Foundations of Probabilistic Programming 110848851X, 9781108488518

What does a probabilistic program actually compute? How can one formally reason about such probabilistic programs? This

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Foundations of Probabilistic Programming
 110848851X, 9781108488518

Table of contents :
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1 Semantics of Probabilistic Programming: A Gentle Introduction
2 Probabilistic Programs as Measures
3 An Application of Computable Distributions to the Semantics of Probabilistic Programs
4 On Probabilistic λ-Calculi
5 Probabilistic Couplings from Program Logics
6 Expected Runtime Analysis by Program Verification
7 Termination Analysis of Probabilistic Programs with Martingales
8 Quantitative Analysis of Programs with Probabilities and Concentration of Measure Inequalities
9 The Logical Essentials of Bayesian Reasoning
10 Quantitative Equational Reasoning
11 Probabilistic Abstract Interpretation: Sound Inference and Application to Privacy
12 Quantitative Information Flow with Monads in Haskell
13 Luck: A Probabilistic Language for Testing
14 Tabular: Probabilistic Inference from the Spreadsheet
15 Programming Unreliable Hardware

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