling dice, a dice landing on 4, moving four spaces towards, moving towards your ideal weight, moving further and further away from where you started, and simply closer and closer to where you want to be feeling good in yourself, feeling positive because you're making progress, you're moving forward. You've rolled the dice again. This time the dice landed on three then you move another 3 spaces forward. Another 3 spaces are closer to the goal. Three spaces away from where you started again, feeling good, feeling positive because you are moving towards where you want to be. You rolled the dice again, this time it lands on number 1. Again, you are moving forward. Another space forward. Another step towards you reaching your goal and your ideal size. Constantly making progress. Moving further and further along. Moving closer towards your ideal weight, your ideal size every single day making the right decisions making the right choices with regards to food. You’ve rolled the dice again. This time, the dice landed on number 5. And you move five spaces forward. Sometimes you may, you may land on a square maybe that says “miss a turn” and you might feel temporarily stopped but ultimately you have to also look at the big picture. You have to see how far you’ve traveled. You can’t allow a square that says ‘miss a turn’ to throw you off track. You have to keep focused on the goal. You have to notice how far you’ve traveled. Always making the right decisions. Not allowing that pause to set you back nor to throw you off guard completely because you miss a turn and you start to roll that dice again. This time it lands on 3 and you move three spaces forward. Another three

spaces towards your goal. Another three spaces away from where you started. Three more spaces are closer to your ideal weight. Your ideal size. You rolled the dice again, the dice this time lands on number 2 and you move another two spaces forward. But this time you might land on a square that says “go back 2 spaces” yes along the way you may have times when your weight stays the same. You may have a time where your weight increases a little bit. Just like a board game yes there’s a square that says miss a turn and even squares that say go back 2 spaces but at all times you will keep focused on the overall goal. You will notice how far you’ve traveled. How much closer you are towards your ideal weight. Towards your ideal size. Because those miss a turn, those go back 2 spaces, are only temporary. You then roll the dice again and it lands on 4 and again you’re moving four spaces forward. Soon you will forget all the ‘miss a turns’, those ‘go back 2 spaces’ because you are so close now to your goals, towards your ideal weight. And then you roll that dice again and it lands on 5. And you move forward five spaces. And you are at your ideal weight, your ideal size. With all of those wonderful positive benefits: feeling good, feeling proud, feeling positive in yourself knowing, truly knowing, and having those positive feelings that knowing nothing knocked you off course. You were completely focused, motivated, and determined. You truly are every single day. Focused. Motivated. And determined. And every single day, you make the right decisions, you make the right choices when it comes to food, you are in complete control of food at all times. And right now, I’m going to help you create back the belief that you are in complete control of food at all times. I’ll help you now to create that strong belief and this is how I’ll help you to do that. In a few moments, I’m going to

repeat the suggestion, “I am in complete control of food at all times.” When I say that suggestion, I am in complete control of food at all times, all I like you to do is to mentally repeat that to yourself. Because every time you say that to yourself, your belief that you are in complete control of food at all times will simply grow stronger and will become more and more real for you. So, mentally say to yourself. I am in complete control of food at all times. Again, say it to yourself. I am in complete control of food at all times. And again, I am in complete control of food at all times. I am in complete control of food at all times. I am in complete control of food at all times. And every time that you say that to yourself, your belief that you are in control of food at all times grows stronger for you, becomes more and more real for you. So again, say it to yourself, I am in complete control of food at all times. I am in complete control of food at all times. I am in complete control of food at all times. And a few more times, say it to yourself. I am in complete control of food at all times. I am in complete control of food at all times. And you are in complete control of food at all times. And that’s because you’re motivated, you’re determined to reach your ideal weight. And you are motivated and you are determined to reach your ideal weight which you will achieve. And over the next few days now, every time you see the color red, either consciously or unconsciously you allow to imprint every single one of these positive suggestions. Over the next few days, every time you see the

color red, consciously or unconsciously, every part of you will feel and become more motivated and more and more determined to reach your ideal weight, your ideal size. And now, in a few moments, I am going to count from one to five. And at the count of five, your eyes will open. You’ll become completely relaxed. When your eyes are opened, every part of you will truly feel good, positive, motivated, and determined. And this wonderful positive feeling will stay with you and simply grow stronger and stronger every single day. So now, get ready. Number one, and you now begin to start coming back to your full awareness. Number two, your unconscious mind just keeps powerfully reinforcing these wonderful suggestions. Number three, as your eyes are now clearing like you are walking next to a sparkling clear mountain stream. And four, on the next count your eyes will open and when they do, every single part of you truly will feel fantastic, motivated, and determined. So, get ready. Number five, just allow your eyes to open. And when they do, notice how good, how motivated, and how determined you do feel. And you do feel good. You do feel motivated. And you do feel determined. Indeed.

CHAPTER 24: MEDITATION SESSION (MINDFUL EATING) TO INCREASE YOUR AWARENESS ABOUT FOOD AND MANAGE YOUR EMOTIONS FOR THE GASTRIC BAND Now I am about to take you on a journey of visual imagery and relaxation to a far-off place. Enjoying vibrant and compelling images, you will hear powerful and positive statements that will endorse many feel-good affirmations that will improve your perception of yourself and improve your overall wellbeing. We tend to turn to food whenever we are stressed in life. When problems overwhelm us, most of us tend to stress-eat, and then we experience a cycle of guilt and regret. In time, this cycle can impact how we feel about ourselves. During this guided meditation, you will remember how to feel good and understand your connection to food. During times of stress, you will learn about letting go of tension and experiencing all that is natural and spontaneous. The experience of this guided meditation will be enhanced if you find yourself in a comfortable and ventilated spot. Ensure that there is no disturbance from anything or anyone for thirty minutes. You need to choose a position to lie down or sit comfortably for this exercise

duration. You need to shut your eyes and prepare for a deep sense of relaxation and wellbeing. Remember that this is your time and embrace the opportunity to escape from the stressful world. You can now relinquish all the unhealthy habits and learn to boost your inner spirit. You need not worry about anything. You are in harmony, and you are benign. You will let every stressor of the day diminish so that you can connect with your inner self. With your eyes closes, breathe deeply and slowly through your nose, and then exhale through your mouth. When you breathe in, you are taking all that is good and positive about this world into your body, and when you live, you are letting go of all tensions and unnecessary fears. Now, inhale again. In four counts, breathe in slowly through your nose. One, two, three, and four. With your lungs now full of oxygen, hold your breath for two seconds. One and two. And now exhale slowly through your mouth. You need to exhale to the count of four. One, two, three, and four. When you breathe in, you can slowly feel your diaphragm expand when you feel the air enter your lungs. Breathe air slowly and wait till you notice that your lungs are full of air. Strive to control the exhalation of air and make sure that you breathe out steadily You need to continue this cycle of rhythmic breathing.

Inhale to the count for four. Hold your breath and count 1, 2. Exhale your breath to the count of four. You can resume breathing normally, and you will feel all the tension in your body slowly dissipate. Acknowledge that your body is now beginning to feel more relaxed. You may feel a massive sense in your arms and legs. Relax the tension in your lower back, middle-back, and upper back. We often tend to store pressure on our shoulders. Learn to release it. When you let go of the stress, you feel in your body, you can feel your body relax. Elongate your neck so that there is space between your ears and shoulders. When you slowly elongate your neck, you can feel the mattress you are lying on or the chair that you are sitting on support your back. Now, scan your body and check if there are any areas of tension left. If you feel that there are some, then you need to tighten the muscles in those areas and let go deliberately. Once you do this, you can feel your body relax. You can feel the tension leaving your body. Now, you need to go into a state of deep meditation. To do this, you need to continue the rhythmic breathing exercise. Imagine that you are now standing in a beautiful meadow with soft rays of sunlight falling on you. You can see an arched doorway that is carved into a rising cliff. Your surroundings look relatively peaceful, and you feel good. You can see golden sandy beaches behind you and azure blue skies above

you. Now, you are slowly making your way to the arched doorway. The door is within your reach; the wood feels warm under your fingers. As you trail your fingers across the door, you can feel a sense of excitement and wonder as you imagine what lies behind the door. To enter, you need to keep your mind open to the wonders that lie ahead. Reach out and slowly turn the handle of the door. As you emerge, you can see a lush and beautiful, bright-green rainforest. The air feels calm and pleasant under the canopy and the welcome change from the sun-drenched beach a few moments ago. Take a deep breath and then exhale to embrace this sense of peace. As you start to walk forward, you notice a trail that leads through this beautiful rainforest. As you look up, you can see the glimpses of a beautiful blue sky that is sprinkled with soft, cotton-like clouds. Continue scanning the sky all around you. You are surrounded by majestic mahogany trees that reach up tall towards the zenith. You marvel at the dark brown bark of the trees that seems to have a pleasing sweet odor. Space is limited here, but you are grateful for the narrow trail that leads you through this place of natural wonder. You can listen to the melodious chirping of birds all around you. It feels like the forest has come alive around you.

All this appeals to your senses, and you will be able to experience nature in its pristine form. Consider if you strip back your own life and live more naturally, how much better will you feel. Only a small percent of sunlight can penetrate onto the floor of this rainforest. So, you move further out in the wilderness, and you can see the flashes of exotic blue butterflies dancing around you. You can hear the melodic sound of running water in the distance, and you feel compelled to move towards it. As you get in the doubt of the beautiful nature all around you, you move towards the more massive expanse of the forest area that leads to a thin stream of water. There are natural stepping-stones that lead you to a pool of water that looks crystal clear. Green plants surround the pool of water. You walk closer to the pool, and you notice plants with colorful berries all around. There are several fruit-bearing plants, and everything looks rich, exotic, and tempting. You take a bite of these delicious berries, and you can feel a burst of flavors. The berries taste delicious, and you can feel this deliciousness as it makes its way down to your stomach. You notice carefully carved out steps higher in the rocks, and you start to climb. The climb is relatively easy, and it feels almost effortless.

You feel a wonderful stretching in your muscles when you grip the rocks for balance. There is no fear of falling. As you grip the rocks and make your way up, you feel slimmer, healthier, and toned. You feel exactly how you want to feel and how you want to be. You pull yourself up higher and higher. You are slowly progressing towards the canopy. You can feel the air become purer. You start to breathe in pure oxygen and let go of any tensions you hold. Your ‘normal’ seems like it is miles away. You consider how good you feel at this moment. You continue to make your way towards the canopy. You do not have to fear the height since it is safe, and you cannot fall. You do not feel tired or exhausted. In this world, you feel fit, healthy, and experience an abundance of energy. You are determined to get to the top and see the view from the top of the canopy. Imagine walking up through all these steps until you reach the final stage and reach the pinnacle of your journey. You reach a large platform that overlooks the tops of the trees. Directly across from you, there is a rock face with water cascading down. The water is frothing up on its way down the rocks, and the sight is mesmerizing.

You can reach up and touch the clouds. You can feel the clouds around you. The sky looks beautiful. Visualize all these beautiful sensations that course through your body in this instance. You experience a sense of relaxation. Every inch of your being feels good. Take this moment and visualize yourself stretching. Stretch up high and feel the incredible sensation as you elongate your spine. Now, keep your back flat and move forwards and down. Your range starts to relax, from your lower back to your neck as you lift your arms. Your neck and your head relax as you lie on the mossy platform. Keep your arms at the back of your head and your elbows wired. Engage your core muscles and try to lift your shoulder and your head towards the clouds above. Visualize yourself lifting and engaging those core muscles while you draw in your stomach and tighten your abdomen. All of this makes you feel so good. Now start to relax once again. Start to concentrate on your breathing. Gulp as you open your chest and exhale slowly. It is time that you start to feel good about the person you are. It is time to feel content and embrace pure inner peace. Here in this rainforest, you are free to explore and be the person you want to be. Let go of any unhealthy eating habits. It is time to be kind to your body and nurture and protect your body. Repeat these affirmations to yourself and believe in each word.

Believe in the message and the power these words must change your life. I will change my perception of my body. I recognize my self-worth. I will change my eating habits to see my food as fuel and nutrients rather than comfort food. I will exchange binge eating for breathing techniques and guided visualization. I will start exercising and changing how I look and feel. I will create an activity diary and plan on how to embrace exercise. I am ready to face my inner fears and make the necessary positive changes. Sit quietly for a moment and let these affirmations become a part of you. It is time to feel optimistic about your life. It is time to face any weight issues head-on. You have the power to do so.

CONCLUSION Congratulations! You've now learned the basics of gastric band hypnosis and how to use it to empower yourself and strengthen the confidence in your ability to change habits and lose weight. Aside from biological and environmental, many psychological influences shape your thoughts, feelings, and behavioral patterns when it comes to eating. Most people claim that weight loss hypnosis is a simple way to solve weight issues. People are also attracted by hypnosis because they feel they don't have to do any workouts, they can eat whatever they want, and all they have to do is close their eyes and lose weight in minutes. That's just not true. No magic pills are available to lose weight, be it by hypnosis or some other form of weight loss. It is not possible to lose weight immediately after only one hypnosis session. A well-trained and professional hypnotist takes many sessions to achieve the best possible outcomes. Several websites on the Internet say that weight loss hypnosis will produce dramatic results after just one session. Most people are likely to be insulted by this argument because everybody knows it is not possible to lose weight overnight-however successful the hypnotist is. Practicing weight loss hypnosis was another method for those who want to shape their bodies as they wish. Some men don't like their own body image. This leads to a loss of self-esteem and confidence. Some people prefer to use workouts and other lifestyle strategies to achieve their ideal body shape. Unfortunately, few tests are churning out. That is why people who understood the technique of mental strength resort to hypnosis to lose their body mass. It is up to you to use your brain's strength to understand how

useful it can be for you. Hypnotizing is generally known to remove the inner self concentration. It generally happens in the same way as in a trance. Slimming hypnosis is an operation performed with the aid of the hypnotherapist. In this case, the person who wants to slightly repeat the messages given to him in the form of sentences, phrases, or even pictures may do so verbally. Mental images often play a major role in achieving the same result. One thing you must remember is that your mind needs to concentrate more as you go through the hypnotizing process. In certain states, the mind and the subconscious state are very sensitive. You are well-positioned to react suggestively to the circumstances which lead you to your ideal body so that the best results can be obtained in a very short time. It is an activity that many people can do effectively with much less effort. The research centers and interested stakeholders have performed many studies. Research has shown that people typically achieve fair outcomes using this form of hypnosis. This method can also lose up to an average of 2.7 kilograms. Hypnotized, however, does not always function well on its own. You will take into account other behaviors that can effectively improve your weight loss. Take the best diet plan with your nutritionist's support. Not just this, you should do the workouts that will reduce your excess weight. In addition, you will try to follow a balanced lifestyle, which would help you in the end. Regulate your sleep hours, for example, and avoid any bad habits. If you use this routine and use all the tricks, you get the best performance. Ultimately, you learn to regulate your mind to lose weight. You train your subconscious mind to decrease your body mass, and if you practice this cycle, it will happen.