Gandhi and Anarchy [1 ed.]

Indian jurist and statesman who, despite his independent views and outspokenness, attained high government positions rar

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Gandhi and Anarchy [1 ed.]

Table of contents :
1. His Philosophy
2. The Non-Co-Operation Resolution
3. The Khilafat Question
4. The Punjab Atrocities
5. Swaraj or Home Rule
6. Education
7. Vakils and Courts
8. Boycott of Councils
9. Boycott of Foreign Goods
10. Non-Violent Non-Co-Operation
11. Individual Civil Disobedience
Appendix I Viceroy's Speech.
Effect of Violent Preaching
The Leader of the Movement
Its Inevitable Result
Appendix II Diabolical Atrocities.
Appendix III Malabar's Agony.
Appendix IV Proceedings of the Conference at Calicut Presided Over by the Zamorin Maharaja.
Appendix V Petition of Malabar Ladies to Lady Reading
Appendix VI on Non-Co-Operation
The Failure of the Programme
Experiment in Youthful Sacrifice
The Lawyer-Failure
A Foul Atmosphere
Revise the Programme
Enter the Councils
N.C.O. Concession
Suggested Modifications
Civil Disobedience
Appendix VII Extracts From the Speech Delivered by His Excellency Sir Harcourt Butler, Governor of the U. P. Of Agra & Oudh, at the Opening of the U. P. Legislative Council,
Appendix VIII Extracts From the Speech Delivered by His Excellency Sir Harcourt Butler at a Meeting of the United Provinces Legislative Council
Appendix IX Extracts From the Speech by His Excellency Sir Harcourt Butler at a Durbar Held at Lucknow
Appendix X Statement by Sir L. Porter
Violent Agitators
Soul Force
Criminal Intimidation
The Arrests
Appendix XI Barabanki Disorders
Khilafat Agitators
The Arrests
Appendix XII the Gorakhpur Tragedy
The Mob Breaks Loose
Appendix XIII Bengal
His Excellency's Speech at the St. Andrew's Day Dinner, on 30th November 1920
His Excellency's Speech at the St. Andrew's Dinner, on 30th November 1921
His Excellency's Speech at the Legislative Council on 19th December 1921
Appendix XIV Governor's Warning
On the Defensive
The Critics Answered
The Lesson of Chauri Chaura
The Issue
Appendix XV Extracts From the Speech of the Hon'ble Sir Henry Wheeler, Member in Charge of Political Department
Appendix XVI Behar and Orissa
Appendix XVII Disgraceful Tyranny
North and South of the Ganges
The Giridih Riots
"Volunteers" Recruited From Criminal Classes
The Question of Counter-Propaganda
Appendix XVIII Demand for an Indian "Republic"
The Aims of the League
The League an Old Calendar
An Indian "Republic"
Hindus and Muslims
The Mopla Rebellion
A National Parliament.
Governmental Policy
Duty of Muslims
The Muslim Demands
A Compact Between Congress and League
Appendix XIX Government Replies.
A New and Dangerous Situation
More Drastic Measures
A Statement Disproved
The Proposed Conference
Impossible Requests.
Issue—Law Versus Lawlessness
Appendix XX N.C.O. Resolution
The Pledge
Volunteer Corps
Mahatma the Dictator
Appendix XXI Mr. M. K. Gandhi's Statement
Written Statement
Appendix XXII Lists of Riots or Disturbances
List of Riots or Disturbances Since the Year 1919.
List of Riots or Disturbances Since the Year 1921.
Appendix XXIII The Appendix: Sir William Vincent's Speech at the Legislative Assembly, 18th January 1922

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